October 16, 2022

British Fell and Hill Relays 2022

Matt Govan reports:

One week on from the final race of the English Fell Running Championships, the fell season concluded in the Scottish Borders at the British Fell and Hill Relays in Broughton Heights, Lanarkshire.
MAC sent two teams over the border to battle the best of British and both teams did themselves proud with incredible performances individually and collectively.
The race consisted of four legs over rough, challenging Scottish terrain that tested both the legs and mind with some of the most difficult running of the year saved until this finale.
Leg 1 Solo (4.7 miles, 1800ft)
Leg 2 Paired (7.2 miles, 2500ft)
Leg 3 Paired Navigation (6.3 miles, 2000ft-3000ft)
Leg 4 Solo (4.6 miles, 1600ft)
Matlock A surpassed last seasons 3rd place with a 2nd OA and only 2 minutes off the overall win!! Amazing running from all the lads who did themselves proud! Leg 1 Alasdair Campbell, Leg 2 Billy Cartwright and George Foster, Leg 3 Harry Holmes and Joe Oldfield, Leg 4 Dan Haworth.
Matlock B competed in the ‘mixed’ grouping and finished 9th in the category. Everyone gave their all and had a fantastic day. Leg 1 Rich Bradbury, Leg 2 Lottie Riddle and Sally Hale, Leg 3 Amy Jones and Matt Govan, Leg 4 Geoff Cooper.