Matlock Athletic Club History


It would have been easier to give a balanced picture of the club's development if 20 years ago someone could have foreseen that today we should be writing our history and had kept records of all our activities in sufficient detail for this purpose. I have done my best from the sources available: minutes of the Annual General Meetings, the scanty early newsletters, a valuable archive of press cuttings that we owe to Chris Rosling's mother and my own and other members' recollections. However, not every member will receive a mention in an account of this length, many epic performances will have been missed, some times and dates will be wrong and I shall inevitably have upset a number of people. I apologise in advance.

Brian Howitt


Like many young clubs M.A.C. partly owes its existence to the jogging boom at the end of the 1970s, but its origins are also inseparable from the peak years of the now defunct Matlock College of Higher Education.

When I came to lecture at the College in 1967 it was an establishment of some 800 students with good sports facilities and a department which trained P.E. teachers. Amongst the various sports in which its teams competed was the occasional cross country race. The members of the cross country team were primarily rugby and soccer players, and guest runners from the staff, like myself were always welcomed on to the team.

A number of Derwent Valley Orienteers were also working at the adjacent County Offices at the time and they too often guested for the College. They were also welcome to use the Gymnasium on the Chatsworth Hall campus as a base for their lunchtime training runs.

Gradually a small but keen group of the above runners came to meet for training from the Gym on Thursday nights under the unofficial joking title of "Chatsworth Harriers". For a number of years this augmented College team continued to run in inter-college matches and other events such as the Escafeld League, but with individuals still turning out as first claim runners for their own clubs such as D.V.0. or Derby and County A.C.


By the mid 1970s the feeling had grown that the time was ripe for rationalising the situation and forming a genuine club in Matlock. With the sudden massive increase in petrol prices following the oil crisis it seemed pointless for Matlock athletes to travel 25 miles to the nearest club for a training run, and the orienteers too were beginning to see the vast mileages involved in driving to their events as prohibitive.

So in late June 1976, the year of the great drought a meeting was convened at the College to form a new club. All the groundwork had been done before the meeting which in effect simply formalised certain decisions and elected a committee: Chairman : Brian Howitt, Secretary : David. Millington. Treasurer : Clive Russell and Fixtures Secretary Malcolm Taylor. Other founder members believed to be present (no written record was kept.) were Steve Pearson, Neil Forrest and Dave Sprakes.

The H.Q. was to be the College Gym, by permission of the new Principal, David Udall, who agreed to be our first Vice President. At this time the College was emphasising its colmmunity role and on the understanding that any College student interested could have free membershipof the club we were to be allowed to use the changing facilities free of charge as well as certain other services. This enabled us to set the very low membership fee of £2 p.a. and less for juniors. A basic club philosophy was set out : since we were all active athletes administration should be kept to a minimum, so as to enable all of us to concentrate on our major objective ‑ running. The name of Matlock Athletic Club was nevertheless chosen so as to leave our successors the option of branching out into track and field in future years. The club strip would be white shorts and a pale blue vest, since we all possessed the former and the latter was available over the counter at M.& S!

The above three decisions reflected our determination to be up and running(literally) without delay, but our haste perhaps led to problems which some would say have not yet been solved 20 yeaxs later. The same haste would lead us to "borrow" the D.&C.A.C. constitution for our first A.G.M. In the meantime we were to make the affiliations to the A.A.A. and other bodies necessary for our legal operation. We put our beliefs into practice only days later, making our first appearance in club colours on July 4th. in the Hyde "8”, which our second claim member Peter Lindsell almost won, with Malcolm Taylor also near the front of the field in one of his fastest runs, ever.

Our 1976 debut on the fell running scene came shortly after at Bamford where we placed 7 runners in the first I0. This time we were not keen to display club colours, for two reasons. Firstly the Peak District fell races were still small scale local affairs where the presence of "The Harriers" was often resented and secondly if a certain zealous A.A.A. official caught you running in an unregistered event you were liable to be banned as a professional. And all this only 20 years ago!

The first A.G.M. was held on 15/10/76. Current progress on affiliations was reported and the same committee was re‑elected. Membership now stood at 10 seniors and 5 juniors. Training night was confirmed as Thursday at 7.30 p.m. It was at this meeting that Dave Mitchell raised the issue of holding a marathon on the lower halves of the Tissington and High Peak Trails which he had noticed covered roughly the classic distance.
The rest of the year participation in the North Midlands Cross Country League races, the best packing being at Worksop with 4 runners inside the first 100. Towards Christmas the first club cross country championships were held at Parwich in deep snow on a typical Clive Russell course, with new member Chris Rosling emerging as Senior champion and Ian Smallwood as Junior.

1977 was a year when a, number of new ventures took place, the most long lasting being the inauguration of the White Peak "26" as it was called, because under current A.A.A. rules a marathon had to be held on the road, our course emphatically was not, with a day sure to give an initial 10 miles of mud on the “grass” surface of those days. Planning of the race was entrusted to a sub‑committee under the direction of Ian Farrand who for many years was to mastermind the event. A small field of 19 faced the gun at Ashbourne on 7th. May with Chris Bent of Salford becoming the first winner in 2.45.45 and our own Clive Russell 3rd. Our other major venture was into track and field after an influx of new members from the local sixth forms, the College and the Old Baileians Rugby Club. In our first season in the Notts. Track League we finished 3rd. overall in Division 2.

This success led to a 3‑cornered challenge meeting held on the College grass track in honour of a much respected former Derbyshire coach. The match was a great success with the Dave Goodyear Trophy going to D.& C.A.C. with Matlock second ahead of our new rivals Buxton. Phil Whitney raised the money for the trophy from local businesses and the event was intended to become an annual one. Whatever became of the event and the trophy?

In the Summer the “Flash 7” road race around Matlock Moor was inaugurated and the first winner was Bob Forster in 36.37. This event like the.track event was based at the College pavillion which we were allowed to use free or for a nominal fee. It was initially a low key inter‑club fixture with no entry fee or prizes.
Following his third in the White Peak Russell recorded at was to stand as his best ever time : 2.46.19 when he turned to the road in the Rotherham.

By the Autumn cross country season we were affiliated to two leagues, the North Midlands and the South Yorkshire. Although we did take part in the N. Mids. that season it was from this point on that we switched our major participation to S. Yorks. which entailed shorter travelling distances and was of a more realistic standard, three of us regularly finishing in the 20's!

With all this activity the club's administration was suffering and the A.G.M. attempted to put things on a firmer footing when it elected 2 non‑running Members into key positions : Reg Fielding (Chairman) and Ian Farrand (Treasurer). Chris Rosling : became Secretary and Captain for Cross country and Road, and Brian Wardle Track and Field Captain. Brian Howitt took over as Fixtures, Secretary. Publicity and communication would be fostered via the "MacMag" under the editorship of Jes Ford, and it was hoped to encourage junior and female membership. Herbert Hardy, the Director of the D.F.S. firm and a former County runner himself, was elected President and made a generous donation to funds.

The year finished with the County Cross country championships and our first County vests : Rod Woodruff 6th. Junior and Andrei,,, Statham 2nd.. in the Boys. The Senior team took second place to D.& C.A.C. (Russell, Howitt, Rosling, Mitchell).

A similarly very active year followed in 1978. Although individuals did turn out in a number of open races, these were not yet numerous and the major pattern was still one of challenges between local clubs on their own courses. Our own cross country course over three laps of Matlock Moor was much feared by the "townies". It had been decided to use this course rather than Parwich for our own championships which were won this year by Rosling once again.

Entries for the second White Peak reached 34 and though Roger Woodward of Plessey took the individual title in 2.44.01 ‑ M.A.C. won the team race (Flood 4, Howitt 6, Russell 8 Cracknell 16 Mitchell 15).

John Flood came to be known as the “Phantom Runner”l in that although he turned in some fine performances for the club he rarely appeared on training nights, and certain of the track members were never convinced that he existed!

Regarding the track, this was our best year in the Notts. League, with our unbeatable sprint squad comprising Brian Wardle, Steve Casey, Roy Tucker and Mick Pearson, backed up by Rod Woodruff who excelled at any event from the 800m. to the pole vault and Duncan Robinson who could threw any implement in the repertoire. We finished the season 2nd. out of 7 teams overall, but declined Promotion to Division I which would have entailed running against Loughborough College and the likes of Seb Coe in 1979.

The track activities precluded us from competing in the S.Yorks Road League to which we had, affiliated but we continued to build up our own invitation races, adding the Black Rocks fell race to our existing Flash “7” in which Woodward added to his White Peak victory. Six members turned out in the Stannington “10” Rosling and Flood both well inside the hour on a tough hilly course. Cross country was still a major strength and we entertained Derby County in a home match on the Matlock Forest course.

In the County Championships the Senior team finished 3rd. with our new signing Paul Armstrong finishing I0th. individual. In the Youths Mike Preston was also 10th. and Gary Thorpe 14th. in the Boys. Richard Fielding finished 6th. in the Colts and thus gained his County vest.

In the South Yorks. League our positions improved markedly and in the final race at Barnsley Rosling recorded his best ever 8th. and Howitt rounded off the five race series as S.Yorks Vets Champion on aggregate. Jes Ford was 3rd. Youth, and Edwin Richards 6th. U13.

In the Dovedale Dash Armstrong produced his best ever.2nd place. At the A.G.M. the Chairmam stood down and was replaced by Brian Howitt. The main other decisions were to establish the cost of affiliation to the W.A.A.A. and to "legalise" certain local races such as the Bakewell Carnival event by bringing them under our control as a A.A.A. club.

For a period of about five years the club settled down, some would say into a comfortable rut, with certain former league commitments falling by the wayside, notably the S.Yorks and the Track League which we left in 1979 owing to lack of support as members left the College or went to university. It was taking a disproportionate amount of committee time, collectively often the equivalent of a day's work, chasing up members to compete in just one meeting.

Committee membership was stable over this period and with most members working at County 0ffices it was easy to hold regular meetings in the Chairman's office at College on the way home from work. This proved extremely valuable in planning, the White Peak but more generally the development of the club as a team stagnated during this period. The committee tried to remedy this but they could not fight modern trends. The days of inter‑club races were numbered. With the jogging boom coming on stream there was a road race or fun run every weekend, and everybody was "running” marathons. The temptation was therefore to do your own thing, and to some extent a runner would never again need to join a club in order to have access to races. To this extent, although the jogging craze did introduce many people to the sport, it helped to destroy club and team loyalty. Before the A.A.A. rules were changed, you were allowed to run "unattached" for one season only, after which you had to join a club. Sheer numbers of non‑affiliated runners now made nonsense of this and caused the rules to be changed as athletics became an open sport.

Nevertheless in 1979 we maintained our challenge in the County Championships at Markeaton Park : Seniors 3rd team Rosling 10th. Vets Howitt 2nd. Boys: Colin Kilbourne 5th. Colts: Simon Rughes 9th. Newcomer Neil Tatham showed his class by winning our Derby/Plessey/Buxton cross country match at Matlock and leading us to a team victory. Tatham aIso made a brilliant marathon d6but in the White Peak ‑ 3rd. in a M.A.C. best time for the course.finishing behind Romaine and Fisher to give us second team place. He continued this form in the now official Bakewell Carnival race in 2nd. place, with Rosling 5th. Parris 7th and Howitt 8th (also Ist, Vet) to give M.A.C. the team prize. Our third counter was of course the local M.P. Matthew Parris who was to a valued regular member of the team and eventually our fastest marathoner ever. Marathons were the flavour of the year and number of members had run in at least three by midsummer.

Andy Wilton, still of Buxton, set a record of 36.07 in the Flash"7”, a time which stands to this day, and on the carnival circuit the club achieved a whitewash in the Parwich Hill Race: Rosling, Howitt, Kilbourne, Russell, Hurley, Taylor, covering the first six places. There were excellent placings too at Bradwell : Rosling 2nd, Homitt.4th, Thorpe 6th, Kilbourne 7th. Rosling, ran twice for Derbyshire during the Cross Country season in special representative races.

The familiar pattern of distance running continued in 1980. The club cross country champion was again Rosling followed by now regular member Gordon Cresswell and John Hurley. In the County Tatham finished a brilliant 7th and gained his County vest, with Howitt taking 3rd Vets medal. We aIso managed to field a team in the National at Leicester.

The White Peak temporarily saw a new starting point at Thorpe, with an extended loop beyond Parsley Hay as bridges were out of action nearer Ashbourne. The revised course did not prevent a fine run from winner John Fisher of Derby. Rosling transferred his fine country form to the road and finished 2nd to Clive Toplass of Derby in the Flash “7” in 38.53. Elsewhere on the local scene the old firm were in action again with another spectacular whitewash at Parwich: Rosling/Cresswell/Russell/ Taylor/ Howitt, and at Bakewell : Rosling 3rd, Ian Cockayne 4th, Hurley 6th, Howitt 7th & Ist Vet. Thorpe's fine 9th place overall also gained him the Junior prize. Meanwhile, on holiday in France, Tatham took the opportunity to win the Round The Houses race in Châttellaillon Plage.

At the A.G.M. a motion to rejoin the Track League was defeated, and a referendum was ordered with a view to changing the time on training nights from 7.15 to 6.15.

In 1981 the County Championships, held in snowy conditions, brought the club the 3rd team place in the Seniors with Howitt taking the Vets silver medal. Colin Kilbourne gained a County place by finishing 5th in the Boys race, followed by Eldwin Richards 12th. Our outstanding twins, Jill and Julia Gray, plus D.Wathall, all finished in the first 10 of the Girls race, gaining County vests and bringing M.A.C. the team award.

Snow was the order of the day in '81 and nearly caused the cancellation of the White Peak. When a 72‑hour blizzard swept the Peak District in late April and railway cuttings full of snow threatened to make the course unrunnable. A notice was sent out to all entrants warning them to expect the worst. On race day. May I0th. the sun was out, the snow melted and P.Blakeney of Dark Peak Fell Runners, won in fine style in 2.36.05.

Few other details of the year's performances are available, but the attempt to foster team spirit is apparent in the successful use of a minibus to transport our team to the National where a good day out was enjoyed by all. The “Macmag" was recognized as now being defunct and the committee tried to reinforce club spirit by ordering a distinctive change of colours to a pale blue vest with dark blue stripe with the club's name superimposed. It was obvious 1982 was a year of retrenchment since the A.G.M. set the lower age of membership at 14 because of the problem of adult supervision. This was particularly unfortunate in the case of our brilliant young girls and we had to suggest that their best interests might be served if they joined Derby Ladies. The extent of the pressure on the organisation is revealed by the fact that it was only on a majority vote that the, A.G.M. decided not to abandon the White Peak in 1982.

The organisational situation worsened through the year with some members of the committee feeling that their efforts to encourage team participation, especially in road relay events, were not being appreciated, and at the A.G.M. the Secretary and Treasurer regretfully resigned at the end of about five Years’ valuable service during M.A.C.’s formative years. At a very depressing meeting members were very reluctant to stand for office and the solution was only resolved by Malcolm Taylor stepping into the breach as Treasurer and the Chairman agreeing to take on the additional role of Secretary, although only as a temporary measure. Nevertheless the running had still prospered with our Vets. team winning the County Championships on an apology for a cross country course at the Municipal Sports Ground. (Russell/Forrest/ Taylor/Howitt/William). Rosling maintained his form on the road when he recorded 30.31 in the Newark “11” and 1.12,45 in the Doncaster Half Marathon. Not to be outdone, Tatham also showed brilliant form in winning the Ilkeston Half in 1.10.44, and at Parwich he recorded the fastest time in one of Clive Russell's unique 'star races" which necessitated perfect pace judgement in running "blind" over 7 miles. In the White Peak we were back to the original course after continuing bridge problems, with 80 runners, and the race going to Malcolm Firth of Manchester, followed by Geoff Eley of Derby and B. Hilton of Leeds. The records reveal that we were still sending out result sheets to each runner, complete with split times taken at the 5 feeding stations! No wonder our meagre organisational resources felt over stretched!

In 1983 the Club Championships, still held in Matlock Forest, were won yet again by Rosling followed by Cresswell, with Tatham and new member Pete Clarke equal third. Cresswell was now emerging as a class fell runner and a specialist in the Dovedale Dash where in’84 he would record his best ever 2nd place. Not bad in a field of about 2000! The White Peak was again a popular race with Ian Clarkson of Rochdale taking the title in 2.36.18. Nevertheless the Chairman's report at the A.G.M. maintained that the club was merely ticking over thanks to a small core of active members and badly needed a full committee and a development programme. It was fortunately possible to appoint a separate Secretary once again in the person of the first holder of the post, David Millington, who had returned to the area. Over the next year or two David would be instrumental in organising the popular Tansley "10" and Half Marathon.

Another potential crisis was defused at the A.G.M. - the clash of loyalties alleged to be shown by some members who also belonged to D.V.0. M.A.C. members were urged to remember their first claim status for the club, but the meeting also urged consultation between the two clubs to avoid fixture clashes in the future.
The Sheffield Marathon had been memorable for its high temperature and the unfortunate death of a competitor. Our own runners settled for survival rather than fast times in the conditions, with Rosling recording 2.59.00 and Howitt 3.01.00. The heat led to over 50's vet Campbell being crippled with cramp at 13 miles but rather than give up he largely walked the last half to finish in 4.57.00. Visiting Frenchman Alain Mabire also made an impact on the club. He was a keen team runner and helped us to our victory at Longnor. On the Club "10" course he became our first foreign club road champion but only after continually disputing the lead with Thorpe whom he outsprinted at the finish. If only Gary had been able to taIk to him in French the result might have been different! Thorpe was now competing on equal terms with Seniors, and he won the Flash "7' in 37.55 from a very good field.

1984, the year of things to come in Orwell’s novel of that name, was reflected in Mick Moorhouse's design and construction of his incredible running machine. Powered by an electric motor from a washing machine (not a tumble dryer fortunately!) it enabled him to run on a treadmill at his home in heated conditions, however deep the snow outside! It is to Mick's craftsmanship as well that we owe the club notice board and the smart banner with which we can stake our plot at championship cross country events. But 1984 also marked the end of a small era for M.A.C. At the A.G.M., when Neil Forrest was elected the next Secretary, steps were taken to move the club's H.Q. to the Sherwood Hall Leisure Centre. With the Matlock College's absorption into the Derbyshire College of Higher Education and its move out of local authority control into the private sector, the club would now have to pay the full market rate for its use of the changing rooms and other facilities which it had enjoyed free of' charge since 1976. This was to have an adverse effect on some of our established training and racing courses but other advantages might well outweigh these.

On the racing side this was again another year of the marathon, with our own race now becoming the John Smedley White Peak Marathon as we welcomed our first exclusive sponsor and a sound operational budget. Veteran George Kay of Stone Master Marathoners was the winner in 2.44.06 with Jane Spence first woman in 3.32.16. Howitt 9th, Russell 15th and Forrest 17th, all vets, took the first senior team prize outright. The suspicion that road marathons were a good 10 minutes faster than our race was reinforced by good times in the Derby Ramathon one month later - Rosling, 2.39.55 and Howitt 2.57.54 who was beaten on the sprint by the fast improving Mackfall ‑ only 2 second difference after 26 miles! In October Mackfall achieved his ambition of running in the New York Marathon where, despite being unwell and encountering exceptionally humid conditions, he managed 3.23. The best individual performance of the year was still probably Gordon Cresswell's 2nd. place in the Dovedale Dash, reported earlier.


The move to Sherwood Hall indirectly achieved something for club spirit that had not been possible previously at the College where training nights had merely meant a run and an immediate return home. Now, since Sherwood Hall had a bar, people would congregate there for an hour afterwards to discuss achievements and aspirations and a much clearer feeling of club identity was generated. This coincided with the relaunch of a newsletter and the arrival of new members. One of these was Jean‑Pierre Grahn, a French triathlon specialist over for the year, and someone who thankfully did speak English! Another was Randall Tassell whose permanent stay with us was to result in our having a qualified coach to look after our younger athletes. But we were sorry to receive the resignation of Rob Hutton, a class marathon runner and aIso of Phil Cracknell who had ably dealt with the White Peak entries for some years.

With the change of H.Q. it was decided to accept Neil Forrest's offer to stage the Club Championships on a new course starting from South Darley and incorporating three descents of Wensley Dale and three ascents of Will Shores (One Tree) Hill. Clive Russell also put on his tough 7 miler from Parwich taking in Longcliffe, the High Peak Trail and Minninglow on the way. In the Ramathon Howitt's 2.56 was only good enough for 3rd Over 50 place, but Forrest also finished well inside 3 hours in spite of a suicidal first half run in a P.B. of 1.23.

