October 14, 2022

Breidden Hills Race

Bob Foreman reports:
On Sunday I went just over the border to Wales for the last race in the Welsh Fell Running Championship.
The Breidden Hills race is 7 miles and 2’400 feet. The first mile is uphill on a forestry track and sorted the 90 runners into some sort of order before a couple of grassy fields and then the steep ascents through the bracken start. From here on it is open hillside, woodland and a couple of surprise rocky descents. There are lots of twists and turns on narrow paths which never allow a distant view and give you plenty of those “have I gone the wrong way moments” until a piece of red and white tape or a marshall appear to save the day.
The final climb is a rocky scramble up to Admiral Rodney’s Pillar, built to commemorate the naval victories of Sir George Brydges Rodney in the American War of Independence.
Once at the top the views, if you dare look, are far reaching and then it is all down hill, grassy to start before a steep gully through the woods to the finish near Criggion Village Hall.
I managed to finish in 1 .16.50 , 24th overall and 1st M60. The race was won by Joel Gomez, Wrexham AC in 1.00.13 and the first lady and 14th o/a was Joanne Henderson of Cybi Striders in 1.11.47.
A very well organised and fantastic race.
My result saw me finish 6th overall in the 2022 Welsh Champs and 2nd M60 behind a very quick Vic Belshaw of Denbigh Harriers.