Age 42 married to fellow MAC runner, Gavin.  Mother of Josh 16 and Matt 15.  Works as Special Needs Teaching Asst, Brampton School, Chesterfield

What was the first thing you thought of this morning? Gavin must have crept out quietly as I woke up at 8.30a.m.  A lie in for me!

Stiff drink or herbal tea? Gin and Tonic.  No ice.  If Hendrick’s Gin a slice of cucumber

What got you interested in running in the first place? When we moved to Matlock 9 years ago inspired to run by the beautiful scenery.  Gavin was already running, cycling and taking part in triathlons, so I started running with Gav, on my own and sometimes with the boys.

Some stats – PBs:  5k – Rother Valley 26 mins.  10k – Sheffield 57 mins.  Half Marathon – Newark 2 hrs. 15 mins.  Marathon – Chester 5 hrs 30 mins

What is the hardest thing you have ever done? Coping with the diagnosis of Hodgkins’ Lymphoma Christmas Eve 2014. Relieved in a way as knew there was a problem because of the type of tests I was undergoing and this particular type of cancer is curable.  Had 6 month’s intensive chemo from January-July 2015.  Made sure I walked daily and ran up to 4 months into the treatment.  Now have some lung scarring, this is a side effect of one of the chemotherapy drugs, but running is improving the rest of my lungs making this less of a problem.  My Consultant is impressed with how much exercise I was able to do during chemo and he said this made a massive difference to my recovery.

How long have you been a member of MAC?  3 years.  Gav had already joined and I wanted to improve my speed.  The girls at the Club have helped me immensely and been so supportive through my cancer recovery.

Did having cancer change your perspective on things? Hugely.  When I got the all-clear I was up for everything and have since done the Burntwood Aquathon, half marathons, Wild Water Wipeout, 2 triathlons and I am looking forward to the Sandman Triathlon in Anglesey in September.  This will be my first sea swim.

If you could spend a day in the life of someone, who would it be?  Richard III as I am intrigued to know what really happened to the Princes in the Tower.

What other sports do you do? Cycling, swimming, squash, yoga.  Not keen on the gym.

Other interests?  I try to walk everywhere.  In the Derbyshire hills as well as when on holiday

If you could wave a magic wand and make a difference, what would it be?  To make all medicines free for all.

What is top of your bucket list? To go to the Olympics.  Also the Tour de France

Any running tips?  Just enjoy it and try to look around and take in the scenery.  Also don’t always wear a watch.

What is your guilty pleasure? Dark chocolate, particularly Green & Blacks

Who has been your biggest sporting influence/inspiration? Gavin.  He is a really good runner and cyclist and has recorded some great times in triathlons, but he is very unassuming and modest.

Latest music download? I love musicals and sing along to my CDs.  My favourite is Grease

Favourite film? Schindler’s List and Dirty Dancing

What is your worst habit? Vaping.  I used to smoke and stopped when I wanted to get pregnant but used to have blips of stopping and starting

Is there any advice you would like to share with fellow cancer sufferers or someone afraid of getting cancer? Getting through it is do-able.  It is sometimes hard but try to stay positive and get outside as much as you can. Keeping busy made a huge difference to my mental health during treatment.

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