The White Peak produced a runaway winner in Alasdair Keen of Derby, A 2hr 17 man on the road, his 2.32.59 time added weight to the theory of our race being over 10 minutes slower than normal courses. John Hurley came in a brilliant 2nd in 2.46.02. Rob Hutton in what must have been one of his last runs for us recorded 3.2.58 and Parris 3.10.00, only three weeks after his 2.35.00 run at London which had confirmed his standing as the fastest M.P. in the West(minster)! Another P.B. in the London had been Mackfall’s time of 2.45.00. At the A.G.M. Brian Howitt resigned as Chairman for personal reasons and his place was taken by Roy Mason, the National Secretary of the British Orienteering Federation, who, in the short time he had been in the club, had already achieved John Smedley's sponsorship of the White Peak. He also used his contacts with them to organise the successful Lea and Holloway races in the Winter. On the road this was also Roy’s best season when he recorded P.B.s from the marathon to 10K, including 1.29.50 in the Chesterfield Half. A decision taken at the A.G.M. to affiliate to the N.Staffs. League was apparently not implemented in '85 or subsequently.

1986 looked like being the year of the vets when we won the Derbyshire team title at Chesterfield on Jan. 4th. Neil Tatham took the individual Vets gold(7th overall and another County Senior vest) and John Armistead the bronze. Our women participants Ann Armistead and Tracey Bowmer also ran well on a diabolical course comprising deep mud and several waist deep river crossings put in by an obviously sadistic course designer.

As if the cross country specialists had not had enough, they made use of an affiliation anomaly which somehow allowed the club to compete in the Yorks. Championships as well at Graves Park Sheffield the same season.

In the White Peak Roland Gibbard of Charnwood was first home with Hurley third this year, but with an even faster time of 2.44.12. The club took the vets team award as frequently happened - Forrest/ Howitt/ William. The social side of the club was flourishing and a club dinner was held at the Strand restaurant on 31st Jan. when Brian Howitt was presented with a record token and elected a Life Member of the club. The same committee was re‑elected at the A.G.M. and a rationalisation of the club's main interest was incorporated into the constitution : "the aim of the club shall be the encouragement of amateur running".

It had become apparent that a significant group of members were now interested in the more serious fell races beyond the local Peak District series, including the two‑day mountain marathons and this was recognised by our affiliating to the Fell Running Association. On the road, Mackfall took us into the ultra distance dimension by running the London to Brighton double marathon in 7.46.00, a time which he would certainly have bettered had he not once again been running whilst suffering from a infection.

The 1987 A.G.M. saw major committee changes again with Neil Tatham elected Chairman and Don Hale Secretary. Chris Rosling, who had returned to the club after a short absence, became Club Captain. The White Peak was attracting large numbers of entrants including women athletes. This year saw Roger Edwards, of Leicester Coritanian take the title in a new record time of 2.31.02. Liz Evans of N.Derbys. set a new female record of 3.16.15. The M.A.C. team finished 2nd with fast times, by Hurley(2.40.57) and Mackf all (2.48. 06). The new chairman's duties were not slowing him down either - Tatham achieved County selection again with 7th place overall in the Cross Country Championships as well as the Vet's gold medal. In the Ashbourne Half he finished 2nd in 1.13. Rosling too clocked 1.15 in the Wirksworth Half. A new member, Tony Barrable, gave notice of how good he would prove to be with a time of 36.43 in the Flash “7”, quite close to the record. In the Chesterfield Half, Howitt broke the Vet 50 course record in 1.25.48. 'Unfortunately so did Craven of Wolverhampton, 5 seconds faster and one place ahead! Contemptuous of such sprinters, John Armistead achieved a personal ambition by completing the Bob Graham Round (42 peaks and 27,000 feet of climbing) in 22hrs 57mins. well within the 24 hour limit. On the level of communications, an attempt was made to revive the club newsletter, last published some six years previously.

The usual pattern of individual performances took place in 1988, but we achieved one of our more notable team efforts when we fielded a full 8 runners in the National at Newark where Rosling was our first counter at 305th. Mick Moorhouse was.our new Club cross country champion and we received the reflected glory of Barrable’s selection for the British Rail team in the international cross country event in Belgium. Rosling gained two more County vests, one on the country at Leicester and another in the Inter‑Counties 20 mile road race.

The White Peak continued to prosper with Andrew Battye of Woodstock Ist in 2.42.06 and Betty Hall of Westerlands Ist woman in 3.18.46. In the London Marathon Kevin Vallance was accompanied by Ann Armistead and Dot Farrand. Throughout the ‘80s Dot was the club's top woman road runner. Her wins and places at Vets and Open level are too numerous to mention, but a selection of her times speak for themselves : Bovril “10” - 64.45, Puma 10K - 38.36, London Marathon - 3.20.35, Half Ramathon - 1.27.40, times many men would envy!

Club spirit remained high in 1989 under Social Secretary Mick Mackfall, and another succesful dinner was enjoyed by a good number. The Club Championship again went to Creswell with the promising. Alan Tatham. taking the Junior title. On the team side cross country proved disastrous, with the club unrepresented in both the Northern and the National. Fortunately the situation was retrieved on the road with first team place in the Chesterfield “10” and perhaps our most prestigious team success to date - Ist place in the Otter High Peak Half, (Barrable/ Hurley/ Clamp/ Moorhouse). The magnanimous team members voted to donate their £100 cash prize to club funds! Tracey Bowmer too raised cash by her run in the London Marathon - £234 for Leukaemia Research. The club's women members were running magnificently, and two others scored a notable victory when Ann Armistead and Helen Finlayson took the first Ladies' team prize in the celebrated Karrimor Mountain Marathon in Cumbria.

The White Peak went to John Wilcockson of Mansfield with Cathy Gunner of Staffs Moorlands first woman,(2.38.20 and 3.25.01 respectively). M.A.C. won their customary Vets team prize. Prior to this marathon the club had been well represented in the London with the evergreen Russell getting under 3 hours.

At the A.G.M. a key decision vas taken : to redraft the constitution. It had only taken us 13 years to finally remedy our hasty adoption of a second‑hand one at our inception! Malcolm Taylor resigned as, Treasurer and was replaced by John Armistead. Gerry White became Secretary, Barry Mosley Fixtures Secretary and News Letter Editor and Tracey Erskine (nee Bowmer) women’s co-ordinator. It was another good year in the Dovedale Dash, particularly for the Juniors, with Eddie Thomas winning the U14 section in a record time 30 minutes. His coach, Randall Tassell, set a good example finishing 48th in the usual enormous field.

In 1990 the seniors had a very poor year on the country, both in the League and the Northern, but fortunately the Juniors made up for it in representative honours - Eddie Thomas gained his Derbys. vest, and Ian Forrest recorded an amazing 5th place when representing the County in the English Schools race. He looked set for a brilliant international future until a severe viral illness effectively put an end to his career, although we hope that one day he may be able to make a fresh start. Andrew Battye once again took the White Peak, some 3 minutes slower this time, with Mary Howarth of Steel City Striders gaining the women's title. This was the last year that we were to enjoy the generous sponsorship of John Smedley, but they said goodbye in style, issuing each finisher with a quality T-shirt, specially designed and manufactured by themselves. We hope we did not offend them by not agreeing to let all competitors wear the garment during the race!

On the road the club took 2nd team prize in the Otter and there were good turnouts in the Chesterfield Half and the Hardwick "6". In internal competition the cross country championships were moved to a real "old fashioned" course at Fritchley through the good offices of the Secretary and Stuart Allsop. Moorhouse won the club "10" and Barrable the Club Half Marathon. This latter race became known as "Mick's Half", being the brainchild of M. Mackfall. It was over two laps of a fairly flat course near Flash Dam and was suspected of being a fraction short in view of the number of P.B. times it produced. Mick had also instituted a series of New Year Mystery Runs, one of which entailed fighting off guard dogs at a traveller's encampment on the moors which happened to be in the way. His best social event of the year was undoubtedly the pie and pea supper rumoured to have been subsidised by the previous year's Otter prize money. The final friendly race of the year was a John Armistead promotion: a shortened version of the Black Rocks race on Boxing Day, starting from the High Peak Junction.

The only memorable business at the AGM this year was the key decision that all members should drink at the same establishment after training on Thursdays, since club solidarity was being threatened by the quality of the beer in the Sherwood bar as perceived by certain connoisseur members.

Organised participation in cross country events did not recover in 1991 and the club was not represented in the county championships, although Alan Tatum achieved a solo effort of 3rd place in the N. Mids. League U-15 race. Tatham incidentally was, and possibly still is, Junior record holder in the Mow Cop Killer Mile. The efforts of club coach Tassell also paid off in notable performances by Cairn Morrison Danny Warman, Esmond Tressider, Joby Osman and Andrew Cummins, but mainly to their respective schools in the various county events.

In our own championship Cresswell had his customary win, the mud being much to his liking. In the London we were well represented by Barrable, Allsop and Hale, and nearer home, Taylor won the Club Half after Moorhouse put in an extra off course mile when leading at the mid point of the race. Founder member Steve Pearson was seeing a resurgence after 15 years with a PB of 2:35 in the Milford 21 and 3:10 in the White Peak which was won this year by Roy Berry, with Mary Howarth still striding to another win in the women's section.

What might be called recreational events flourished, with the Boxing Day one again proving popular, as well as the newly established 4 Inns run before Christmas. perhaps Rob Atkin and Karl Webster will not mind their epic feat earlier n the year being classed "recreational" : the 15 trigs circuit of the peak District, a distance of 52 miles which they completed in 13:54. All this domestic and individual running must have been what people wanted, because at the AGM a paid up membership of no less than 57 was reported. A committee reshuffle took place with G. White becoming Chairman and D. Erskine Secretary.

1992 emerges as a year of massive race participation, with teams doing well on an ad hoc basis when large numbers of members happened to turn up at the same time in open races, but we only had one runner, Moorhouse, in the National. We did however manage 3rd senior team in the County Cross Country. On the track Tressider and Osman gained county titles at Junior level in the 800m and 1500m respectively. The revived newsletter is a good source of information on racing activity for this year and succeeding ones, and the enormous amount can only be referred to in note form as follows: Staffs and Ashby 20s D. and T Erskine completed both with P.B. for Dave in 1:58. Kinder Downfall 6 members ran; Half Ramathon 6 ran; Flagg Moor 1st team; Zwei Tage Gebirgsmarathon (Swiss Karrimor) run at 8000 ft J. Armistead 26th; Sierre-Zinal (19 miles, 7000Ft climb) Anne Armistead 5:10. Bradwell 2nd team; Wirksworth Incline Moorhouse 3rd; Karrimor 7 ran; Saunders 6 ran; North Face Relay 4th team; Longnor 1st team with Cresswell 4th; Hayfield Fell Championship, Series vests to Allsop, White and Moseley; Robin Hood Marathon Atkin 2:43; Ashbourne Half Margaret Keeling 1:50; Uttoxeter Cross Country Vets Moorhouse 3rd, Tatham 6th; Juniors A Tatham 3rd; Winster Barrable 1st; Dovedale Dash Erskine 31st; Brassington Howitt 1st; Humber Bridge Marathon Allsop 2:56:40 and 6:52 in the Otter 40 and finally London Erskine 2:37:25

The Women's and Junior sections were obviously flourishing and coach Tassell took the youngsters into Europe where they comprehensively beat the French over 3K (Morrison 1; Osman 2; Tressider 4 and Cummins 5) at Eubonne, Matlock's twin town.

The White Peak was undergoing a reappraisal. Due to a cost cutting exercise, no souvenirs were presented to finishers, and to some of us who took part it seemed surprising that there were any finishers either, as atrocious weather conditions produced 3 ambulance cases of hypothermia and dozens undiagnosed ones. Nevertheless the perennial Peter Bates won the race in 2:44:08 with Hurley an excellent 4th in 2:46:55. Tracey Erskine was 3rd woman in 3:37:59. At the AGM the recently arrived Ian Milne became our new treasurer and we welcomed Canadian Larry Burroughs, over for a year on a teaching exchange with our own Tim Sanders.

Similar massive participation in races continued in 1993, a summary of which follows in no particular order. Saunders: Allsop and Muir 41st; Heald and R McDonald 43rd; Moseley and G Cummins 44th; John and Jo Armistead DNF. White Peak Walk Allsop 1st; White 7th. Flash "7" Moorhouse 1st. Winster Hill Race MAC took 1st 5 places. Flagg Moor 1st team. Derwent Valley Tour (4 races) Erskine 7th. Buxton "5" Howitt 1st V50. Bakewell Morrison 1st Junior; Taylor 1st V50 and Campbell 1st V60. Longnor Cresswell 2nd. Bamford Howitt 2nd V50. Karrimor 7 ran. Ashbourne Half Clamp 11th and Taylor 1st V50. Hayfield Fell Champs Webster 4th. Dovedale dash Webster 10th and Morrison 12th. Sleaford Half Heald 1:28:16. North Face Relay 6th and 25th teams. London Heald 3:9:00 PB; Clamp 3:20 (injury) and Burroughs 3:24 (Flu). Milford "21" Erskine 11th and Heald 63rd (2:39:51) Burbage Erskine 8th. Buxton "Death Run" (-5 Celsius) Erskine 2nd; Moorhouse 4th and Webster 5th. Club Cross Country Champs at Fritchley Erskine; Atkin; Cresswell took 1st 3 places. Inaugural Eyam Half Marathon - Mike Flint was our only representative.

To comment on the above results: Moorhouse ran consistently well in Vets races, Allsop in Ultra-distance events, Webster on the Fells (including the Bens of Jura) and Erskine on the road and country. Juniors Tressider, Osman and Morrison all gained County vests but we regretfully released Morrison to Derby and County at the end of the season in his best interests, long term. The senior Cross Country team finally got its act together by finishing 7th on aggregrate in the four races of the N. Mids. League. In the White Peak the new start (Tissington) and finish (Cromford Meadows) proved a success, with showers, bar and refreshments at the Rugby Club, and rapid posting up of results. The extra descent off the Sheep pasture incline seemed to pose few problems; nobody fell into the canal on the final sprint and the finishing times were bery comparable to previous years: Colin Hibberd (Witney) 2:39:54 and Sally Newman (Glossopdale) 3:23:06

Resources were targetted to develop another "Class" event, The Black Rocks Fell Race, with Tassell creating a longer course with more woodland that was expected to attract more of the hard men (and women). Recruitment week also held in the spring produced only one new member, Dave Hill, but a consistent and valued one at that. Over 65 Vet Gordon Campbell set a fine example by turning out in over 25 local races during the season, including Castleton and Taddington on consecutive nights! The AGM saw Gerry White replaced as chairman by Don Hale who again helped us out when committee duties were not popular. An important decision was taken to try to enhance the club's image, already helped by the mark 3 vest, via a new series of over garments which would feature the club name.

At the 1994 AGM membership was reported as being down, although we had recruited some keen local runners who had, until now, managed to escape the MAC net, notably the "Three Musketeers" : Paul Keetley, Bill Willis and Doug Woffinden. No great enthusiasm for office holding was yet apparent, but the situation was resolved by a reshuffle, with Dave erskine taking the chair for one year and Karl Webster the secretary's job. Neil Forrest was thanked on his resignation after many years from his role of helping to train the juniors. A referendum was held on the possibility of of changing the training night, but the outcome was the retention of Thursdays. The seniors further improved their position in the N. Mids. League to an impressive 6th place. In the Northern Counties at Birkenhead we finished 45th out of 100 clubs, and in the National we came 73rd out of 165. All the team deserve congratulations for these performances, but mention must be made of the contribution of Gary Thorpe, not just for his running, but for his ability to "talk up" individuals and get them to the start line. Gary had been enjoying something of a resurgence recently, particularly in the long fell races, where he successfully accompanied Karl Webster in the latter's 2nd completion of the Bens of Jura in '94. Many years after his first appearance in it as a schoolboy, Gary also won the Buxton "Death Run" which owes its gruesome nickname to him. The team was again successful in the North Face Relay, this time recording 2nd place, with the "B" team finishing 20th. We enjoyed less success however in the N. Counties 6 stage relay. The Club Championships produced a 1/2/3 of Cresswell, Thorpe and Whittaker, but the Fritchley course was getting no easier for certain older members who again went astray in spite of championship standard marking. It was a vintage year for the Vets in the county with Barrable taking the county Gold medal and leading the team to victory. Moorhouse and Cresswell, our other outstanding Vets were always well up in races and the latter won no less than 20 prizes in his first qualifying season. Taylor too, now running for us 2nd claim, was rarely beaten in the over 50 class. We finally said goodbye to him, one of our few remaining founder members, when he moved to Wales later in the season.

The White Peak had to cope with a course problem when the Hopton tunnel collapsed prior to the race. The difficulty was overcome and the race was won yet again by Peter Bates of Bury, with Mary Howarth first woman, striding home yet again for the Steel City. Visiting Wirksworth's twin town of Die in France, Clamp and Tassell took time off from civic duties to run in the Montelimar Half, no doubt scoffing nougat at the feeding stations. On the female side, Jo Armistead achieved county honours and represented Derbyshire in the English Schools race at Birkenhead. Michael Flint combined holiday with competition, running both in the USA and in a grand prix series of three races in Malta. A one off charity race was organised at Lea by Roy Mason and was won by Barrable with Webster 3rd. This was the year when we made it on TV with successful coverage of the Black Rocks Fell Race on the Big Day Out programme. In the Ashby 20 Barrable joined the select group of club runners who have broken 2 hours, and Hill also achieved a PB. They were both using this as a race sharpener for the London in which Barrable recorded 2:39:38 but Hill's 3:38:00 did not do his fitness justice, but Hale's 3:35:30 was very creditable, coming only a few months after a serious operation.

In 1995 Treasurer Ian Milne also opted for malor surgery in a bid to resolve a 3 year old problem which would have made lesser men retire. All members were glad to see him fighting his way back to fitness by the end of the year. The White Peak had gained a new sponsor, Twiggs of Matlock, and the winner was Colin Hibberd of Witney with Hilary Walker of Serpentine R.C. 1st woman in a course record of 3:12:31 It was a year of normally busy activity in all the standard races. The Club Championship produced the usual permutation of names:Cresswell/Webster/Whittaker plus the usual list of lost runners (names witheld out of kindness). Cresswell's win bringing him a rare hat trick of victories. The usual iron men of the mountains were in evidence again during the heatwave, in the Saunders at Consiton, Karrimor at Brecon and the Lowe in Scotland. These madmen were reinforced this year by new signing Steve Mead, who will obviously be a useful addition to the squad. On the shorter fell runs too, dozens of members were in action throughout the spring and into the tropical conditions of the summer. A major team effort was our defeat of Buxton for the 5th consecutive year at Flagg Moor with Barrable taking 1st and Webster 2nd. Perhaps the major individual coup of the year was Webster's July win in the Nation Police Triathlon held in the Lake District. His time of 4:47 was 10 minutes inside the course record. Another new member making frequent visits to the lakes was Ian Conway who clocked 73 minutes in the tough Derwentwater race. Don Hale tried single handedly to re-establish us as a track club by competing at every distance from the sprints to 5000 metres both locally and in the Northern vets events. One of the still functioning founder memebrs, Clive Russell, notched up yet another Dovedale Dash, having competed in the race every year since it began in 1959, with the sole exception of 1969 - an amazing 36 appearances. Illness depleted the vets team at the County Championships at Darley Park, Derby, but Barrable gained the Silver medal in the Vet 40 class, followed home by Hurley, Keetley, Hale and Conway to take 3rd team place, only Vet 40s being allowed to count for some strange reason. Following his long term strategy of only training every 10 years, Howitt took the county gold in the Vet 60 class to round off a season of more than 10 category wins, including a time of 1:31:43 in the Chesterfield Half Marathon and the Grand Prix title. Barrable too had at least 10 major wins or placesduring the year in both Vets and open competition - we stopped counting after a while. John Hurley, in his first season as a vet also took a number of prizes , as did Cresswell and Moorhouse. From the sublime to the ridiculous, The Club Christmas Dinner (for 1994) was held at the Elton Cafe in March 1995! With the election of Andy Whittaker to the Chair at the AGM, whilst grateful for the efforts pf all the numerous recent office holders, now ideally looked forwards to a period of committee stability.

At the time this was written in 1996, and as we approach our anniversary, the club's history is still being written onthe roads and hills of north Derbyshire. Most of the club's racing will take place from late spring onwards, and a long distance relay run is being planned to to commemorate our 20 years. So far, the staple event of the winter months has been the monthly 10k handicap to Cromford and back, with Steve Mead and Jeremy Hall winning the coveted "egg Cup" in the first 2 races. This even tover the years has undoubtedly provided a valuable focus and motivation for our winter programme on Thursdays, and the successive handicappers, Armitage, Mason and Keetley deserve our thanks, however much we have rubbished their arithmetic in the past. In an unaccustomedly cold winter the handful of races so far have attracted few runners. Hale and Howitt started the year well in the Whatstandwell "5" on New Year's Day, but the one athlete signalling his intentions for 1996 was young Esmond Tressider. After winning the Beetroot Race the 16 year old continued to challenge the seniors by finishing 11th out of 300 in the Box Hill race, ably supported by his father Rob in 98th place. He followed this up in the Tigger Tor fell race over a longer than usual course in atrocious conditions of mud, melting snow and ice, when he finished 26th, followed by Rob, 133rd and Brian, 148th and 1st Vet 60. Esmond's time of 1:17 was remarkable in every way. The major event in the club diary so far is the White Peak, on 18th May, preceded by the return of the Club Championships to Matlock on March 2nd, with a lap course at Brickyard Farm which should enable all sections of the club to share a mass start over varying distances. This eventwill be followed by the anniversary year dinner in Wirksworth.

