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White Peak Marathon Marshalling

4 years 5 months ago #1920 by Simon C
Hi Dennis

I think you had helpers last year - do you know if Luke and others will be able to help? If not I'll ask and/or find another cole if bodies.


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4 years 5 months ago #1921 by ianmilne
Have you contacted Mick Moorhouse. He told me last Thursday that he didn't even know what day the event was.

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4 years 5 months ago #1951 by Simon C
Whether for those on the list, those wanting to be on the list and those looking to fill other roles on the day, I thought it useful to supply a provisional list of 'marshall' helpers who have offered their time at the White Peak Marathon - - as follows;

(Registration Bill Willis, Paul Keetley)
Marathon Start Bill Willis, Paul Keetley, Dave Hill. Craig Allen (possibly) and Racetek starters
Half Mar. start Ray Foley, Molly Gorman and Racetek starters

Alsop drink station Clive Russell, Richard Bradbury

Hartington drink Kathryn Berrisford and family, Jim Thorneycroft

Parsley Hay turnaround Brian Howitt
drink station Ranald and Viv Macdonald, Don Needham (and possibly other Needhams)
trail fork tbc - possibly one of above

Friden Mark Pollak - help required

Road Crossing half, early Mick Kuszinsky, Ray Foley, Molly Gorman
full, later Mick Kuszinsky, Jim Thorneycroft, (possibly Karl)

Minninglow Steve Holt, Peter Wilmot

Longcliffe Mick Moorhouse, Michelle Lester, Freya and Isobel,

Middleton Top Dennis Holmes, Jill Allen Wills and Izzy Croft, help required

Canal Turn Gerry White

Finish timers - more help required

As you can see there are a number of slots ideally still to fill. For those kind helpers on the list, please let me know if you intend to bring along others so I know where to direct anyone else enlisted. If you have offered help and aren't on the list, please let me know in case your offer hasn't reached me or I've just forgotten.

I will aim to speak with everyone on the week running up to 21st and make sure any equipment needed (and a bit of Hi-Viz) is delivered.

There are people coming forward to help all the time, (thank you Andy Whittaker) and we can confirm jobs when all names are in. We also need more hands at the finish and possibly at the starts.

I don't have contact numbers for everyone, so those who may be doubtful, please text me your number to 07801571314.

Many thanks

Simon Croft

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4 years 5 months ago #1962 by Andy Lessiter
Just to add to Simon's marshalling thread the following people have all agreed to help with registration at the Rugby Club House :

Yvonne and Paul Keetley, Rob Atkin, Dave Hill, Jo Hoon, Bill Willis, Darren Nuttall and Ian Gibbs (both on electronics)

Dennis will confirm final car parking and coach control volunteers shortly.

As we are using both the manual method of recording times and numbers in parallel with the electronics timing system (this year only, next year just electronic timing system) we will need to double up on the people at finish.

Could you take a look at the slots below and let me know (by reply on forum, email or txt) which one you could help out with please :-

Manual timing

3 people needed - Finish - half marathon - (12:00 - 14:00)
3 people needed - Finish - full marathon - 1st shift (13:00 - 15:00)
3 people needed - Finish - full marathon - 2nd shift (15:00 - 17:00)

Electronic timing

2 people needed - Finish - half and full marathon - 1st shift (12:00 - 14:30)
2 people needed - Finish - half and full marathon - 2nd shift (14:30 - 17:00)

....any marshalls who finish manning their station further up the course could they come down and help out at the finish please?

Many Thanks


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4 years 5 months ago #1986 by Simon C

I am just confirming all those who have offered help, are still willing and able. I have spoken to some but not yet got around everyone and need to just double check arrangements are still in place.

Brian - still at the fork, please...thank you

Clive - what equipment are you short of and I will drop it off for you, either before Saturday or early in the morning? I have a car full of water carriers, buckets, signs, orange squash etc.

Dennis H - Ill try and call you but as above. If I can liaise with you over equipment and making sure you have all for setting up. You will be joined by Jill Allen Rebecca and Isobel, followed by Rona and Olivia Allen for the later stage marathoners. Are you dragging anyone else along so I can make sure help is reasonably evenly distributed. I will try and get there for a spell myself as well.

Thanks for yours and everyone elses help. If there are any spare hands, just let us know and me or Andy L can find a job, I'm sure.

Simon C

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4 years 5 months ago #1987 by russell
I actually have no equipment at all here. If you can let me have a full set of gear, I can keep it after the run, ready for next year. Just to recap,
I am expe.cting to see Richard Bradbury at Alsop. (A third pair of hands would be useful, although not essential).
I believe there are some H&S instructions about hygiene floating around, a copy would be useful.

What is the time to be present at the feed station, I would think 10,30 latest would be OK with a 11am. Start, and about 20 mins grace after that before the leaders arrive. (It took me 41 mins from Ashbourne in1977)

This time,
I will keep a note of all this for future reference.


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