Anecdotal Evidence

As a club grows it develops legends of its own when its members recall incidents which occasionally "improve" with the telling. A selection of headlines follows:


The novice runner who took a nap at 12 miles and, after waking up, continued running but in the wrong direction towards Ashbourne.

The Irish contingent who held up the start after a late dash from the airport in a bid to sandwich our marathon between another two in a period of three days.

The couple accompanied by dogs who were surprised to be disqualified after starting 15 minutes ahead of the field.

Malcolm Taylor who dropped out at Hartington, jogged across to the High Peak Trail just before Minninglow where the astounded officials thought he was leading the field inside world record time.

The year the Brian Howitt changed from Cross Country shoes to Racing Flats at Parsley Hay, but only after receiving written permission from Joe Keily of the AAAs.

Steve Pearson's formula for a good run: 4 pints of beer the night before the race to boost blood sugar. He used it to good effect several times.

Cans of Isostar cached under rocks at Minninglow for use on training runs. All the good was undone by Mick Moorhouse who handed out Jam Tarts and Coke which produced dire effects by the Middleton incline.

Neil Forrest, the same man who had put out the markers the day before, who took a wrong turn on to the road at Middleton Top, and Roland Gibbard who did the same thing with unfortunate consequences.


Rugby player Brian Wardle's fear on his track debut that if anyone elbowed him he might tackle them.

The young Gary Thorpe's worry that he would lose his amatuer status when he was publicly given a cash prize after his win a Tideswell.

The Phantom Runner again: Gordon Cresswell is sure that John Flood existed. He alleges that he still owes him the 30p he borrowed at Barnsley.

Stuart Allsop's interminable mystery runs from Crich, particularly the 12 miles in a thunderstorm on midsummer's night.

Certain orienteers always managing to get lost on the Fritchley course, but always getting back in time for Stuart's mince pies after the race.

Roy Mason's dog assisted races: Tessa once towed him so hard that the leather harness broke. N.B. Roy's PB's were achieved minus dog.

Geoff William's cycle rides to race venues. Leicester to matlock was the record.

The tendency of Matthew Parris to turn out in big championship races wearing sawn off jeans.

Michael Flint's debut inthe Rowsley run when he allegedly reached the outskirts of Bakewell before turning back.

a 1970's run led by Clive Russell from matlock to parwich taking the direct line across country in deep snow and thick fog. We ahd to keep up with him because we were all lost.

French member Alain Mabire who would only communicate with other members by using the chairman as interpreter. Have you ever tried running up Bank Road in French?

The early Buxton "Death Runs" - either a force 10 gale which blew the lightweight Gary Thorpe 3 times up to Solomon's Temple and 2nd place or gingerly descending over the frozen tops of 6 foot snow drifts after the home team's warning of "Don't go through the crust or you'll snap your leg off like a carrot!"

The year Chris Rosling nearly drowned (no joke) when he was pinned against the stepping stones by the swollen River Dove near the start of the Dash. Fortunately ian Farrand was at hand to rescue him.

Neil Tathum's 2nd place in a race while camping in Southwest France - unfortunately he had no use for the prize of a live Guinea Fowl.

A Karrimor entrant who discovered to his dismay on the first night that he had only packed the frame of his tent.

A Four Inns run on a dark night when runners encountered waist deep water on the riverside path to Darley. This failed to extinguish Dave Erskine's portable fairy lights but snorkels are issued to vertically challenged members now.

The apocryphal rule (33b) - Thou shalt not splash thy neighbour when thou runnest through puddles - except in races.

The Louis Armstron and the Ben Johnson runs - how many members can still identify these routes and explain their names?


So, as Matlock AC completes its first 20 years, what conclusions can we draw? If we had our time over again what might we do differently? Would we give priority to organisation and administration, the lack of which has regularly been deplored at AGMS. Probably not, because our memebrs have always been active runners and we lack the nucleus of retired athletes prepared to officiate. We are just all running longer! Would we make more effort to weld our runners into a regular team? Probably not, because of the irreversible trend towards individualism which came in with the jogging bbom. Would we give more encouragement to the Women's and Junior's sections? Probably not, because of the small numbers involved and in the case of the Juniors, only rarely and for limited periods are parents prepared to assist our dedicated coaches with transport and other support.

Perhaps there is one thing with hindsight we might have done differently. At any one time only a small minority of members have actually lived in Matlock and the club's centre of gravity has shifted about 4 times over the 20 years, reflecting the membership of the committee. This is shown in the location of the Club Championships - Parwich; Matlock; South Darley; Fritchley and Matlock once again. There has been nothing wrong with the courses or the dedication of the officials, but it has meant that they have often unselfishly given up the chance to run themselves, and the frequent changes have meant that the courses have never become well known. Any one joining an established club in 1976, such as Derby, knew that his/her first duty was to learn the 5 basic courses over which all the club's internal races had been run for the last 80 years. Thus club races needed no organising. Could we learn from this and keep our Club Championships in Matlock permanently, and in the process reinstate the club "10"; "Half" and "7" as internal events, thus establishing a tradition to take us into the next 20 years?

Finally, what has Matlock AC really achieved in its first 20 years? Quite a lot in fact - some impressive performances by individuals and even by teams when everything has happened to click at the right time, as the yearly analysis has shown. We have a membership of varying interests. Obviously some people would not be seen dead on a track, just as others would dismiss a 2 day event out of hand, but most memebrs have had a go at all branches of the sportand we have remained remarkably free of cliques. On another level the fact that we have enjoyed the membership of the local Conservative MP, the Parliamentary Labour candidate and the Liberal Democrat leader of Derbyshire Dales District Council must prove something - I'm not quite sure what! The club has generated a lot of running in 20 years as its founders intended, a lot of fitness, a lot of fun and a lot of friendships. It may have even changed a few lives.

Rather than indulge in extravagant claims it is perhaps better to state a bottom line with which no one could disagree, certainly not the men - without MAC, Thursday nights would not be the same!

Brian Howitt 1996

The third decade would see stability in the club's administration, allowing decisions on the future to be taken affecting both our finances and the programme of training, racing and the organisation of nationally recognised events. My apologies in advance for the omissions and errors which willinevitably occur in the following record.


The annual dinner was held at Wirksworth, having been preceded by the cross country championships on a new tough venue at Brickyard Farm which was to last for the next ten years.

In the absence of recorded results it is a fair bet that it was won by Karl Webster.

John Heald organised a 20th Anniversary Run in July incorporating 7 two-man stages totalling 56 miles around many of our favourite away runs in this part of Derbyshire, followed by a social event at the Red Lion. John was disappointed that no other clubs took up the challenge to compete with us.

Former Chairman, Roy Mason, finally left us to live in France, renovating a house and gradually abandoning running for his other interest, red wine.

We welcomed a new member, Simon Brister, a very fast young vet.

Although out of running action Ian Milne's skills as Treasurer kept us in the black despite our losing  a main sponsor for the White Peak Marathon. This was a fast race, won by C Barker of Sydney

Striders in 2.39.02, with Sally Pitts of Witney setting a new women's record of 3.07.33.

Important innovations coming from the AGM were an annual Grand Prix, an aggregate of points based on the most poular races. An invitation to join the Cromford Meadows Sports Club as our new

HQ was deemed to be unviable financially. The Junior section was flourishing underthe coaching  of

Randell Tassell as was the Women's section who had a structured programme on Monday nights.

Helen Finlayson also made the English Orienteering team in her class.

We won the Flagg Moor team challenge against Buxton for the sixth time, with Tony Barrable 2nd

and Karl Webster 3rd.

In the Derby Half Dave Hill did a PB of 1.32.48 and Gordon Campbell won one of his

last vet 60 races at Riber. In the County Cross country Champs I won the vet 60 gold, and the

Chesterfield Half in 1.30.  In the Beetroot Race Mick Moorhouse climbed as if gravity didn't exist, scoring a rare win over Karl Webster with Rolls Royce Malcolm Marchant in 3rd place.


At the AGM  Chairman Andy Whittaker reported on another good year with a good number of juniors

training on Monday nights. We saw the comeback of Rob Atkin and Gerry White to active

membership and also welcomed a new signing, James Arnold.

A prestigious new addition to the womans section was Norma Kuszynski, the Mexican marathon champion in 1983 when she recorded 2 hours 43 minutes. World class in those days for women.

The new Grand Prix was going well as was the 10k handicap with Milltown Milers occasionally

sending guest runners.

Financially, Ian ilne continued to keep us in the black, mainly through increased entry fees in the

White Peak, although he was still on the touchline himself after major heart surgery.

Steve Mead and Tony Barrable also had to fight health problems, but the most bizarre one was

experienced by Gordon Cresswell who suffered a ruptured eardrum which was pierced by a twig on

a wooded section of the Black Rocks.

A suggestion was accepted for a structured programme of runs on Thursday nights, as was

the proposal of an inter-club challenge based on one of the LARA winter 5k races at the old baseball ground in Derby.

County cross-country vests were awarded in the various age categories

Tracey Erskine (FV)

Polly Veazey-French (U-13G),  John Selby-Sly, Chris Young, Simon Flitter  and  Dan Yates .

County medals went to Gordon Cresswell(V40  Silver), Dan Yates (Silver) and Brian Howitt(Vet 60 Gold).

On the fells Dan Yates gained an England vest in his category  -  another tribute to

Randell Tassell, their coach.

Also running well on the fells was young Ricky Wood who would before long give priority to his

other forte: Kick Boxing.

But his name would eventually be immortalised in the FR Calendar in "Ricky's Race"

In the summer of '97 he organised a 3 mile run in Dimple Fields with the proceeds going to

the RSPCA. Although only 12 turned out he collected an amazing £400 from sponsors.  At the time

of writing it has metamorphosed into one of MAC's top fell races.

Mountain marathons like the Lowe Alpine and the Saunders were supported by John Heald, Dave

Furness, Barry Mosley, Neil Forrest, Helen Finlaysson, George Cummings as well as family teams like the Armisteads, Macdonalds and Meads.

Steve always denied that their main advantage was in only carrying one sleeping bag!

Star individuals included Karl Webster (Black Rocks  2nd,  Tigger Tor 2nd),

Dan Yates(Grindleford and Bamford 3rd,Beetroot  1st,  Ricky's 1st) and

Esmond Tressider(Black Rocks and Bamford 3rd)


Club membership was at a record level of 68 with many new juniors joining.  Financially we showed

a small deficit, but Ian Milne, now back in action at the AGM was confident that a new family

membership fee of £20 and a higher entry fee for the WPM would set us right.

Summer away training runs were well established.

After indulging his creative writing skills over some years Paul Keetley stood down as Newsletter editor, to be replaced by Steve Mead who looked likely to continue the surrealist house style.

Simon Brister volunteered his legal skills to check out the validity of our insurance cover.

Grand  Prix  ;  Karl Webster 1st.  H'cap  Dave  Furness.  Tracey Erskine 1st L and H'cap.

The annual dinner was once again held at the Red Lion, preceded by the Cross country Champs at

Brickyard Farm.(Dan Yates 1st,  James Arnold 2nd,  Karl Webster 3rd,  Tracey Erskine Ist F)

In the inaugural LARA 5k Challenge we won the mixed team trophy that we had donated,

(Dan Yates 1st in 15.32), with N.Derbys 2nd and Ripley 3rd.

Women's team 3rd in the Robin Hood Half and Simon Flitter 2nd in associated fun run from a field of 2000).

We took over the organisation of the Winster Hill race which had become very popular.

Ricky's Race moved to a new 3,5 mile course from the 3 Stags at Darley Bridge

(Simon Brister 1st, Roy Marlow of DPFR 2nd, Jackson-Horner of Milltown 3rd.

Temporary member Tom Hanssen of Belgium was 6th.

County Cross country at Darley Park  :

3rd Vets team, Brian Howitt 1st vet 60, Tracey Erskine 1st  FV.

WPM : John Hurley 5th(2.56.45)      Kinder Downfall : 1st team(but no prize!)

Hathersage: Dan Yates 3rd

Tigers 10 : Karl Webster 2nd(59.47),  also won the entire series on aggregate, with Steve Mead the only

other MAC to complete the series finishing in a very good 45th position.

Tracey Erskine : 1st Chesterfield Half and County 3000m track 1st FV.

Maniac 800m: Simon Flitter 1.44 Ditto Mile: Dan Yates 3.42(NB both downhill at Meltham).

Beetroot: 1st  Esmond Tressider 25.56 (course record and still unbeaten in 2006),

2nd Dan Yates, 3rd Alex Metaxas

English Fell Running Champs : Top placings from Dan Yates, Polly Veazey-French,  Alex Metaxas and Esmond Tressider (2 or 3 ran abroad but details not recorded).

John Heald ran in the London Marathon.


The club was in a healthy position financially.  Membership stood at 55 with 6 family memberships.

The adequacy of our insurance had been confirmed and safety factors for Monday nights tightened

up.  After a much valued stint in office Andy resigned as Chairman and was replaced by one of our

recent additions, Eddie Bland.  We were now registered in the North of England AA scheme.

Another of our new members,  Steve Holt, survived his opening run, the fearsome Wakebridge

circuit in deep mud, and stayed with us.  Mick Kuszynski finally gave in to pressure to join us from

his wife Stormin' Norma and clocked a debut 3.10.34 in the White Peak.  We had our first home

victory in this race with James Arnold crossing the line in 2.37.05.

Tracey Erskine broke the existing women's

record with 3.06.34 but still finished only second.

Club Cross country Champs : a good mixed turnout.  Section winners : Karl Webster, Polly Veazey-French,

John Sely-Sly,Robert  Ingham,George  Whittaker.

County Cross Country; Andy Whittaker 2nd vet 40 and with John Hurley and Reg Amor took 2nd vets team

medals.  Tracey Erskine 2nd Vet F. Dan Yates 2nd U-20 and with John Sely-Sly and Alex Metexas selected for Derbyshire.

County Track winners:  Dan Yates 1500m,  3000m,  2000m  'chase.  Simon Flitter.  800m and 1500m.

Rob Ingham Long jump. Emma Amor youngest MAC runner to get county vest.  Tracey Erskine 3000m.

John Selby-Sly was 3rd in the English FR Champs in his category.

Saunders Mountain Marathon was completed by John Heald, Ann Armistead, Viv Macdonald,  Eddie

Bland and Linda and Paul Keetley.  Paul subsequently underwent a hip replacement, made a rapid

recovery, and, undeterred, has managed a mountain marathon every year since.

Tough  Guy: Karl Webster  2nd.

Belfast  Marathon  :  Karl Webster  6th  overall and National Police Champion(2.44)

Once again Karl Webster won the Totley Series.

James Arnold: 2nd in Wirksworth Incline and Spire 10 (54.36)

In the Beetroot Race we were gatecrashed by Steve Penney who won from Esmond Tressider, but outside the

latter's record.  A promising return as a vet put Dave Erskine in 3rd place.

The 180 dub was founded  : the 3 members whose combined ages totalled at least 180 years. This enabled

Ian Mlne, Gerry White and Brian Howitt to opt out of the Thursday schedules and train together


By the end of the year we were relieved to see Mick Moorhouse making a good recovery from a serious illness.


The millennium year was celebrated by myself and Chris Rowe (5th) in the Hangover 5 on the 1st.

In the course of the year Eddie Bland had to resign as Chairman when he moved to a new job which had the

added bonus of being near to the Lakeland fells.  His final gesture was to lay on a splendid spread of

food and drinks for us at the Bonsall cottage at the halfway point of our Thursday run.  We ran back

to Sherwood with some difficulty.  Fortunately we had another Scouser to replace Eddie Bland in

Jimmy Ricketts, complete with a masters degree in sports science.

Steve Mead volunteered to take overtemporarily in the Chair and he saw us through successfully to the

November AGM when Dave Hill was persuaded to become the new Chairman, a post which he has

filled enthusiastically ever since.

Steve also stepped down as Newsletter editor and Richard Bradbury and Jimmy Ricketts  agreed to take over.

Membership remained at an all time high and in spite of a loss on the White Peak, income from subs

together with £330 in entry fees for the increasingly popular Black Rocks race enabled Ian Milne to hold

the annual fee at £10.

We noted with interest the proposed development of the Cavendish Fields sports ground but doubted

if this was the right future venue for us .We would follow with interest the District  Council's plans to replace  Sherwood Hall with a new sports centre, the incorporation of a running track being

a priority for us.

One of the most significant signings for the future was that of Christine Howard who had already

established a reputation in Police running alongside her partner Karl Webster.  We had to say goodbye to

Reg Amor who could no longer run owing to a mystery illness but who, with his family, continued to

support us.   John Ostrowskis, known as "Oz", had joined us after opening a pysiotherapy clinic in

Matlock and he agreed to be our club physio, offering a 10% discount to all  members.

Local hairdresser Sue Morley joined us and recorded some good times on her favourite distance, 10k,

before moving on to work in Derby.

Simon Brister completed an epic walk from Land's End to John o' Groats in 2  months, raising about

£2000 for Save the Children.

Club Champs  ;  Karl Webster/James Arnold/Alex Metaxas.  Chris Howard  1st  F.

Chris Young,  George Whittaker Emma Amor all won their categories.

Grand Prix  :   Karl Webster and Tracey Erskine were 1 st M and F.

Mr and Mrs Kuszynski won a handicap each.

The Meads plus Paul Keetley and John Heald completed the Karrimor.

We finally won the Patagonia High Peak Relay with the B team 14th out of 35.

John Selby-Sly qualified as a coach and became North Mids. u-20 Cross country champion, also taking the

Derbys. 2000m gold medal on the track.  Dan Yates was 3rd in the national 3000m 'chase  u-20.

Although winning the Chesterfield Half in 1.27.58  (with Norma Kusinsky 1st vet F in1.44.11),  1st vet F at

Taddington and Black Rocks,  Tracey Erskine's reign as Bionic Woman was about to be superseded by  Chris Howard who declared her intent by winning the Black Rocks and the Coalite  10k.

An innovation in Ricky's Race was the securing of sponsorship from local councillor and

greengrocer Nigel Allwood who would henceforth present healthy prizes in the form of fruit and

vegetable boxes.  Dan Yates and Polly Veazey-French took the honours.

There were good individual performances during the year  :

Richard Bradbury  -              Sheffield Half  (1.19.01),  Buxton Half  (7th in 1.20.02),  Tigers 10  (7th  in 1.15.51)

Mick  Kusinsky.  -  Sheffield (1.21.49).

Winster  -  John Selby-Sly  2nd, Simon Flitter 4th.

James Arnold won the Buxton in 1.15.52 and was 3rd in the Wirksworth Incline.

Chris Rowe won the LARA Triple Sporting Challenge.


Foot and Mouth year  -  significant because we had to cancel the club cross country, the WPM in May

and again in September when a second attempt failed to produce the entries.  This was the main

reason for a loss of £429 in our finances, resulting in the need to increase subs by  £1,  £2  and  £2

(Junior, Senior and Family respectively).

There were never the less many very good performances both individually and collectively from

members in all age groups.

9  County cross country vests were awarded  :

Chris Howard,Tracey Erskine, Polly Veazey-French, Shena  Bridges

James Arnold,Karl Webster, Alex Metaxas ,Dan Yates, John Selby-Sly.

John Selby-Sly was also county u-20 champ and North Mids u-20 champ(club's first regional champion).

Dave Erskine staged a comeback with a silver in the vet 40 class.

There were brilliant Junior results at the County track meeting  ;

Sam Thorne -  gold  (1500m),  bronze  (800m).    John Selby-Sly  silver  ( Steeple chase)

Josh Teece  -  bronze  (1500m)    Dan Yates  -  silver  (800m  and  1500m)

Robert Ingham  -  bronze  (400  m)   Chido lhaenacho  - silver  (70m  hurdles)  and  bronze  (200m)

Polly Veazey-French  -  bronze  (1500m) Rachel Gomery  -  bronze  (70m  Hurdles)

Andrew  Lloyd (  county  Junior vest)

Tracey Erskine was still runing well with a 1st F in the Hangover 5,   1st VF at Bolsover,  5th in Stafford 20

with PB of 2.21.  Represented Derbys in the Inter counties cross country.

Christine Howard won the Bolsover,  Tigger Tor,  Stokesley Duathlon,  Police AA cross country,Tough Guy,

Beetroot Race and Kinder Downfall  (to name but a few) and ran for Derbys in the Inter-counties

Cross country.  At the same event James Arnold and John Selby-Sly saw their selection wasted by being given the

wrong start time by Derbys AAA !

James Arnold did 2.34 in the London and Karl Webster was 2nd in the Downfall.

Brian Howitt was county vet 60 champ in the Clowne Half.

Ricky's Race  :  Dan Yates and Polly Veazey-French were 1 st M and F.

Profits were donated to Cavendish Sports Assoc.

Beetroot Race  :   Karl Webster 1st  (towed By dog Harry).

John Hurley continued to win vet prizes,  Richard Bradbury had some high placings and recent signings

Steve Holt,  John Young  and  Jim Thorneycroft  (the latter finally abandoning his Tour de France ambitions)

all proved keen competitors.  Mick Kuskinsky won the final Club 10K in 36.19 after altitude training in

Mexico City.

Karl Webster achieved television fame in the SAS-type survival programme in the Brecon Beacons, only

missing ultimate glory through his reluctance to kill people in the final shootout.


Club finances were £658 down, largely due to the low WPM entries which had not yet recovered

after foot and mouth and so subs were increased  (£8,  £14  and  £25).  We had been having to dip into

our reserves.  The race need more national publicity and a makeover if it were to recover.

New member Dave Newton promised to look into the possibility of a more interesting welcome at

the end of the race which currently was an anti-climax.  This year's race had nevertheless

produced a Second win for James Arnoldd in 2.48.42.

Originator of the race, Dave Mitchell, presented the prizes.

Ricky's Race was in trouble (in the disappearance of Ricky) and the club did a last minute rescue,

only succeeding in finding 12 runners (nearly one prize each).  Randell Tassell proposed a complete

takeover by the club, with a new tougher course to attract entrants via the FR Calendar.

We finished 2nd team again in the High Peak Relay and 1st team in the Downfall with Karl Webster 2nd and

Chris Howard 1st F.

In the County Cross Country at a snowbound Markeaton Park, vests went to Andrew Lloyd,  John Selby-Sly,

Karl Webster, Chris Howard and Polly Veazey-French (silver).

Tracey Erskine took Vet F silver,  Andy Whittaker Vet 40 gold and John Hurley bronze,

and Brian Howitt  Vet 60 gold,  with the vets winning the team.

At this point I will get a personal note out of the way  :this was effectively the end of my serious

vet 60 career,  since after a spectacular fall at Grindleford which temporarily turned the Derwent red.

I handed over the torch to Clive Russell, a founder member who rejoined us on reaching 60.

Having written my name rather too often in the first club history booklet,  it may still seem immodest,

if I simply record that, up to this point, in all my vet 60 races  I was only beaten at Eyam and Worksop  .

Too many individuals turned out in races this year for me to mention them all.

New member Ray Foley had some high positions when he was able to turn out.

Josh Teece beat all the seniors when he won the Chevin fell race with with Nathalie Thorneycroft the real junior winner.

Mick Moorhouse made a brilliant come back after illness as a vet 50,winning the Tigers series,  the Calver Peak

Great Longstone, and Grindleford.  Dave Newton proved to be a keen racer.

Eight runners completed the Karrimor.

Bill Willis fulfilled an ambition, completing his 50th Half Marathon at Clowne with a good 1.37

followed by Steve Holt in 1.37.  John Hurley was now winning vet 45 prizes (Parwich and Buxton 5)

Taking a break from the mountains,  Sian Mead was 1st VF at Black Rocks with Clive Russell 1st  V60.

It would probably be easier to list what Karl Webster and Chris Howard did not win, but outstanding runs were

Karl Webster's  10th place (1st  Police) in the Belfast Marathon in 2.37,  and the course record by Chris in

the Edale Skyline.

A small field in the club cross country  :  Karl Webster/Chris  Rowe/Josh Teece /

Chris Howard  (F)  and  Adam Gilbert  (J).


Although membership had fallen over the last two years club finances were now stable with an

excess of income over expenditure of £696, largely due to a profit on the WPM, as a result of

Dave Newton's raffle and the existing stock of mugs and T-shirts.

In an improved field of over 100 we had a third club win by JamesArnold in 2.45,

nine minutes clear of the field.

Sara Butcher was a valuable new asset, finishing 3rd lady in 4.02.

The  decision to persevere with the race had been right, but the incorporation of a half marathon in

2004, with all the extra help needed from members, would be piloted.

The evening away runs were well established, followed by refreshments for those who could stay,

but runners often took no notice of the routes planned from Sherwood.

Rob Atkin set up a website which was good for publicity and news for members, but from this point

on, the printed newsletter, edited until now by Richard Bradbury, began to run down making

the keeping of club records harder.

Ricky's Race was rejuvenated on a tough longer course with two climbs up Clough Wood and One

Tree Hill and promised to attract the tough guys of the FRA.

We had a peak year in the High Peak Relay ;  A team 1st, Vets 3rd, B team 12th, and we had the

second team place in the LARA midweek 5k.

A good number of vests were awarded in the County cross country and Polly Veazey-French

ran for England on the fells in September.  Clive Russell became county vet 60 champ.

The Mead's sleeping bag was put to good use again when they won the Mourne Mountains

Marathon vets section. They would achieve this a couple of times.

It was the year of the triathlon with Nathalie Thorneycroft and Caroline Higgins 2nd and 3rd in the

E.Mids. Junior, Karl Webster 2nd in the Police Triathlon with Chris Howard 1st.

The club marshalled the run in ae  MARS Triathlon, with top positions again from the law enforcers,

and Mick Kuszynski lowering the tone somewhat in his leopardskin trunks.

Ray Foley won the Wirksworth Incline and Chris Howard had wins at Winter Hill, Charnwood and

Lads Leap (English Champion).

Clive Rusell was beginning to win everything in sight as a vet 60, including sub-40 minute 10ks as routine.

Clive Russell inaugurated a new away run from Parwich over a mind-bending course but followed

by superb refreshments at the farm.

Clive Russell had to be appointed club professional cowpuncher to accompany Tessa Veazey

and Dave Furness when they both developed acute bovine phobia on cross country runs.


For some time now the AGMs had conveniently been held at the Fire Station through the good

offices of our former chairman Andy Whittaker.  They were memorable for the cheap drinks and

the chilli con carne of our cordon bleu secretary Karl Webster. Is there no end to his talents?

This year Dave Hill reported the success of the inaugural White Peak Half Marathon run from

Friden to Cromford Meadows with the same 11.00 start time as the 26-miler from Thorpe.

Randell Tassell was to be thanked as

organiser and Ian Milne for entries, as well as for the advertising  slogan:

"Fancy a Swift Half?"

The power of the internet was illustrated when Ian posted a deliberate? mistake on the Runners

World site saying that anyone failing to reach 13 miles in 2 hours would be pulled out.

This created a sorm of accusations of elitism, a change to 10 miles and an avalanche of entries

from the ensuing publicity, (400 as opposed to last year's 100), resulting in a large boost to our

income though paid-up membership was still not high and recruitment was still needed.

With most members officiating, the club's only WPM success was a splendid PB from

Sara Butcher of 3.47.22.

The winner of the first race in 1977, Chris Bent, came out of retirement to finish 115th.    Ex MAC founder member Malcolm Taylor travelled up from Wales to take the vet 60  prize

with 1.36.55 in the Half.

County vests were awarded to Hayley Cameron, Fiona Gilbert, Martin Clarke, Tom Grant and a new

Josh : (Moody).  Josh Teece ran for England on the fells. Lee Jones and Tom Barker were running

promisingly in the NM League.  Karl Webster was the Derbyshire Half Marathon Champion.

Coaching qualifications were now held by Josh Teece., Polly Veazey-French,

John Selby -Sly(now working for the AAA), Dan Yates and Randell Tassell(for some years now).

Rob was doing a good job with the website.

After  an  argument with  a  tractor  whilst  on  his  bike,  Bill Willis sustained  serious  injuries

which would have spelled retirement  for a  lesser man,  but  one  season  later  he  would  be

back in action.

Rob Abrehart ran with us for a season or so, showing promise over 10k, but tended to rely more on

geostationary orbit than his own good running ability.

We were pleased to welcome Dennis Holmes from Ripley RR to run with us second claim on

Thursdays, as well as Diane Ward while she was waiting for her post-grad year at Lancaster to

start in Autumn 05.


It was a very good year financially with the Balance sheet (inclusive of assets) showing a healthy

£6547. Maximum entries in the White Peak races contributed to this as did two growing money

spinners, the Black Rocks and Ricky's Race. Subs were held at the current levels. Jim Titterton

was our only entry in the WPM, keeping going on memory in the second half in spite of not having

the training behind him.

The Foster Report on the modernisation of athletics could have repercussions for the club. It was

difficult to see what it would deliver for a club like ours. We voted against most of the proposals

and the possible financial burden on the club for little return, whilst suspecting that the UKA would

go ahead regardless of disagreement anyway.

The club could now afford to subsidise its athletes in approved circumstances out of the revenue

from the two fell races we organised, subject to their continuing viability. Criteria were outlined

by the committee and accepted at the AGM, although certain members were not entirely happy with

the consultation that had taken place.

Dissatisfaction with the Sherwood facilities flared up again when we were without hot showers for

a considerable period for the second winter running. Complaints to the DDC and the lobbying of local

politicians would eventually see the showers repaired, but not unti  early 2006.

In the drive to recruit more members the Mercury was persuaded to publish in August quite a good

feature on the club entitled "The Club that Runs Matlock". Whether It was this that brought them in

or not, we signed a very promising youngster, Flinn Watson, and his Dad Alistair, a very

competitive addition to our Seniors.

The club cross country was held in old fashioned conditions at Brickyard Farm :  deep snow and an

icy wind, and we had a new champion, an accountant who had joined us temporarily from Glossop,

Matthew Kieran. This was the last time we saw speed cop Colin Parker desert his BMW and turn

out. He said he would stick to something easy like his regular London Marathons.

Sam Smith ran consistently in the winter 10ks, with good sub-40 for his age.

It is doubtful if amyone else had ever beaten the handicapper twice in tow consecutive months.

There were some good team results with Josh Moody, Lee Jones, and Tom Barker taking 9th place in the

English Relays at Berry Hill.

At the same event Dan Yates, Josh Teece., Karl Webster and Rob Atkin finished 40th (note the age

range range). This was Josh Moody's year with a superb 4th in the Inter Counties and an even better

2nd in the English Schools. He also won the U- 14 English Fell running championship with

Lee Jones 3rd

Karl Webster, Martin Clarke and Hannah Tassell were added to our team of qualified coaches, with

Randell Tassell now assisting with the coaching of the England Junior fell squad.

In the county track champs Fiona Gilbert won bronze in the 1500m, with Dan Yates and

Polly Veazy-French taking silver.

Clive Russell was again County vet 60 cross country champ and even more impressively

North Mids champ on aggregate  .

Lee Jones beat all the seniors at Bonsall, with newly rejoined Tony Marchington 2nd,

Sian Mead 1st F and Tom Barker 1st J.

Steve Mead and Richard Bradbury were 12th in the Karrimor

Our vets team were 6th in the High Peak Relay.

Tony Marchington was also 1st vet 50 in the Heanor 5.

In the County Champs incorporated in the Clowne Half John Hurley was 1st vet 50 and

Brian Howitt 1st vet 70.

On the international front Christine Howard ran for England finishing 29th and 3rd for England

in the World Trophy Mountain Race in Wellington NZ.

At a little "do" at the Lion to mark my 70th  birthday I was honoured with life membership of the

club  -for the second time! (see the 1986 entry).  I felt you were trying to tell me something

when I was presented with a heart monitor!

Neil Tatham occasionally showed his old turn of speed on short training runs. What a loss his

chronic injuries have been for him and the club.

The total age of the geriatric section was now 300 years plus with the addition of Clive Russell,

Jim Titterton and Steve Pearson who often gave younger members a run for their money

on Thursdays.

Steve Pearson could have been winning vet 60 races had he been interested but he still just enjoys running

for its own sake 30 tears after joining the club.

Jim Titterton seemed to be running better than ever once he had recovered from the WPM.

Martin Lea had a great run in the Baslow Boot Bash, easily winning the 27 mile cross country race

in spite of being misdirected for an extra two miles by a satnav fault.

There was a record turnout of 17 in the Beetroot which saw a win for Ray Foley on one of his rare

appearances. He only managed to break clear of young Lee Jones by using his longer legs on

the descent.


The Club champs were back to normal at Brickyard Farm with Karl Webster, Andy Whittaker

and Rob Atkin 1, 2, and 3 plus Howard 1st female.

The course was made more interesting with the top field having been turned into a quarry

and the discovery of  two dead cows on the course. Clive pleaded not guilty. A small number later

celebrated with an Indian meal at the annual dinner.

While out training on his own on a Lake District mountain in March Dave Furness fell and partially

severed a knee ligament. He managed to crawl to his car to get to a hospital. After an operation he

is still fighting his way back to running fitness at the time of writing.

A record number, some 500, entered the WPM races, with 201 finishers in the Full (Rob Atkin 3rd in 2.51) and 222 in the Swift Half

(Gerry White celebrating his OAP year in 145th with 1.57 with Brian Howitt in 155th with 1.58.)

Lee Jones won the English Junior FR champs at High Rigg, with a rapidly improving

Flinn Watson 9th and still only aged 12.

Lee Jones will join Josh Moody. after their one/two at Winter Hill when they represent England near

Turin in June. Josh Moody took 4 seconds off the Derbys Schools  u-15 800m record in June

with a fantastic 2.03.36, and also the Northern title.

The Cameron sister sisters'continued theirsuccess with Fiona exxpecting County selection

despite being controversially disqualified  in the Schools 800m on a technicality,

and Hayley winning the short race at the Tansley Carnival where Simon Brister and

Steve Holt took the vet honours in the Hill Race on the hottest day of the year.

Christine won the Stratford Marathon in a brilliant 2.51.29, beating all but three of the men in the

field, and qualifies for the European Police Marathon in Istanbul in November.

In the Tour of the Derwent Valley Tony Marchant won the vet 50 overall category.

Conclusions as we come up to 30 years

We have benefited from a very stable committee over the last 10 years. Karl has filled the

onerous job of Secretary whilst still managing to be a top distance runner.  We have promoted

races which have achieved national standing and helped to consolidate our financial position with

the guidance of lan's Milne's condiderable financial and administrative skills. A major innovation has been

the Swift Half. We have an excellent website which has put the club on the map, although it may

have contributed to the demise of the printed newsletter, a source which has been invaluable in the

compilation of this record and would ideally be needed for future records.

We have consistently won county medals in all age groups and secured representation at county and

England level, particularly by our brilliant juniors. This is due to the fantastic job done by our

coach Randell Tassell who has probably given more back to the sport than all the other members put

together. He is now assisted by a team of coaches who have given up their time and energy to gain

qualifications. When members have all managed to be available at the same time we have won some

good team events.

It is perhaps invidious to pick out one person but the runner of the decade must surely be

Christine Howard whose dedication has bordered on the insane as she has kept on racing

(not just training) through two pregnancies, and winning as well. With the added input to the club

from her colleagues,  Karl Webster,

A surprising number of members have had to fight their way back to fitness after serious injuries

and illnesses and have been an example of determination to all of us. We have developed a very

good social dimension and must surely be one of the most friendly clubs around.

So, in the distant hope that I may still be around to write up the fourth decade, may I urge you all in

the meantime to KEEP ON RUNNING!

MAC History update :2006 to the present

At the beginning of 2015 we are entering our 40th year and this is an attempt to bring things up to date.

This report may differ from those of the first 3 decades for reasons that will become apparent. First, as I predicted earlier, the demise of the MAC newsletter in printed form has led to the disappearance of a central record of events and individual performances, for which only the excellent Chairman’s reports of Dave Hill have helped to make up.  Secondly, this report will inevitably reflect the senior and male nature of the Club’s centre of gravity over this period which has led, until recently, to inadequate reporting or recording of the considerable activity in the Junior and Women’s sections.

Thirdly, this is connected with our difficulties in finding a reliable home for our activities after 2006 which some felt threatened our very existence.

I shall log the major events in chronological order later, and apologise in advance if your name does not appear enough or at all. All members have made valuable contributions as well as those whose notable performances are reported.

First, a general overview of the major features of the decade.

Our home for many years, Sherwood Hall, was a convenient location, near to the town centre and a good starting point for mixed road and country training routes and the monthly 10K. It had a room available for coaching the juniors who could also run without danger in winter in the adjacent park. Its downside was its decrepit condition. The Council was not prepared to maintain its upkeep properly as they were planning to build a replacement elsewhere and to sell Sherwood to housing developers. There were particular problems with the showers and boiler, ranging from no hot water to not even cold water on one hot night in summer. There was an alleged discovery of the legionella bug  in the system which caused them to turn everything off for some time. The Centre was suddenly closed in 2007 without prior consultation .With no likelihood of a new centre being built for several years, little attempt was nevertheless made to help us find alternative accommodation. The Council seemed to be unaware of how many clubs and schools used Sherwood. Attempts by our committee to meet councillors and officers seemed to be resisted and when they did take place offered no real help.

The Seniors moved to new quarters for Thursday training at Fitness Forum, a private gym at County Offices. The changing and showers were good but the location affected the distance of our traditional runs as well as the operation of the 10K handicap.

This arrangement continued until 2010 when Fitness Forum suddenly closed in August. This was after an alleged drugs bust in 2008.

We next moved to the Lido in town for changing on Thursdays. The showers were adequate but we enjoyed a free Turkish bath in the high temperature as we changed, particularly in the Summer.

During this period the Juniors and Ladies made do with a variety of locations on Mondays such as Highfields and the Whitworth in Darley Dale.

The magnificent new Arc  leisure centre finally opened in 2011 on the old Dimple fields site, some distance out of town and we have been there ever since. Our only disappointment is that it does not include the track which we had hoped for in view of our fund raising efforts.

All these relocations had been more expensive than Sherwood in spite of Treasurer Ian Milne’s negotiation of collective rates for the club.

This period without a fixed home disrupted much of our activity and the uncertainty of where we were based led to a fall-off in attendance and the defection of members (particularly juniors) to other clubs in the region where they could develop their talents properly. Randell continued to do a fantastic coaching job, along with his newly qualified helpers in very difficult circumstances and many successes were achieved. The ladies also formed an enthusiastic group both in training and competition and Jan Forrester did a good job coordinating things.

One thing that did a lot to keep the club together was the series of away runs in Summer every month. The pattern was to meet out in the country, do a tough run on varied distances to cater for the aged and infirm, and to end up at a pub for a well deserved drink and “snap”.

Such venues included Carsington, Lathkill Dale, Hartington, Crich , and the Edges above Baslow and Chatsworth at the start and end of the season. Possibly the most popular one was the run from Parwich over one of Clive’s ferocious courses, but remembered best for the delicious chip butties and chocolate cake laid on by his wife and neighbour in the farmhouse afterwards.

Club dinners were well established at the Maazi restaurant.

Post-Sherwood the seniors moved from the Lion to the Sycamore for the après-ski where again chips lubricated the discussion, courtesy of the treasurer.

Another regular feature was the away weekends, often held at Coniston, running in support of Steve Holt in his long tradition of completing the annual race there.

The decade saw cooperation with other clubs, notably the cycling club and the swimming club which came about via the MARS triathlon, initially to raise funds for the proposed new sports centre. The running section took in the ascent and descent of High Tor which caused one southern competitor to say to me that she did not know that Matlock was hilly!  The move to the ARC  initially retained the cycling route via Cromford and Lea but the running stage was re-routed in and around Dimple Fields. The event is now enormously popular nationally. The Cycling Club makes a valuable contribution to the White Peak Marathons, providing timekeeping, pilots and sweepers. The latter find riding slowly for 6 hours more exhausting than the Tour de France.

Under the direction of Ian the WPM’s  have been the basis of our sound financial position for some years, in spite of the massive expenses incurred for coaches, ambulances, toilets, changing accommodation, prizes, mugs and goodies. It must be like running a small business from year to year.  Our funds have been used to support the purchase of coaching equipment, help to all ages attending courses, championship fees and travelling expenses, particularly when representing the club abroad. We are nevertheless maintaining a good financial balance in view of the perceived greed of the national athletic authorities who take money from us for each member and charge us for the privilege of putting on races plus a fee for each runner. Our members receive very little in return. The financial drain on us is likely to get worse as we will possibly be charged to use the trails on the WPM in the future.

One of the main contributions to the sport we have made has been the races that we sponsor locally, such as Black Rocks and Ricky’s Race which are now in the FR calendar. We have also helped to staff the races at Wirksworth and Winster.

As membership has picked up we have joined the Booth’s Decorators Cross country league and are already one of the top teams in the men’s and women’s

categories. Jim Thorneycroft has been the driving force behind getting us into this event.

Very promising for the future in its attraction of youngsters and those considering trying  the sport  has been the inauguration of the monthly 5k park run, the Whitworth Thread . Darran Nuttall masterminds this event which is informal and free, but has raised money for charities by voluntary donations. The name comes from the route which has runners threading their way across the intersecting roads of the Park and is a tribute to Sir Joseph who lived there and gave his name to the standard screw thread. It is currently another over-subscribed event.

Summary of some of the events and achievements year by year. Their brevity is

due to inadequate record keeping early on and to less activity at these times,

as well as records getting lost on line more recently.

2006      Josh Moody Junior Fell running champion.  Lee Jones, still a junior finishes 2nd in Beetroot race.

2007      Closure of Sherwood Hall    Move to Fitness Forum and Whitworth

Josh Moody Wins Derby midweek 1 Mile in new record of  4.32  Fiona and Hayley represent Derbys. in Inter Counties XC.  George Tighe 3rd in Nat. Fell Champs. Flinn Watson 10K PB 36.50  Jenny Reed wins age group in County XC   Josh  Nat. u 16 Fell  champ and Northern indoor 1500 (3.59)  Dan Yates now in Australia.  Clive  Derbys. V60  XC champ  Tony Marchington V50 champ.

Karl and dog Charlie win Beetroot race


Jenny Reed  first lady in Swift Half, County  u20 champ at CX, 1500m and 3000m. With Julie Goodwin and Steph Spencer won team L at Mansfield Half. Jan Forrester wins vet prizes “all over the place”. Julie and Anna Henniker-Major post 3.45 in Edinburgh Marathon. Jonathan Doull is schools CX champ.


Russell Morgan of Wirksworth wins WPM in 2.59.14   15 to 20 juniors on Mondays thanks to Randell, Karl and Jimmy Ricketts.   Diane Lee European Long distance Tri title.

Ladies competing arguably more successfully than the men now include Sue Tighe and Tessa Whitaker.

Steph 1st in county 400m and 300m. Polly wins Helvellyn Tri.    Chris wins Police Marathon and lowers record by 3 minutes in   Redlands Half in California.

Ian Philips wins Black Rocks. Steve Holt, Martin Lea Paul Keetley and the Meads compete regularly in long distance off road marathons plus covering insane routes at altitude in the Alps and elsewhere.


Christine Howard beats nearly all the men in the Swift Half, finishing 2nd  in 1.21.59 in heatwave conditions. The Whitakers  move (temporarily) to NZ. Training move to Lido makes senior/Junior transition still difficult with split venues. Maazi sponsorship of  kit continues. Steve Mead now coordinates the Grand Prix.  The Tighe family move to NZ.


Jim Thorneycroft wins the Grand Prix, Brian the Handicap (thanks to an unbeatable points allocation) Chris wins gold in her age group in World Duathlon in Spain..  New Club website opened. ARC Leisure centre opens. First Triathlon there in August.

We agreed to be chased by the 3 Shires bloodhounds but little resulted.

Tragic death of Lee Jones on Scafell in December

Diane Lee category gold at long distance Tri in Prague. Chris retains category gold at World Duathlon in Spain.Ian Philips wins Dovedale Dash and Simon Brister 1st vet 60. Jan completes FRA series.


Constitution updated    We won the High Peak Relay for the second time  in our history.

First season in Booth’s Decorators League : very short of  runners as yet in spite of Jim’s efforts.

Alan Pickering wins Grand Prix, Jan is 2nd. Hope Hanby County u-11 CX champ. Simon Brister 1st in Mids

Masters vet 60 category. Jody Hart : PB’s of 7.64 for 60m. and 25.46 for 200m. in Mencap indoor meetings.


Dave Hill resigns as Chairman after 10 years and Alan Pickering is elected.  Jan Forrester elected as press officer to put the club on the map locally. Jim Thorneycroft made club Captain with responsibility for teams and fixtures. Nicky Dick elected as Ladies Club Captain, Paul Keetly appointed Welfare Officer. The coaching team would be expanded to cater for the big expansion of junior training on Monday nights.

Randell’s resignation from the club was accepted with great reluctance after  his magnificent contribution as  club coach and coordinator of the WPM for many years.

Andy Whitaker completes Bob Graham Round. Shortly afterwards has severe, but maybe unrelated, cardiac problems, now thankfully under control.

We had our own winner of the Swift Half in Colin Davenport in a time of  1.15.17, beating  242 runners.       Grand Prix : Ist Colin Davenport,  2nd Jan, H/cap Andy W.     Booths Golds : v50 Simon Croft,  v55 Jim T., v70 Clive, FV 50 Nicky Dick, FV60 Jan.  Whitworth Thread launched on Sat July 13th thanks to Darran Nuttall

Nicky : veteran sportsperson’s award in Dales, Caroline Povey  outright winner for her bronze shooting award at Commonwealth Games.   Jan stands down as ladies’ rep. But inaugurates ME ME ME, a series of  profiles of members on the website. First victim was Robin Eyre who  completed the Outlaw Tri in support of the Diabetes campaign.


January the Constitution Updated.   Karl resigned as Secretary after 20 years. He was made a life member.  Dennis Belbin was elected in his place.      Colin posts 2.44 in Manchester Marathon.   AGM focussed on the way forward. New coaches being trained.  Importance of more team activity. Need to cap Junior numbers.

Thanks for new Facebook page and development of website.   GP to be open to all sections. Our own new kit shop. Paul Keetley  Welfare Officer. Elsbeth Grant and Ed Hoon new jun. Captains.

At the Hairy Helmet relays we wiped up over half the prizes. Dennis Holmes, our longstanding 2nd claim runner borrowed from Ripley, produces a picture calendar of our members, incorporating our racing schedule for 2015  Richard Bradbury continues his class performances on the Fell circuit.

Templates were drawn up for all the club’s race promotions. This enables organisation to be spread around to different race directors for each race.

There has been a welcome growth of help from parents at events throughout the year.


County CX at Wollaton Park : U-11 team gold, Girls U-13 team gold   and Elsbeth Grant individual gold, Simon Brister V60 gold. Clive V70 gold.

Zak Hodgkinson smashes World record with his winning time of  17.14 in  the January Thread which the Matlock Mercury reported as a 10k!

Simon Brister 1st vet 65 in Mids. Masters.

Booths League: we nearly won. Men 2nd owing to countback, losing 1st  place. Ladies 3rd, combined result 2nd.

Richard Bradbury 8th in Tigger Tor.   Richard's major achievement was in completing the Bob Graham Round in 23 hours 40 mins and many members continue to support a variety of fell races.

Colin Davenport had a superb PB in the London Marathon with 2.34.17.

In the Spring, Alan Pickering had to resign as Chairman owing to medical problems but is reported as expecting a good recovery soon.

The White Peak Full and Half Marathons were again heavily oversubscribed and a great success thanks to all the members who worked so hard beforehand and on the day.

The same is true for other promotions - Black Rocks and Ricky's race.  The Whitworth Thread went from strength to strength as did the Matlock Tri and the Club Grand Prix with Colin Davenport and Christine Howard bagging top spot in the Seniors and Michaela Dick and Toby Gill the Junior winners.

Team spirit has been encouraged  by Jim Thorneycroft and was rewarded by our winning the magnificent Hairy Helmet Relays at Darley Park, Derby.

Particularly impressive has been the increasing turnout of our female members in races as well as training.

Important decisions were taken at a lengthy AGM in November.  Our new Chairman, Craig Allen was elected with Paul Keetley as his Deputy.  Alison Pye replaced Nicky Dick as Lady Captain.

Inspite of some dissent the category of family membership was abolished; one reason being that under the current situation the club could not meet its legal need to know which juniors were actually present on training nights.  Also, affiliation to UKA would be paid for individually at £12, a good investment which would see a return after only a few race entries.  Dropping our affiliation for track and field would allow members, juniors in particular, to join another club for this category, whilst still running for MAC first claim.

A White Peak Committee was to be formed urgently to plan for 2016 race.

It would be invidious to pick out the best achievements of the decade, but nobody would dispute the contributions of the Webster/Howard  family  together with their next generation of John and Elizabeth who have both had some impressive individual and team wins already.

Similarly, Ian has made an enormous contribution as Treasurer and financial wizard behind the White Peak, all in the face of continuing health problems.

We must also mention founder member Clive Russell who long refused to  submit to his age and amassed the following achievements;  6 County Vet 60 and 2 Vet 70 CX golds,  4 N. Mids. Vet 60 golds, 2  Booths  Vet 70 golds and 1st Vet 60 in the Swift Half. 3 Vet 60 wins in the Dovedale Dash  in which he has made 49 appearances.

To the names already mentioned we must add  Steve Pearson, Gerry White  and  Jim Titterton who, with the other vet 70,s could provide an impressive geriatric team  of 6 to count if needed.



Jan Forrester took over from Brian as Historian and would like to thank him for an amazing contribution in collating the Club History over the decades.

January 2016

Craig Allen, the new Chairman, has implemented bi-monthly committee meetings which it is hoped will ensure that proposals are fully followed through and acted upon.  The first meeting on 7th January 2016 implemented a calendar to be displayed on website, noticeboard and FB to ensure members know what is going on and important notices.  MAC advertised for new treasurer, webmaster and more coaches.

This is MACs 40th Anniversary year and lots of events are to be organised including a family social after the XC in for the juniors on 28th February and a Senior 40th party after relay races in the day on 25th June.  Also on Monday 21st March there is to be a Club photo.  Mark Duffy, Sports Editor of Matlock Mercury is to publish 2 page spread about the celebrations including history and forthcoming events for the year in a February issue.  The newly founded WPM committee headed by Andy Lessiter continue to meet to ensure all strategies are in place and for the first time the event will be online entries starting on 1st February.

The Derbyshire XC champs took place on Saturday 9th January in even muddier conditions than usual with a fantastic turnout of juniors and seniors in every category and an impressive array of medals.  In the juniors U11 girls Olivia Allen – bronze, U13 Michaela Dick – bronze, U15 Elsbeth Grant – bronze, U17 boys Joe Hallas – silver.  In the seniors LV50 Nicky Dick – gold, LV60 Jan Forrester – gold, MV60 John Hurley – gold, Anthony Marchington – silver, Mick Moorhouse – bronze.  In the teams U13 girls Michaela, Ellie Wilson, Lizzie Webster – silver, U15 girls Elsbeth, Ava Holden and Lily Phillips – silver, MV40+ Rupert Holden, Andy Lessiter, Scott Thompson, Simon Croft – bronze.

The first race of the monthy Whitworth Thread took place on 9th and continues to be very popular.

Simon Brister retained his MV65 title in a time of 27.03 for the 6k race in the Midland Masters AC Cross Country Champs at Aldersley Park, Wolverhampton on Sunday 10th.

On Saturday 16th the final race of 4 in the North Mids XC series took place.  This has lost some popularity with MACs in recent years but John Hurley and Mick Moorhouse continue to represent the club at this event in the seniors.  Elsbeth Grant U15 girls, Lizzie Webster U13 girls, Joe Currie U13 boys represented the juniors.  Whilst these members were slogging round the mud in Nottingham, Nicky Dick in her capacity as AG Director for British Triathlon attended a conference in Paris and Billy Cartwright was to be found competing in Asia in the Columbia Trail Masters in Chonburi, Thailand.  Richard Bradbury and Ben Cartwright continue to take on the fells.

On Saturday 23rd the Derbyshire Secondary School Games took place at Tupton Hall School, Chesterfield.  This is a legacy programme linked to the London 2012 Olympic games and is at the core of the Government’s investment in school sport.  Several MAC youngsters representing their school took part – Elsbeth Grant, Joe Currie, Joe Hallas, Jacob Cousins, Toby Gill, Ella, Lily Phillips, Michaela Dick, Lizzie Webster.

On 24th January the 4th race in the Booths Decorators League took place at Trent Meadows, Long Eaton.  MAC Ladies finished 2nd and move up to 3rd overall with the Men finishing a healthy 4th and are also 3rd overall. That gives MAC 2nd place on combined on the day and overall.  Colin Davenport 4th, 32.04, newcomer Bertie White 23rd, 1st JM, 35.46, Rupert Holden, 3rd MV45, 35.50, Craig Allen 35.57, Scott Thompson 36.35, Kelly Thorneycroft 2nd Lady, 37.51, John Webster 3rd JM 38.04, John Hurley 1st MV60 38.39, Andy Whittaker 3rd MV55 39.21, Charlie Whittaker 39.28, Simon Brister 1st MV65 40.14, Antony Lester 40.19, Anthony Marchington 2nd MV60, 40.30, Dan Ashcroft 40.43, Mick Moorhouse 3rd MV60, 40.58, Ava Holden 2nd JL 41.45, Alison Pye 41.55, Karl Webster 42.44, Dennis Belbin 43.02, Andrew Hall 43.13, Gavin Simmons 43.44, Jan Forrester 1st LV60 47.49, Katie Haywood 48.37, Laurie Croft 48.56 and Emma Phillips 53.59. There were 244 runners.  With one race to go at Holmesbrook Valley Park, Chesterfield, there is all to play for.

The 3rd race in the newly introduced MAC 10k handicap took place on a wet night on 28th January and with 2 races to go, Peter Wilmot is leading the pack.  Tessa Brough is leading the ladies.  Jan Forrester claimed race victory with an 80.2% age graded performance.

Tigger Tor Fell race took place on Sunday 31st and with only 1 more race in the Senior GP for the season, Peter Wilmot extended his unassailable lead and Sian Mead, gaining 17 points, ensured she will take the ladies’ title.

February 2016

On 7th February the 5th and final race in the BDL League took place and MAC enjoyed another brilliant season by finishing 2nd overall in the combined team category and the men’s team moved up to 2nd overall after a hugely impressive display to finish 2nd behind Sutton on the day but importantly in front of the team from Ilkeston. Agonisingly close for the ladies’ team who just lost out on 3rd spot to Ripley, but they made a massive contribution to a great season and to that 2nd place combined team medal.

Here are the 26 MAC individual results for the BDL -
Colin Davenport 3rd 32.16, Joe Hallas 1st JM 4th overall 32.21, Rupert Holden 3rd MV45 34.52, Bertie West 3rd JM 35.29, Scott Thompson 36.21, Craig Allen 36.26, Simon Croft 2nd MV50 36.46, Kelly Thorneycroft 3rd SL 37.47, John Hurley 1st MV60 38.30, Charlie Whittaker 38.43, Chris Hallas 39.09, Mick Moorhouse 2nd MV60, 39.45, Anthony Marchington 3rd MV60 39.53, Dan Ashcroft 40.17, Martin Lea 40.49, Ava Holden 2nd JL 41.18, Antony Lester 41.20, Ted Phillips 41.43, Alison Pye, 3rd LV35 42.09, Dennis Belbin 43.36, Andy Hall 43.40, Lily Phillips 3rd JL 46.27, Clive Russell 1st MV70 47.16, Jan Forrester 1st LV60 47.26, Laurie Croft 49.45 and Emma Phillips 56.13.

Age group medal winners – Bronze – Kelly Thorneycroft, Alison Pye, Laurie Croft, Scott Thompson, Rupert Holden, Mick Moorhouse, Silver – Ava Holden, Joe Hallas, Anthony Marchington.  Gold – Jan Forrester, Andy Whittaker, John Hurley, Clive Russell.

On 27th February the English National XC Champs took place at Donington Park, Castle Donington, Derby. with 7,850 athletes entered representing 538 affiliated athletic clubs, the competition was keen.
Joe Currie took part in the U13 Boys 3k and completed in a time of 14.03. He was 73rd in a field of 420 runners. The winner was Tommy Dawson of Leeds City AC in 12.19. Joe Hallas took part in the U17 Men 6k and finished in 21.52 in 79th place. There were 243 runners and the winner was Isaac Akers of Corby AC in 19.28

In the Senior GP 2015/2016 Peter Wilmot was 1st, Simon Croft 2nd and Craig Allen 3rd.  In the Ladies Sian Mead was 1st, Alison Pye 2nd and Laurie Croft 3rd.  In the Junior GP U16 John Webster for the Boys and Elsbeth Grant for the Girls.  Spencer Whittle and Lily Phillips are the runners up and in 3rd spot Jacob Cousins and Ella Ingram.  In the U12s the winners are Joe Currie and Olivia Allen, runners up Toby Gill and Michaela Dick and in 3rd place William Croft and Freya Lester.

The GP races for 2016/2017 are to be announced soon and the first race of the new season was the annual XC at Darley Bridge on Sunday 28th February, which was very popular, followed by the Junior Presentation at St Helen’s Church Hall, Darley Dale with a talk by Eleanor Robinson, World Ultra-Marathon which was well received by seniors and juniors alike.  Chairman, Craig Allen thanked the committee and Pam Pickering took photos.

March 2016

On Saturday 5th March Jan Forrester travelled to the Dambuster Duathlon Rutland Water for the World Championship Duathlon and qualified in the Standard event (10k run, 42k bike, 5k run) in the LV60 age group to be held in Spain on 4th June.

The juniors continue to do well representing their schools in the English Schools Athletic Association (ESAA) Cross Country Championships at Wollaton Park with Joe Hallas and Elspeth Grant.

Others have done well in aquathons, such as the Burntwood Spring Aquathon, nr. Litchfield.  The Lesters, Lindridges and Burches putting on fine performances.

8 MACs represented Derbyshire at the Inter-Counties XC event at Cofton Park, Birmingham.  Colin Davenport, Nicky Dick put in particularly fine performances.

For the girls Elsbeth Grant, Lizzie Webster, Michaela Dick, Eleanor Wilson and Bronwyn Lessiter all had good runs as did Joe Currie for the boys.

In the 14th March edition of the Matlock Mercury the long-awaited 40th Anniversary full page article was printed with input from members old and young, with particular thanks for Brian Howitt (81) who was one of the founding members and who is still a font of information on the club past and present.  (See press cutting).

On 20th March it was Karl’s Peak Life Sport Derwent Duathlon which this year incorporated the Police Sport UK Duathlon Champs.  There were 123 finishers and for once the weather was kind.

The monthly 10k handicap ended on 24th March.  Organised by Jim Thorneycroft there have been 30+ members taking part over the 5 races with Peter Wilmot winning the series on 122 points, Andy Lessiter 2nd on 118 and Greg Woodward 3rd on 102.  First lady was Tessa Brough on 83 points and 4th overall, Emma Machin 2nd on 26 and Jan Forrester 3rd on 25.  Jan achieved the best age graded place of 80.2%.  The handicap will be back later in the year.

Mid-March saw the introduction of the MAC twitter stream.  This is proving popular and includes lots of links to local races with dietary and injury advice and keeps MAC firmly up to date with all the techie whizzes out there.

Thursday 31st March, as the lighter nights are now with us, was the first away run, as usual from Chatsworth Calton Lees car park.

April 2016

Encouraging team participation is particularly important to the club now that we have expanded so much and Alsion Pye and Jim Thorneycroft (Captains) tried to get teams together for the Midland Road Relays but there was not enough interest.  However, have 3 teams to participate in the BMAF Road Relays 5k at Sutton Park, nr Birmingham on 14th May.

On 12th April the Summer series of the BDL Trail runs started at Teversal and a good turnout of 19 runners left us in combined position of 8th and 2 age group category wins – Ian Phillips (MV40) and Simon Brister (MV65).

Jan Forrester and Andy Lessiter represented Great Britain in age group category races in the European Duathlon Championships in Kalkar in Germany.  Jan in the Standard distance and Andy in the Sprint.  Jan came away with a Gold medal (2.42.50) up against International long distance triathlete, Edith Kowalski.  Andy had a mechanical but still finished in 1.08.59.  Jan will go on to represent GBR and MAC on 3rd June in Aviles, Spain in the Worlds.

Marathon time is upon us and Dennis Belbin (4.00.53) and Kelly Lynn (3.35.38) took on Brighton Marathon on 17th April, now the 2nd largest in Britain.

It was London Marathon on 24th April and fortunately the forecast wind and snow did not materialise and 4 MACs took it on this year.  Colin Davenport 2.44.40, Craig Allen 3.02.02, Peter Wilmot 3.11.16, 2nd claim Dennis Holmes 3.24.50 and Mark Pollak 3.58.

The 2nd race in the junior GP also took place on 24th – the Wirksworth Incline Race which included a 2.16 miler and 0.5 miler and there were some great MAC results.
In the 2.16 mile race Joe Currie was 1st in 14.24 and Sam Thompson 2nd in 14.57, Birtie West was 4th in 16.02 and Michaela Dick 2nd girl in 16.35. Eddie Unsworth 16.55, Matilda Maciejewski 18.44, Lilian Phillips 19.00.
In the 0.5 miler Oscar Atkinson was 1st in 5.56, Lauren Lindridge 2nd girl in 6.09, Alex Currie was 4th in 6.24, Freya Lester 6.39, Gessica Lindridge 6.48, Eva Currie 6.54, Caitlin McCloy 15th 7.16, Lucy Kuszynski 7.27.  Great running by all!!

On Tuesday 26th the 2nd race in the Senior GP took place – Masson Hill Fell Race with Billy Cartwright (30.12) not only winning and securing 20 GP points, but running a new course record in difficult snowy conditions.  Brother, Ben was 3rd in 31.02.  Richard Bradbury 20th 35.09 (2nd MV40), Andrew Sheldon 37.11, Simon Brister 39.56 (1st MV65), Jonathan Edwards 41.06, Mick Moorhouse 41.14 (1st MV60), Andy Neath 41.51, Alison Pye 45.13, Andrew Hodkin 45.16, Dennis Belbin 45.42, Nick Harrison 45.58, Andrea Atkinson 51.43, Emma Phillips 56.53 and Christine Middleton 1.01.59.  There were 157 runners.

Joe Hallas made his season debut on the track at Loughborough on Weds. 27th in the Charnwood AC. Open meeting. Running the 3000m at 8.30p.m. on a cold April evening was not conducive to running fast times.
Joe put his hard winter work, under the coaching of Andy Whittaker, to good use finishing a creditable 3rd in this open race and smashing his PB by 17s in a time of 9min 15s . This gives Joe a current ranking of 15 in the uk u/17's. Fantastic start Joe.

The club are still having problems collecting in subs from members and there have been discussions about changing to online membership.  This is still ongoing but as Dennis Belbin, Secretary needs to send in the UKA membership fees soon, this needs to be rectified as soon as possible.

May 2016

7th May saw Race 2, Up The Nab (6.4k/365m) in the English Fell Running Championships take place at Charlesworth, Nr. Glossop.  This was also the Derbyshire Championships.  National races always bring out the fell running big guns and Simon Bailey of Mercia FR took top spot in 34.04 with Billy Cartwright taking 23rd place in 36.30 beating Derbyshire legend Stuart Bond by 4 secs. This puts Billy in 15th place in the Men’s Open Championship with 59 points after Black Combe and Up the Nab.

Online payments for subs has finally been introduced this month and hopefully this will encourage more people to pay on time.

On Tuesday evening 10th May the 2nd race in the BDL took place at Ilkeston.  We do not get such a good turnout as the Winter League, however Colin Davenport led the MACs home in 8th place 29.54, Scott Thompson 32.17, Andrew Sheldon 32.41, Craig Allen 34.06, Peter Wilmot 34.31, Simon Brister 2nd MV65 35.25, Charlie Whittaker 35.42, Dan Ashcroft 35.56, Alison Pye was first MAC lady in 37.33, Andrea Atkinson in her first BDL race put in a fine performance 42.21, Jan Forrester 1st LV60 44.13 and Emma Phillips 46.10.

There was a presentation after the event in the Rugby Club of the trophies from the Winter League and MAC had quite a haul of combined team and individual wins.

The BMAF Road 5k Relays at Sutton Park, Nr Birmingham took place on 14th May and these are always a bit of a leveller as the competition is always very fierce.  The LV45 team of Christine Howard, Tessa Whittaker, Karen Morley were 18th, the MV55 team of Simon Brister, Steve Holt and Jim Thorneycroft were 28th and the MV35 team of Craig Allen, Scott Thompson and Peter Wilmot were 27th.

On the same day it was the Whitworth Thread 5k and this was in the Junior GP so attracted a great number of MAC juniors vying for GP points.

White Peak Marathon and Swift Half Marathon took place on Saturday 21st May.

Report from WPM Race Director, Andy Lessiter

This year’s White Peak Marathon and Swift Half Marathon is in the same year that Matlock Athletic Club celebrate its 40th birthday so the event felt a little more special this year. Or maybe it was because it was the first time that MAC used electronic entry and electronic timing for this event. Whatever the reason, the predicted rain throughout the day would have to be equally special to dampen the spirits of the competitors who turned up to take up the challenge of competing in what has been described as one the most beautiful courses and best value running events in the country.

The 2016 Half Marathon winner, Luke Beresford running for Ripley Running Club, crossed the finish line in 1:16:15, 1 minute and 22 seconds clear of Craig Muress who came in 2nd place at 1:17:37. In 3rd place, in at 01:17:46 came Dean Taylor of Ripley Running Club. First Lady (in 9th place overall) was Lindsy James of Kimberworth Striders, 6 minutes and 9 seconds ahead of Lucy Taylor (so not a bad day for the Taylor household) of Ripley Running Club who finished in 2nd place in 01:29:09 and nearly 3 minutes ahead of 3rd place Lady, Helen Shulver (one place down on last year’s 2nd place) of Team Trisports in 25th place at 01:31:53.

For MAC, Scott Thompson had a brilliant race and was pleased with 10th position in a time of 1:24:25.

The rest of the competitors representing Matlock Athletic Club were:

Position First name Surname Age Cat. Time
46 John Brennan Open 01:37:34
47 Antony Lester Open 01:37:42
53 Andy Neath V40 01:38:29
58 Pete Bush V50 01:39:29
90 Rosie Croft Open 01:48:42
101 Gavin Simmons V40 01:51:06
102 Mark Jackson V50 01:51:24
116 Laurie Croft V40 01:53:04
120 Rachel Spencer V40 01:53:53
181 Tessa Brough V60 02:06:56
238 Jakki Simmons V40 02:31:12

The Vet Category Prize winners were as follows:

Category 1st name 2nd name Club Time
1st MV 40 Matthew Nutt Formula One Circuit Crew 01:20:39
2nd MV 40 Ian Bryson Harpenden Arrows 01:21:29
1st MV 50 Ian McMillan Unattached 01:30:35
1st MV60 Patrick Rooney Kimberworth Striders 01:31:50
1st LV 40 Joanne Bolton Kimberworth Striders 01:32:48
2nd LV 40 Louise Lowe Clowne Road Running Club 01:33:12
1st LV 50 Mary Green Bingley Harriers and AC 01:42:36
1st LV 60 Rachel Singer Unattached 01:54:11

Ripley Running Club were the Half Marathon Team Winners and there were 249 competitors in the Swift Half Marathon.

For the Marathon, some more impressive times were achieved.

Last year’s Marathon winner Kevin Doyle of Kimberworth Striders came in again as this year’s winner in 2:55:04. In 2nd place was Michael Sprot of Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield in 2:59:26 with 3rd place going to Paul Reaney of Killamarsh Kestrels in 3:06:20

First lady was Claire Howard from Totley AC in 21st position in 3:24:21. 2nd Lady was Jennifer Ansell of East London Runners in 37th position in 3:35:38 and 3rd Lady was Rachel Burton of North Derbyshire Running Club in 46th position in 3:41:29

For MAC, David Unsworth came home in 32th position in 3:32:28 and Kate Bellerby finished in 135th Position in 4:28:34.

The Vet Category Prize winners were as follows:

Category 1st name 2nd name Club Time
1st MV 40 Nigel Roberts Rugby & Northampton AC 03:09:47
2nd MV 40 Mark Yates Kinstone Runners Barnsley 03:11:27
1st MV 50 Peter Bates Bury AC 03:12:57
1st MV60 Andy Watts Wilmslow 03:31:23
1st LV 40 Beth Taylor-Jones 100 Marathon Club 03:47:48
2nd LV 40 Lara Beardsley Unattached 03:50:43
1st LV 50 Jo Summers North Herts Road Runners 03:45:40
1st LV 60 Kate Waddicor Sheffield Running Clun 04:16:55

Kingstone Runners Barnsley were the Marathon Team winners and there were 171 finishers in the Marathon.

Matlock Athletic Club would like to thank the Following for their help and support without which the White Peak Events could not take place.
Peak District National Park, Derbyshire County Council (Economy, Transport and Environment), “The Friends of Cromford Canal”, Keys Estates and Land Agents representative Gary Kirk BSc (Hons) MRICS FAAV, Slacks Coaches, Jayne and her fantastic Ambulance Team of Peakmedicare, Land Tenant Robert Marshall, and support from Water Bailiff John Pass. Car Parking Management (Total Parking Solutions), Mark Packard for use of the Rugby Club House and facilities, Karen Morley and Team for Catering, Dave Newton for providing the Goody Bags, All the Volunteers of MAC and Friends of MAC who Marshaled the Water Stations, Car Park and Event Logistics as well as the Course Set up team and last but not least All the Runners who made the events such a success.

A ’Meet the New Member’ questionnaire was introduced this month as a feature for new members to tell us a bit about themselves.  John Brennan was victim No. 1.  Me, Me, Me Interviews continue to be very popular and Andy Hodkin was Mr May being the 27th person to take part.

The 40th Anniversary celebration preparations throughout the year are gathering momentum with Black Rocks Fell Race on Wednesday 13th July being a focus for getting as many MACs out running as possible with a presentation and cake to Brian Howitt for all his work at the club over the years.  Also the Race the Train is going to go ahead probably in August.  Preparations for the 55mile Relay and Senior Party on Saturday 25th June are going well too.

Nicky Dick represented MAC and Gt Britain in Lisbon for the ITU European Triathlon Championships on 27th May, in the Sprint and was 15th out of 25 in the LV50-54 category.

On May Bank Holiday weekend David Denton’s Tour of Derwent Valley (TODV) took place 4 races over 4 days and Race 4 on Monday 30th May from Rowsley was also in the Senior GP.

Jim Thorneycroft took the 20 GP points.

Emma Phillips achieved a PB of 1.59 in the Edinburgh Half Marathon. Daughter Lily took part in the 5k race.

June 2016

On Sunday 29th May Nicky Dick represented MAC and GBR in the ETU 2016 European Triathlon Champs in Lisbon and had a great race in the sprint to finish 15th in the highly competitive LV50-54 age group only 7 minutes of the winner in a field of 25.

Jan Forrester followed up her age group European Gold medal with a Bronze in the ITU 2016 World Duathlon Champs in Aviles, Spain on 5th June.

The fell race season really took off this month and Tansley Hill Race, which is always popular with MACs had a great turnout of 26 which was also in the Senior GP.  Billy Cartwright pipped Ben into 2nd place to take the 20 points.  It was disappointing that no ladies took part in this event.  After Tansley Andy Sheldon is leading the Senior GP with 52 points and Alison Pye leads the ladies with 59 points.  Barry Moseley, stepped down as race director after the race and it is hoped a replacement will be found for next year so that the race can continue.

It was also disappointing to note that in the 3rd race in the Summer League of the BDL MAC failed to have enough men or ladies and therefore incurred penalty points and dropped in the league standings.

On the Queen’s official birthday on Saturday 11th June the Whitworth Thread reached over £3000 in donations since it’s commencement 3 years ago.

MAC had a great night at the Hairy Helmet Relays in Darley Park, Derby with 10 teams of 4 taking part in the 2.2 mile leg relay.  The rain held off and it was a fun night of picnicking, beer and running with great team spirit.    MAC won 6 team events but did not hold on the Hairy Helmet this year; the winning teams were Buxton AC and Derby AC.

The MAC teams were Grange Hill Harriers – Scott Thompson, Andrew Sheldon, Andrew Lessiter, Colin Davenport; Magic Roundabout Massive – John Webster, Birtie West, Ted Phillips, Sam Thompson; Trumpton Chasers – Rupert Holden, Karl Webster, Chris Halls, Simon Croft; Isle of Sodor Steamers – Andy Mellor, Dennis Belbin, Antony Lester, Martin Lea; Thunder Birds are Go – Jade Stone, Kelly Lynn, Alison Pye, Christine Howard; Farthing Wood Foxes – Michaela Dick, Lizzie Webster, Lilly Phillips, Ava Holden; Byker Grove Gallopers – Dan Ashcroft, Roseanna Croft, Nichola Dick, Dennis Holmes;  Sesame Street Striders – Kathryn Berrisford, Laurie Croft, Emma Phillips, Rachel Spencer; Camberwick Green AC – Mark Jackson, Tessa Brough, Judith Goodall, Jim Thorneycroft; Trotting Teletubbies – Katie Haywood, Karen Morley, Tessa Whittaker, Jan Forrester.

Peak Life Sports, aka Karl Webster’s Wildcat Aquathon was a success with MACs taking part in the 1500m and 9k run and 500m and 4.5k run for individuals and relays.

Joe Hallas under the coaching of Andy Whittaker continued with his run of success on Saturday 18th June and competed in the Mason Trophy Inter Counties Schools Champs at Alexander Stadium Birmingham in the 3000m and finished in 6th place in a field of 18.

It was time to vote for new junior captains on Monday 20th and candidates submitted manifestoes of why they should takeover of the role from Ed Hoon and Elsbeth Grant, who had both put in great performances in the role.  The winners, after the juniors voted, were Michaela Dick and  James Briggs.

The Riber Run on 21st June was as tough as ever and MACs Richard Bradbury took on the role of Race Organiser from Trevor Milner, who retired due to ill health.

Thursday evening 22nd June saw the annual visit to Slate House, Parwich to Clive’s for the 9 mile run on the High Peak Trail, taking in Dovedale on a lovely evening.  Then back to Clive’s for chip butties, tea and cake – a lovely spread put on by Clive’s wife, Margaret and neighbour Rosemary.

Saturday 25th June was the 88km Relay, first run in 1976 and resurrected in celebration of MACs 40th Anniversary this year.  There were 7 legs – Leg 1 Matlock Bridge to Hell Bank Plantation – Nick Harrison, Dennis Belbin, Zak Hodgkinson;  Leg 2 Hell Bank Plantation to Calver Crossroads – Peter Wilmot and John Brennan; Leg 3 Calver Crossroads to White Lodge (A6) – Laurie Croft, Roseanna Croft, Paul Keetley, Bill Willis; Leg 4 White Lodge to Alport – Mark Jackson, Tessa Brough, Karl Webster and Charlie the Dog; Leg 5 Alport to Longcliffe – Andy and Tess Whittaker, Alan Pickering, Jude Goodall, Karen Morley; Leg 6 Longcliffe to High Peak Junction – Jan Forrester, John Birch, Gavin and Jakki Simmons, Kathryn and Mae Berrisford; Leg 7 High Peak Junction to Matlock Bridge – Mick Moorhouse, Ray Foley, Simon Flitter, Matt and Katie Haywood.

The weather was mixed from basking sunshine to torrential rain, but all completed the relay in good spirits.

In the evening it was the Senior 40th Anniversary MAC Party and Presentation at Matlock Rugby Club, Cromford.  There was a disco, pie and pea supper and presentation of the 2015-2016 GP award to Peter Wilmot by Club Chairman, Craig Allen.  Sian Mead won the Ladies’ award.

Andy Hall took on the NoMad 50 mile ultra marathon from Breaston on Saturday 25th June whilst Christine Howard completed the World’s toughest iron-distance tri in the Lakes in just over 17 hours to claim 2nd lady overall and 1st LV40.

On Sunday 26th June it was the annual Great Bakewell Pudding Race which was also in the Junior GP.  Lily Phillips won the Girls’ Blue Route and brother, Ted, was 3rd in the Boy’s race.

On Thursday 30th Winster Hill Race took place which is always popular with MACs and is organised by MAC Robin Eyre.  This year it was in the Senior and the Junior U16 GPs.  35 MACs took part and Ian Phillips was 1st male and Elsbeth Grant 1st lady.

July 2016

It was important that MAC turned out in good numbers for Round 4 of the BDL at Carsington Water on the evening of 5th July as the club are at the bottom of the league tables.  An excellent turnout of 19 helped to improve the club’s positions to 7th for the Men and 9th for the Ladies.  With one race to go at Shipley Park.

Derwent River Relays took place on 9th July and after the wet weather, the course had to be slightly shortened.  4 of the 6 teams scooped age category victories.  The Likely Lads (John Webster, Birtie West, Joe Hallas, Sam Thompson) were  1st junior team and 5th overall.  The Dad’s Army Dynamos (Chris Hallas, Andy Mellor, Jim Thorneycroft, Simon Croft) 1st male supervet team and 11th overall.  Allo Allo Athletics (Peter Wilmot, Kelly Lynn, Alison Pye, Scott Thompson) 1st mixed team and 17th place.  Hi De Hi Harriers (Charlie Whittaker, Kathryn Berrisford, Rachel Spencer, Alan Pickering were 36th, Birds of a Feather Striders (Rose Croft, Laurie Croft, Hayley Gill, Katie Haywood) next and 1st ladies supervet team and 63rd overall Absolutely Fabulous Frolickers (Tessa Whittaker, Tessa Brough, Karen Morley, Jude Goodall).

Billy Cartwright continues his great performances on the Fells and took part in the English Fell Running Championship race at Sedbergh  on 9th July to finish 58th.  New member Les Thurston (MV60) has also taken part in a lot of races and also took on the Lakeland challenge.  Les also took on the notoriously tough International Snowdon Mountain Race (10 miles) on 16th July.

Martin Lea took on two Lakes Trail Marathons – Coniston and Scafell Pike.  He also completed one in Wales this month – the Snowdonia Trail Marathon.  He finished in 77th place out of 410 finishers.

Whitworth Thread 5k monly park run continues to go from strength to strength.  Now in it’s 3rd year and regularly sees a turnout of over 100 runners.

Black Rocks Fell Race took on significant importance this month as it was first conceived by found member, Brian Howitt, in this, the club’s 40th anniversary year.  The weather was perfect and there was a record entry of 188.

Crich Monument Race – an 11.3k mix of fell, road and trail with some tough climbs was tackled for the first time by new member Hayley Gill, who took 1st local prize with Matt Smith, Andy Mellor and Christine Howard also taking part.

Sheldon Fell Race was in the Senior GP and a good turnout of 11 runners took part in a strong National field with Jack Ross of Staffs Moorlands taking 1st place, but Billy Cartwright finished strongly in 6th place.   Other MAC positions -  Andrew Sheldon, Peter Wilmot, Scott Thompson, Jim Thorneycroft, Andy Hodkin, Mick Moorhouse, Pete Bush, Hayley Gill, Jan Forrester and Roseanna Shann.

Many congratulations to Gerry White who completed 100 Darley Park Runs (5k) on his 75th birthday.

It is triathlon season and Elsbeth Grant continues to dominate being first overall with a new course record of 17 minutes in the Future Outlaw Tri at the National Watersports Centre in Nottingham.  Other youngsters taking on tris on a regular basis – Lizzie Webster, Michaela Dick, Freya and Isabelle Lester amongst others).  Whilst at the Outlaw Tri the following day Rupert Holden completed in 11.09.51 (151st out of 988) and Gareth Ferguson (13.10.32).  Matt Haywood continues his run of duathlon and triathlon races and was 25th in the Standard Distance Blithfield Tri on 31st July.

The formidable Ben Cartwright took on Ironman UK in Bolton on 17th July to finish in 25th out of 1,603 in 10.02.12.  He is well on target for Ironman Hawaii later in the year.

Colin Davenport took on ‘Grim up North’ at Masham, Yorks on Sunday 31st July runners completing as many 3.3 mile laps as they can in 6 hours.  Colin came in 1st having covered 43 miles in 5 hours 39 minutes.

August 2016

On Monday 1st August Bonsall Carnival Race took place.  A popular race with MACS this is also in the Junior GP.  MACs took the first 5 places.  Elsbeth Grant was 1st overall in 24.52, Matt Smith 2nd, Joe Currie 3rd, Scott Thompson 4th and Simon Croft 5th.

Elsbeth continued her amazing run of results by coming 1st lady and 5th overall in the No Walk in the Park 5k at Queens Park, Chesterfield.  Toby Gill finished just ahead of Jim Thorneycroft (1st MV55-59), Hayley Gill was 1st LV40.

It was race 4 of 6 in the English Fell Running  Champs on 6th August – The Borrowdale Fell Race (27k/2000m) – a long, tough race taking in Bessy Boot, Scafell Pike and Dalehead summits.  Billy Cartwright finished in 3.33.17.

The final race in the BDL took place at Shipley Park with 9 MACs taking part.  Colin Davenport finished in 14th in 31.15 for the 5.2 mile course.  Jan Forrester and Simon Brister clinched age group win categories in the Vet 60s.  However, there have been disappointing turnouts of MACs in this Summer Series, so Jim Thorneycroft is considering whether to just take part in the Winter Series, which sees much higher numbers of MACs taking part.

Ricky’s Race had a record entry of 208 runners on 11th August.

18th saw the Thursday evening Social Away Run from Middleton Top with a buddying option to encourage more ladies and slower runners to participate.  30 runners turned up and the buddying system worked very well.  So more of this in the future.  The snap afterwards at the Boat Inn, Cromford was popular too. The next and final away run being on 15th September, traditionally the Chatsworth Run.

23rd was Ripley RC Away Run with MAC at Cromford Meadows.  30 runners from Ripley RC, Belper Harriers and MAC took part.  Again this proved enjoyable with snap afterwards at the Boat Inn.

25th saw the Malt Shovel Relay organised by David Denton and MAC had a good turnout of 9 teams take part in the 3 x 2 mile relay.  Each team had an Olympic theme name and the winning MAC team was Team Farah -Anthony Marchington, Andy Sheldon, Scott Thompson who came 10th.  Team Kenny (Ozzie Unsworth, Simon Flitter, Andy Mellor) were 12th, Team Bolt 13th (Charlie Unsworth, Eddie Unsworth, Sam Thompson – who recorded the fastest time of the MACs of the evening – 12.23), Team Peaty 19th (Greg Woodward, Steve Goodall, Alan Pickering), Team Cavendish 22nd (Paul Harvey, Dennis Belbin, Jonathan Lake), Team Whitlock 29th (Elizabeth Webster, Elle Goodall, Christine Howard – with a broken elbow!), Team Ennis-Hill 32nd (Karl Webster, Jude Goodall, Karen Morley), Team Trott 34th (Andrea Atkinson, Roseanna Shaan, Kathryn Berrrisford) and Team Brownlee 42nd (Tessa Brough, Jan Forrester, Steve Holt).  There were 44 teams – a record, the winners being North Derbyshire RC.

On 28th the 20th and final Bradbourne Fell Race Senior GP took place with Andy Sheldon taking the 20 GP points for the men and Christine Howard for the ladies.  Andy Mellor and Les Thurston also ran and Oscar, Max, Myla and Hugo Atkinson as well as Rhys Lessiter ran in the junior races.

29th Bank Holiday Monday Matlock Tri was a great success with good weather for once.   Pete Shuttleworth won again in 56.24 and 1st lady was Michelle Willcocks in 61.50 but only 26 seconds ahead of Elsbeth Grant.   £700 was raised to share between the British Heart Foundation and Notts and Derby Ileostomy Society with a profit also going to MAC, Matlock Cycling Club and Swimming Club.  Rupert Holden was 15th, Charlie Whittaker 25th, Gavin Simmons 38th, Neil Webster 41st, Paul Brailsford 45th, Alison Pye 68th, Ozzy Unsworth 70th, Simon Brister 74th, Nick Harrison 77th, Tom Burch 83rd, Charlie Unsworth 87th, Peter Bush 96th, Eddie Unsworth 111th, Lucy Kuszynski 122nd, Luke Berrisford 139th and Mae Berrisford.  There were also some good team results from the Foremans and Lessiters.

Joe Hallas has suffered with injury, but became Derbyshire Schools and County Champion over 3000m and made the Overall UK Ranking List for 1500m and 3000m.

Preparations for Race the Train on 18th September are coming on well with the carriage reserved for runners filled and just a few places left for supporters.

September 2016

The fell running season continued with the Barrel Inn race at Eyam and Great Longstone Chase where lots of juniors took part.  Including Joe Currie setting a new course record.  Longshaw Estate Sheepdog Trials Fell Race saw the rains return after a spell of warm, dry weather and Billy Cartwright was 5th in 43.59 and new member, John Brennan also taking part and completing in 54.08.  The Exterminator (25.7k/1,290m) organised by Totley AC and the last race in their Totley series was taken on by Christine Howard who finished in 3.16.59.

The park runs are becoming ever popular nationwide and Chesterfield’s Queens Park, No Walk in the Park is a favourite with MACS.  The September event saw young Sam Thompson take 8th place taking 44 seconds off his previous PB. There were 6 other MACS taking part too.  There is a junior 1500 metres too, in which Megan Thompson gained 4th place.

The Wilne 10k attracted a field of 926 runners and was part of the Derbyshire Athletics Championships and Midland Masters Athletic Championships.  In the Derbyshire Champs there were medals for Peter Wilmot, Jim Thorneycroft and Jan Forrester.

New member Jude Goodall took on her first half marathon- the Stockport Hatters and recorded 1.57.26.  Karen Morley ran 1.59.57 and Charlie Whittaker 1.33.34.

Two MACS took on the South Cheshire 20 – Dan Ashcroft and Andy Hodkin.  This was in readiness for their first marathon attempts at the Chester Marathon in October.

MACs Whitworth Thread continues to attract around 100 runners each month and Elsbeth Grant was 1st lady and 2nd overall in the September event in a time of 18.58.  New member Hayley Gill continues to run well and finished 2nd lady in 21.43.

Not such great results in the Great Kinder Beer Barrel Challenge this year.  Teams of 8 hump the barrel across Kinder Scout from the Snake Pass Inn and finish at the Nag’s Head at Edale.  This year MACs team, Gladioli,  finished in 7th place out of 14 teams.  Hoping for a better placing next year and possibly entering a Ladies’ Team too.

Matt Haywood continues to take on the triathlons and this time it was the Vitruvian Trial at Rutland Water.  This was his first go at the middle distance – 1,900m swim, 85k bike and 21k run.   Matt finished in 150th place from 775 in 4.49.24.

The Great North Run saw Mo Farah claim his 3rd victory in a row and for MAC Patrick Quinn, Andrew Dinsdale, Club Secretary, Dennis Belbin and Charles Bennet took it on.

The main event of the month was a continuation of the 40th Anniversary Celebrations for MAC – Peak Rail Runner – v – train 5k. This at last came to fruition thanks to months of negotiations led by Jim Thorneycroft with Peak Rail, Derbyshire County Council and the Pedal Peak Project.  On the day the weather could not have been better and 60 MAC runners took on the train.  The initial disappointment that the steam train was out of action was soon forgotten when Diesel D8 ‘Penyghent’ was the target of the race.  The diesel train was faster than the predicted 22 minutes for the steam and the only runner to beat the train was young Joe Hallas who recorded a time of 17.41.  First lady was Elsbeth Grant who didn’t do quite enough to beat the train but it was an impressive run.   It is hoped that the event will become an annual event and will be open to many more runners, especially once the improved trail will be completed.

Rosie Shaan had a good run in the Robin Hood Half Marathon at Nottingham finishing in 1.49.11.

As the triathlon season comes to a close, the duathlon season starts and Jan Forrester, Christine Howard and Zak  Hodgkinson (both qualifiers for the World and Europeans respectively in 2017) are poised to take on the challenges.

October 2016

Joe Hallas was 1st MAC back and 1st JM (31.47) in the 1st BDL of the Winter Series at Shipley Park, Heanor.  A great turnout of 23 and 12 ladies – a record.  Jade Stone was 1st lady in 35.00.    Andy Sheldon 33.11, Ted Phillips 34.05, Scott Thompson 34.50, Birtie West 36.15, Chris Hallas 37.20, Ava Holden 39.31, 3rd JL, Hayley Gill 39.45, Nicky Dick 41.17, 1st FV50, Anthony Marchington 41.18, 2nd MV60, Mick Moorhouse 41.18, 3rd MV60, Steve Goodall 41.43, Dennis Belbin 42.28, Clive Russell 43.49, 1st MV70, Lily Phillips 44.25, Andrea Atkinson 44.46, Jude Goodall 47.06, Helen Emmerson 47.08, Karen Morley 47.13, 3rd FV55, Laurie Croft 48.14 and Emma Phillips 48.21.

The Chester Marathon saw 4,000 runners taking part including 2 MAC debut marathon runners – Charlie Whittaker 3.27.15 and Andy Hodkin 3.59.12.

More than 40 MACs took on the monthly Whitworth Thread and this was part of the senior and junior GP.  Joe Currie took the 20 points and was 1st home in 18.24.  Hayley Gill was 1st lady in 21.17 gaining the 20 senior GP points.

Whilst in the No Walk in the Park 5k, Chesterfield Elsbeth Grant was 1st lady in 18.38 and is on course to win the trophy for the first female overall if she completes one more race to take her total to 6 races.

The Curbar Commotion Fell Race saw Billy Cartwright taking 3rd overall in 1.03.37.  Scott Thompson 1.15.35, John Brennan 1.22.20 and Christine Howard 1.24.58.

Whilst in the Langdale Horseshoe fell race from the Old Dungeon Ghyll in the Lakes was the last race in the English Fell Running Champs.  Les Thurston finished in 4.38.11.  Billy Cartwright claimed 46th place from 131 in the Men’s Open and Les was 9th from 36 in the O65 champs with 41 points.

Dan Ashcroft took on the Yorkshire Marathon and completed in a very respectably 3.33.08.

Ironman Hawaii saw 2,000 athletes take part from all over the world.  Ben Cartwright completed this amazing event in 10.35.42.  His marathon time was 3.25.42.

The first N. Mids XC took place at Markeaton Pk, Derby and Colin Davenport had his first experience of this event.  He was 43rd in 36.42, Mick Moorhouse 230th in 46.13.  There was good representation in the U15 girls and Christine Howard was in the Senior Ladies.

Jan Forrester took on her first ever 5k – the Poolsbrook Country Park 5k, near Chesterfield.  She was 1st LV60 in 24.53, Steve Goodall 22.48 and Jude Goodall 24.51 and 1st LV40 and 3rd lady overall.

Other events – Clumber Park off Road Duathlon with Zak Hodgkinson, Manchester Half Marathon Wingerworth Wobbler, Dark and White Trail Series 10.1 mile course from Bakewell, Worksop Half, Snowdonia Marathon, 1st race in the Derbyshire XC Mini League and the 1st 10k club handicap from Arc to Matlock Bath, Trust 10k Longshaw Estate which was also in the Junior GP.

Simon Croft won the London Marathon place in the ballot of 4.

The XC Relay season started with MACs taking on the Northerns at Graves Park, Sheffield.  A real leveller as some very stiff competition.  MACs had teams in the U17s Men, U11s Girls, U15s Girls, 2 teams in the Senior Mens and 2 teams in the Senior Ladies.

John Brennan has taken on Webmaster role and has been tidying up the website and has created a Junior Section which should be really useful.  Jan has taken on the responsibility of keeping the Noticeboard tidy and up to date.  With the AGM set for 10th November there will be changes in the Committee with Chairman, Men’s Captain and Treasurer standing down.

November 2016

The AGM 0n 12th November followed a trial of the Racetek timing system, a session to train up more members to be able to use the system efficiently.

Emma Phillips was voted in as the new Treasurer and thanks and a gift voucher were given to Ian Milne for his 20 years of service.

Jim Thorneycroft stood down as Men’s Captain and Colin Davenport with the help of Andrew Sheldon and Alison Pye were voted on to the Committee.

Craig Allen stated he wished to stand down as Chairman due to lack of time due to work commitments, but as no other candidate he referred this decision until December Committee meeting.

Jim Thorneycroft was voted on as Vice Chairman and the rest of the committee agreed to stay on for another year.

English National XC Relays  at Mansfield – 2 ladies teams.  Senior team Nicky Dick, Jan Forrester and Alison Pye 90th from 123 teams.  Junior team Lizzie Webster, Ellie Wilson and Michaela Dick were 71st from 91 teams.

The Dovedale Dash saw Clive Russell take on his 51st race!

The 2nd race in the BDL series at Chaddesden Pk, Derby proved significant as the ladies’ team are now top of the leader board by 2 points.  The men had a much better showing too.  The Presentation for the Summer League took place after the race,  Colin Davenport achieved an award for 5th place male over the series, Simon Brister 1st MV65 and Jan Forrester 1st FV60.

Also had teams in the BMAF XC Relays at Long Eaton

Clowne Half Marathon also hosted the Derbyshire County Champs.   In the Derbyshire Champs Alison 1st LV35, Colin Davenport took silver, Jim Thorneycroft bronze in MV50 category and Scott Thompson and Andy Sheldon also took bronze medals.

Members raced internationally this month too - Matt and Katie Haywood took on Las Vegas Marathon, Karl Webster and Christine Howard the World Champ Adventure Race in Australia and a few MACs braved the Benidorm Half Marathon.

The 2nd MAC 10k Handicap took place from the ARC to Matlock Bath and back and this time there were    ladies in the mix.  Jan Forrester took the age category win with 83.17% (49.57), Billy Cartwright increased the CR with a time of 35.13, Andrea Atkinson holds ladies’ record of 49.23 and Joe Hallas JR of 38.13.

December 2016

It was MACs turn to host the BDL race at Bakewell Showground and thanks to a Winter Wonderland event the week before the ground was more waterlogged and muddy than usual.  Took a lot of effort to get it into shape for the XC race and this year the race was run in reverse.  The Ladies’ team increased their lead over Heanor RC and the Men were 6th overall, giving a combined score of 4th with 2 races to go.  Some good individual results also.

There were 3 Junior GP races this month – Whitworth Thread, Kedleston Hall Tinsel Trail Run which proved to be rather unsuitable as it was organised by Run Derbyshire and was not about racing, making it difficult to get positions at the end, but Karl somehow managed to sort this out.  The kids were amused by the aerobics at the start of the run as a warm-up.  The Beetroot run on Boxing Day saw a record turnout with a new twist where the runners had to guess their finishing time.

Bolsover 10k saw a good MAC turnout which was also in the Senior GP, with 11 men and 13 ladies.  Jade Stone was first lady, Colin Davenport was 6th overall.    Christine Howard was 2nd LV45 and Jan Forrester 1st LV60.

In the December 10k Handicap from Arc to Matlock Bath via Hall Leys Park and back Zak Hodgkinson took the cap in a time of 37.38.  Jan Forrester was 1st in the age graded rankings with 80.90% to gain the 25 points, Scott Thompson 2nd and Bradley Stone 3rd.  After 3 races Mark Jackson is in the lead with Jan Forrester 2nd.  There are 2 races to go, one in January and one in February.

In the Junior GP U12s Eddie Unsworth is in the lead on 159, Alex Currie 2nd on 146 and William Croft on 134.  Freya Lester leads the girls on 129, Matilda Maciejewski-Spencer 2nde on 126 and Olivia Allen 3d on 120.  In the U16 – Joe Currie is 1st on 176, Charlie Unsworth 2nd on 138 and Sam Thompson 3rd on 128.  In the girls – Michaela Dick 1st on 143, Elsbeth Grant 2nd on 96 and Elizabeth Webster 3rd on 95.  The next and last race is the February 2017 event of NWIP 5k and 1,500m at Chesterfield.

In the Senior GP Andrea Atkinson has a good lead of 144 over Alison Pye 2nd on 133 and Jan Forrester 3rd on 105.  In the Men’s Andy Sheldon cannot be caught on 224 with Peter Wilmot, last year’s winner, on 155 and 3rd Andy Mellor on 143.  Next race is Tigger Tor Fell Race in January 2017.

The MAC Fancy Dress run also saw a record turnout of at least 30 runners who took the train from Matlock to Matlock Bath station as a nod to Race the Train in September where they gathered for the first drink of the evening at the Fishpond.  A pub crawl took place ending up at the Thorn Tree for more drink and sandwiches.

The annual Family Run round Carsington Water saw a good turnout of 30 with most running but a good few cycling round too.  Some then retired to the Barley Mow at Kirk Ireton.

Craig Allen is staying on as Chairman for the time being, but this may change as there is discussion of the Arc and other leisure centres going into private hands and this could affect his position as he works in this industry.

Craig Allen organised two 8 mile social runs over the Christmas period one at Rowsley and one at Crich.  Karl Webster ensured we will all be ready for the XC races coming up by arranging runs for juniors and seniors over the Xmas period

January 2017

The Derbyshire XC Championships at Wollaton Park Nottingham saw Elsbeth Grant win the U15 girls title and the Ladies Vet team of Andrea Atkinson, Christine Howard, Nicky Dick and Alison Pye were also victorious.   The U13 girls team of Matilda Maciejewski-Spencer, Lucy Kuszynski and Isabelle Lester did well and Olivia Allen and Freya Lester secured 2nd and 3rd places respectively in the U11 girls’ race.  The boys did well too with the U11s team of Alex Currie, Oscar Atkinson and Matthew Foreman claiming 2nd place.  Birtie West in the U17s was 13th and Eddie Unsworth and James Briggs put in solid performances in the U13s and Same Thompson and Charlie Unsworth did well in the U15s.  In the senior womens race Christine Howard was 8th.  In the Senior Men’s race Mick Moorhouse was 3rd O60 despite an old injury.  Micke Blair was 24th and Andy Sheldon 25th.  Colin Davenport, Scott Thompson, Simon Croft, Craig Allen and Bob Foreman did well and finished 5th in the team event.

5k Parkruns continue to be popular, members taking part regularly in the weekly Markeaton Park run, in particularly Gerry White O75 having completed 105 runs.  Richard Bradbury regularly takes on the Saturday morning Sheffield Hallam event and the monthly No Walk in the Park 5k at Queens Park Chesterfield has seen great results from Elsbeth Grant and Hayley Gill, in particular.

The first monthly Whitworth Thread had a good turnout of 114 with Whitworth Centre Manager and new MAC member, Mike Blair winning in 18.50.  The ever-improving Hayley Gill was first lady in 21.04.  The juniors also had a good turnout and performances, notably Alfie Clarke and Olivia Allen.

It was the final round of the North Mids XC League at Wollaton Pk too this month and, although not as popular as recent years with MAC, the youngsters put in some good results.  Elsbeth Grant and Joe Currie have completed all 4 events in the series.

In the 4th BDL race series of 5 at Trent Meadows Long Eaton, MAC had a good turnout and although the ladies came 2nd they gained another point to be 5 points ahead in the team result.   A record turnout of 32 with Jade Stone claimed an unassailable lead in the individual ladies champs coming 2nd to Ilkeston.  There were some good results in the other age group categories and the men’s team came 2nd behind Ripley.  All to play for in the 5th and final race at Holmesbrook Valley Park, Chestefield in February.

The juniors put in some fine displays at the Derbyshire Rural Schools XC Champs at Moorways Derby.  Whilst Simon Croft, Rupert and Ava Holden continue to do well in the Dark and White Peak Trail Running Series.

The MAC 10k handicap is proving popular with the 4th January event hosting 18 runners and with 2 events to go.

In the Senior GP -Tigger Tor fell race saw 4 ladies and 8 men take part and with the last BDL being the last race in the GP, this race will result in the winners being announced.

In the Junior GP, there is still two races to go – the NWIP 5k in February and the MAC Club XC race at Darley Bridge.

February 2017

The White Peak Marathon and Half entries opened on 1st February and by the end of the month the half was 3 places off being full and 161 places of the 250 of the marathon had been taken.

The final and 5th BDL race at Holmesbrook Valley Park, Chesterfield saw the ladies win the team title for the first time by 4 points from Ilkeston 2nd followed by Heanor and Jade Stone won the ladies race taking the ladies title for the series.  11 ladies and 19 men took part. This is an amazing feat for the Ladies as just 3 years ago MAC could hardly get enough ladies for a team of 3.  At one BDL race this year 12 turned out.  The men finished 5th in the series.

This was also the last race in the Senior GP and confirmed Andy Sheldon Men’s winner on 226 points, Peter Wilmot 2nd on 171 and Andy Mellor 3rd on 169.  In the Ladies Andrea Atkinson was 1st on 162 points, Alison Pye 2nd on 150 and Jan Forrester 3rd on 136.

The junior GP will be decided after the Club XC at Darley Bridge on 4th March.

The English National XC Champs took place at Wollaton Hall, Nottingham.  MAC had representation in the U13 girls – Lucy Kuszinski, U15 girls – Elsbeth Grant and Lizzie Webster, U17 men – Birtie West, Senior ladies – Jade Stone, Hayley Gill, Christine Howard, Alison Pye and Jan Forrester and in the Men’s – Colin Davenport, Zak Hodgkinson, Mike Blair, Peter Wilmot, Antony Lester, Ian Watson and Mick Moorhouse.  Elsbeth had an amazing run to finish in 5th place and Jade Stone finished in 52rd in the Senior ladies from a cast of 788.

The duathlon season started and Jan Forrester kicked off her first race in the LV65-69 category at Anglia Water Duathlon and had a great race.  Matt Haywood took on the Help for Heroes Duathlon at Rother Valley.

6 ladies – Christine Howard, Andrea Atkinson, Emma Phillips, Michelle Lester, Helen Emmerson and Laurie Croft - took on the first race in the Dark and White Trail Series 15.5k of trails and lanes starting from the Whitworth Centre.

The 10k handicap monthly on Thursdays from the Arc to the Pav in Matlock Bath and back via Hall Leys Park has proved popular and after the February race 49 members had taken part.  With just one race to go in the series of 6 races Mike Blair is leading on 87 points.

March 2017

The annual Junior and Senior Club XC took place at Darley Bridge with sunny but very muddy conditions.  A huge turnout all enjoying the event. The Senior race of 3 laps was also the first race in the 2017/18 Senior Grand Prix and was won by Mike Blair taking 20 points and leading lady was Elsbeth Grant also taking 20 points. For the Juniors Alex Currie was 1st boy and Freya Lester first girl in the U10s. In the U12s Oscar Atkinson was 1st boy and Sophie Hopkinson 1st girl.  In the U16s Joe Currie was 1st boy and Elizabeth Webster 1st girl. Afterwards a presentation party was held at the Whitworth Centre.   Karl presented prizes to the XC winners and 2nd and 3rd in each category and also the winners of the season’s Junior GP.  U12 boy winner was Eddie Unsworth and girl Freya Lester.  In the U16s Joe Currie was the boy winner and Michaela Dick the girl winner.  The juniors enjoyed food and drink and music.

Mick Moorhouse continues to enjoy taking part in the MV65 category in cross country.  He took on the 10k Yorkshire Veterans AC XC Champs incorporating the Northern Masters AC XC Champs at Doncaster coming 5th in his age group.  This month he also took part in the BMAF Open XC in Liverpool on a cold wet day.  He was 69th overall.

Christine Howard was part of the Derbyshire Ladies Team taking part in British Athletics XC Champs at Loughborough.  Elsbeth Grant, Michaela Dick and Lizzie Webster also took part.

Jan Forrester took on Oulton Park Standard Duathlon in awful sleety, cold conditions and Clumber Park Duathlon in her preparations for the World Championships in Canada in August.  Matt Haywood also took part at Clumber and had a good race to finish in 85th overall.

Preparations are under way for the White Peak Marathon with the half already being full.

After some deliberation due to lack of numbers last season, it was decided to give the BDL Summer League another shot with the first race taking place at Teversal on 12 April and initial interest seems favourable.

A few worries about our base at Arc Leisure as there is a move to outsource the management of 4 local leisure centres as a package to a new provider.  We will watch the outcome with interest.

The annual 21 mile Grindleford Gallop took place with regular Martin Lea taking part.  Also Rupert Holden, Simon Croft, Greg Woodward, David Clough and Mark Pollak.

Alison Pye and Emma Phillips took on the Anglesey Half Marathon in pretty unfavourable conditions but really enjoyed the experience.  Dennis Belbin tackled Llanelli Half, Rosie Shaan took on Silverstone Half and John Thorpe Northumberland Half.

Wolf’s Pit fell race (9.2k/467m) was the 2nd race in the Senior GP with Daniel Haworth taking 1st place with loads of MAC juniors taking on the junior races.

Jim Thorneycroft hopes to complete 60 races for his 60th year.  Some races he has completed so far are Newtons Fraction Half, Ashby 20  2nd vet 60 and  Monsal Trail Half  1st MV60.

The final race in the MAC 10k handicap took place with Mike Blair taking the win and the overall series win.  1st lady in the series was Tessa Jackson.   Zak Hodgkinson had the fastest time of the evening in sub 36 minutes.  39 MACs took part in the series.

Les Thurston continues to take part in as many fell races as he can in the MV65 category and also took on the English Fell Champs first race at Long Mynd Valley, Church Stretton.  Bradley Stone also enjoys the long fell races and took on Edale Skyline (34k/1,373m) finishing in 85th place.

Whilst in the Junior English Fell Champs Joe and Alex Currie are flying the flag for MAC.

Joe Currie won the U13 Boys trial at Leicester qualifying him to run in the London Marathon race over the last 3 miles of the course on race day ahead of the full marathon.  This is also the British Athletics 3 mile road champs.

Steve Holt took part in his 26th Coniston 14 and John Thorpe and Charlie Whittaker also ran.

Karl’s Peaklife Sport Derwent Duathlon continues to thrive.  This year Elsbeth Grant annihilated the women’s record and Matt Hallam took first place in the men’s race.

The first away run of the season took place, as always, from Calton Lees car park at Chatsworth and was very well attended in ideal running conditions, followed by food at the Grouse, Darley Dale.

April 2017

The Seniors had a great celebration presentation evening at the Red Lion at Birchover with 40 members attending the event.  Prizes were awarded for the Senior GP – Andy Sheldon was the Men’s winner and Andrea Atkinson the Ladies’ winner.  Peter Wilmot 2nd and Andy Mellor 3rd.  In the Ladies Alison Pye was 2nd and Jan Forrester 3rd.  There were also awards for the Club 10k handicap with the winner being Mike Blair and Jade Stone was feted for her triumphs in the BDL winning individual ladies’ prize.  Andy Whittaker and Ian Milne were given lifetime awards for their considerable contributions to the club over many years and Andy was presented with a gift for his coaching work.

Junior Alex Currie had a brilliant performance to finish 4th in the U11s 2nd round of the English Junior Fell Running Champs in Yorkshire whilst brother, Joe took on the East Midlands Mini-Marathon Trial in Leicester and won the U13 boys race to qualify for the mini-London Marathon where the kids take on the first 3 miles of the course before the full marathon begins.

Jade Stone continues her outstanding success when she and Kelly Thorneycroft took on the Derby 10k taking 3rd place to Kelly’s 2nd with 2 seconds between them.

Hayley Gill and John Thorpe have been taking PBs all season and continue to have some great runs in 10ks and John in half marathons also.

In the April Whitworth Thread Colin Davenport beat the course record in a timer of 16.45.

Jan Forrester the British Duathlon Standard Distance Championship title to her European Gold and Bronze in the Worlds last year.

Christine Howard continues to do well in triathlons and duathlons and is setting her sights on long distance duathlon particularly this year.

The first BDL Summer series race at Teversal produced some good results and the ladies team took first place and Men 7th.

London Marathon saw great results from Colin Davenport 111th in 2.33.25, Andy Hall 3.09.46, Craig Allen 3.10.53, Simon Croft 3.11.31, Scott Thompson 3.18.17, Jim Thorneycroft 3.24.13, Peter Wilmot 3.30.46 and Rosie Croft 4.07.29.

Richard Bradbury and Bradley Stone took on the famous Yorkshire 3 Peaks race, 24 miles taking in Penyghent, Whernside and Ingleborough in 6 hours.  Loads of runners were timed out or DNF but Richard finished in 3.38.17 and Bradley 4.11.22.

May 2017

David Denton’s Peat Pit Woods Fell Race was the setting for race 4 in the Junior GP with 31 juniors taking part.  In the standings so far William Croft leads in the U12 with Alex Currie 2nd and Jacob Rifkin 3rd. For the girls Harriet Limb is 1st, Olivia Allen 2nd and Sophie Hopkinson 3rd.  In the U16s Birtie West is 1st, Charlie Unsworth 2nd and Eddie Unsworth 3rd.  For the Girls Lizzie Webster is 1st, Michaela Dick 2nd and Matilda Maciejewski-Spencer is 3rd.

In Race 2 of the Summer BDL series at Ilkeston 30 runners turned out and the ladies took a team 2nd place to keep them in 1st place so far.  The men’s team are 7th.  After the event there was a Presentation in the Rugby Club in Ilkeston for the Winter XC League with prizes awarded by Mr Louis Booth who sponsors the league.  The ladies’ team took the team prize for the first time.  Other notable wins Colin Davenport 4th overall in the SM, Mick Moorhouse 2nd MV60 and Clive Russell 1st MV70.  Ava Holden 2nd JL, Jade Stone 1st SL, Hayley Gill 3rd LV40, Nicky Dick 3rd LV50, Karen Morely 3rd LV55, Jan Forrester 1st LV60 and Tessa Jackson 3rd LV60.

Holymoorside 10k saw a good turnout with Hayley Gill taking 1st LV40 and 2nd place overall.  Matt Haywood, Jason Turner and Andy Hodkin all had good runs and Katie Haywood enjoyed her return to competition.  Club Captain, Colin Davenport took the win.

Club Chairman, Craig Allen and Peter Wilmot travelled to Selkirk in the Scottish Borders for the first Ultra 44k marathon and put their London Marathon training to good use to record 4.43.12.

On Thursday 17th May MACs travelled to Wirksworth for a social away run.  This was made up of 6 groups of varying abilities each with a leader and all enjoyed a challenging run over Middleton Moor taking in plenty of hills, technical descents and mud.

The Annual White Peak Marathon and Half was a great success even though the heavens opened and it rained all day.  There were 162 runners in the Full Marathon and this was won by James Scott-Buccleuch of Stockport Harriers in 2.43.33.  1st lady was Rachel Lawrance of Macclesfield Harriers in 3.21.43.  Several MACs had good runs including Chris Hallas, Charlie Whittaker, Christine Howard (1st LV40), Andy Mellor in his first marathon and Kathryn Berrisford.   In the Swift Half the winner was Patrick Brown of East London Runners in 1.13.41 with MACs Mike Blair 2nd in 1.16.33 and Ricky Wood 3rd in 1.21.17.  1st lady was Leonie Shipley of Derby AC in 1.25.28.  Other MACS – John Thorpe, Simon Flitter, Antony Lester, Ozzie Unsworth, Jason Turner, Jon Burch and Abi Waterfall.  There were 306 runners.

On 26th May it was the Tour of Derwent Valley series of 4 races over the Bank Holiday Weekend.  The first race on Friday was at Duffield and 4.4mile road race which was also in the Senior GP.  11 MACs took part with Mike Blair taking the 20 GP points.  MAC positions - Andy Sheldon, Matt Haywood, John Thorpe, Bob Foreman, Andy Mellor, Jim Thorneycroft, Dan Ashcroft, Dennis Holmes.  For the ladies Kathryn Berrisford took the 20 points in the Ladies’ GP and Laurie Croft 19 points.  Final 4 mile race 4 in the TODV was on Bank Holiday Monday starting in Rowsley. 118 different runners took part over the series and 47 completed all races. Overall for MAC John Thorpe finished 8th, Andy Mellor 12th and Jim Thorneycroft 19th and 1st MV60.  In the Senior GP standings so far Kathryn Berrisford leads with Nicky Dick 2nd and Helen Emmerson 3rd.  In the Men’s Mike Blair is 1st, Bob Foreman 2nd and John Thorpe 3rd.

June 2017

The Junior Section of the club, dominant at Monday evening training at the Arc continues to thrive with a waiting list.  There is now a register in place and lots of trained coaches on hand and also a list of volunteer parents to ensure all is safe and legal.  Michelle Lester has come on board as Junior rep and ensures parents are aware of up and coming races for the juniors as well as helping out with reporting.  John Brennan as Web Tech has set up a Junior Tab on the website and there are Events, GP Results, Timetables etc.

Mike Blair continues to do well in races and won the Calver Fell Race.  His new shop Run Forest in Matlock now sponsors some races by providing prize vouchers and race numbers.  Ricky Wood, founder of Ricky's Race, has now rejoined the Club and was 5th in Wirksworth RCs Tunnels and Trails 10k Race.  Scott Thompson and son, Sam, continue their spree of park runs, especially in Cornwall and took 3rd and 5th respetively at Cromford Killer Fell Race.  Les Thurston and Mick Moorhouse (MV65+) continue to thrive in the fells, Les taking on the Tebay Fell Race (13k/914m) in Cumbria in the English Fell Running Champs and Mick 1st MV60 in the Peter Brinsley Bosley Rose Queen FR (7.5k/250m).  Dan Haworth, first claim Keswick AC has joined MAC as 2nd claim and makes top 3 in trhe fell races, such as Tideswell.  New member Bradley Stone also doing well in the fells coming in 1st MV40 in the Riber Run, organised by MACs Richard Bradbury.

Nicky Dick 2nd in AG in the British Aquathlon Champs.   Andrea Atkinson and 3 of her children - Oscar, Max and Hugo took part in Alfreton Community 5k park run.  Daughter Myla also runs.

In the annual Hairy Helmet Relays at Darley Park MAC entered 12 junior and senior teams with wins in 3 categories with nearly 60 runners taking part.

Christine Howard took on one of  the toughest X tri in the World at Wasdale.  17,000 ft and 144 miles.  3.8 km swim in Lake Windermere, 112 bike ride taking in the infamous Fred Whitton Ride and a full marathon up Scafell Pike and back.  She completed as 2nd lady in 18 hours 33 minutes. Gareth Ferguston took on the Ironman Austria.  2 juniors, Elsbeth Grant and Lizzie Webster will represent East Midlands at the Inter-Regional Triathlon champs in July.

July 2017

Chesterfield Spire 10  was in the Club GP and Mike Blair gained further points and made a good showing again to finish 4th in 1.02.23.  John Thorpe, Scott Thompson, Matt Haywood, Jim Thorneycroft 1st MV60, James Fox, John Brennan, Jason Turner, Les Thurston, Mark Chimley, Kathryn Berrisford, Roseanna Croft and Katie Haywood all had good runs.

The popular Winster Hill Race had terrible cold and rainy weather but there was a great turnout of 126.  Dan Haworth (2nd claim from Keswick AC) finished 2nd with Colin Davenpofrt 6.  Elsbeth Grant was 1st U16 girl and 8th overall.  Karl Webster, Simon Brister 1st MV60, Hay Gill 1st LV40 and Mick Moorhouse 2nd MV60 all ran well.

Bradley Stone took on the gruelling Kinder Trog 25.7k finishing in 20th of 168 in 2.21.16.

Two MAC girls will represent East Midlands at the Inter-Regional Triatlon Champs next month – Elsbeth Grant and Lizzie Webster.

Matt Haywood tackled the Legerman half Ironman in Doncaster and the BDL 4th race at Carsington saw Elsbeth Grant make her debut and storm first home for the ladies and 22nd overall.  Jade Stone was 2nd lady.  25 MACs took part meaning the Ladies’ Team is 1st in the series with one race to go and the Men’s Team 3rd.

MACs Black Rocks race had a record turnout of 205 with Harry Holmes of Wirksworth RC taking top spot in 34.55 and Lucy Taylor of Ripley RC 1st lady.  There was a good MAC turnout with Ben Cartwright, making a welcome return.

Ricky Wood has now joined the Club and is putting in some fine individual and team performances and will start his race – Ricky’s Race – next month and present the prizes.

Les Thurston continues to do well on the fells and took on the International Snow Race starting in Llanberis to the summit of Snowdon and back.

Not to be outdone Bradley Stone and Martin Lea took part in the Snowdon Marathon with good results and Mike Blair did the Half.

Bonsall Hill Race had a bumper turnout of 32 young MACs as this was a Junior GP race.

August 2017

The BDL series of 5 races came to end in dramatic style at Shipley Park Heanor in torrential rain.  Despite this it was a good turnout of MACs and the ladies’ finished top with 11.5 point margin.  The men did well too to make it 2nd in the combined competition.  Great and to think we nearly pulled out of the Summer League due to lack of interest last year.  Notable results Colin Davenport 5th overall in series, Martin Lea 11th in VM50, Bob Foreman 2nd in MV55, Jim Thorneycroft 1st in MV60, Jade Stone 1st in SL, and Laura Bassett 10th,  Hayley Gill 1st in LV40, Kathryn Berrisford 3rd in LV45, Tessa Jackson 3rd in LV65.

Ricky’s Race celebrated it’s 20th running with originator Ricky starting the race and presenting the prizes.  However, someone moved tape on the course and several runners took the wrong route.  However, we did not let it dampen spirits and the awards and beer at the 3 Stags Heads, Darley Bridge after the event was a merry affair.  Obviously lessons will be learnt and the race will come back next year with improved security on marshalling.

Jan Forrester again represented GBR in the World Multisport Festival in Penticton, BC, Canada on 21st August in the Standard (10k run, 40k bike, 5k run) in the LV65-69 and bettered last year’s bronze by taking Silver.

September 2017

Club Secretary Dennis Belbin enjoys The Great North Run but is yet to beat Mo Farah although he did record a PB of 1.40.55.  John Thorpe also had a PB in 1.26.31.  New boy James Fox also took part and Dan Ashcroft.

In the Ilam Fell Race Simon Brister was 1st MV65 in 53.07 with Billy Cartwright coming home in 2nd in 40.20 and John Brennan 36th in 54.18.  There was also the Longnor Fell Race which attracted loads of MAC juniors being a GP race.  It was a bit of mudbath but the kids enjoyed it.  Stanage Struggle FR was in the Senior GP and attracted 13 MACs.  Mike Blair and Kathryn Berrisford seem on track to the take the GP titles this year.

MACs continue to thrive in Triathlons and in the Absolute TRI at Harvey Hadden Sports Village in Notts, Tom Burch, Michaela Dick, Izzy Lester, Matthew Foreman, Lauren Lindridge, Jess Lindridge, Callum Burch, Freya Lester, Rory Burch and Will Croft all had good performances.  Whilst at the Vitruvian Tri at Rutland Water Matt Haywood clocked up 4 hours 49.34 for the 1,900m swim, 85k bike and 21k run.

Team Gladioli made up of several MACs in the line up of 8 won the Great Kinder Barrel Race and in Lantern Pike FR Jan Forrester was 1st LV65 after a lay off from the fells of 8 months.

Nicky Dick took on the World Triathlon Sprint Distance Champs in Rotterdam and finished 22nd from 53 in her AG LV55-59.

Christine Howard continues to take on the toughies and took part in the Sandman Tri in Wales which is two events in two days completing the total in 2nd lady place.

Club Chairman, Craig Allen took on the Berlin Marathon in awful weather and completed in 3.16.06.

Whilst Karl and Chris continued their international adventure races by taking on the Cameco Cowboy Tough race in Wyoming USA,  They finished the event in 29th place from 59 teams.

Matlock Tri took place had a good turnout with Michael Beech taking 1st place and Michelle Wilcocks 1st lady.  £350 was donated to their chosen charities of Aquabox and Ileostomy Soc respectively.  MACs Andy Sheldon won 1st novice prize with Ava Holden 1st U20 lady and Chris Howard 3rd L overall.

The 6th Malt Shovel Relay was a success with a record 71 teams taking part, 13 of these from MAC with Country-themed team names.  MACs first team was Great Britain in 11th place – John Thorpe, Andy Sheldon and Bradley Stone).  The winner was One man and his Tash – Harry Holmes of Wirksworth RC who ran all 3 legs.

Wilne 10k was ran by 13 MACs with Mike Blair (PB) was first MAC home in 35.31.  Other MACs were Jade Stone 6th lady overall, Matt Haywood, John Thorpe, Simon Flitter, Jim Thorneycroft, Hayley Gill, Andy Mellor, Dan Ashcroft, Katie Haywood (PB), Mark Chimley, Kathryn Berrisford and Tessa Jackson.

October 2017

Husband and wife, Matt and Katie Haywood took on Lincoln Half Marathon with Matt coming home in 29th 1.27.31 and Katie 1.48.38 from a field of 1,561.  It was also Chesterfield Half Marathon this month and Matt finished 5th this time in 1.23.17.

The BDL Winter XC League Race 1 at Shipley Park, Heanor met with 30 MACs, Colin Davenport and Mike Blair first MACs home and first ladies Jade Stone and Christine Howard.

Colin Davenport won No Walk in the Park 5k Chesterfield in 16.43 with Simon Croft 3rd and he is closing in on victory in the MV50+ race.  Simon Brister made a rare appearance from the fells to 1st in MV65 in 20.28.  Jim Thorneycroft 22.57.  At Poolsbrook Park Run Mike Blair was 1st in 17.47 and John Thorpe in a new PB in 18.16.  Hayley Gull ran with daughter Jess and still achieved 28.33.

The Nottingham Goose Fair is still going strong and new member, Geoff Cooper took on the 10k run and finished 26th from 252 runners in 44.28.

This month also saw the Tissington Trail half marathon.  Andy Hodkin clocked a PB in 1.35.46, Jason Turner 1.34.47 and Jim Thorneycroft 1.29.56 and 1st MV60.

To ward off the winter blues a strong contingent of 15 MACs took off to Majorca for the Palma Marathon and Half marathon.  In hot conditions Colin Davenport was 9th home in the marathon in 2.49.42.  Antony Lester also did the Marathon.  There were some good times in the half too with John Thorpe first MAC home in 1.26.36.

MAC had one team in the British Fell  Running Relay at Llanberis and did really well to come hom in 29th from 176 finishers.

Jim Thorneycroft ticked off race 40 in his quest for 60 races in his 60th year in the Bridlington Half Marathon in 1.37.17.

Christine Howard continues to take on the toughiews finishing 6th lady in the Kielder Marathon in Northumberland.

It was the first of the Winter 10k handicaps from the Arc to the Pav at Matlock Bath via Hall Leys Park.  Mike Blair was first home in 36.32 and Kathryn Berrisford broke the women’s record 46.39.  Bob Foreman took the age graded win with 82.46% in 40.08.

It was the BMAF XC Relays at Long Eaton and the LV65+ team of Tessa Jackson, Ann Armistead and Jan Forrester beat the only other team, Hastings to take gold.  Jan also took gold for the fastest leg time.  There were 3 other teams – LV45+, MV55+ and MV65+.

November 2017

The AGM was well attended and Craig Allen, Chairman, Emma Phillips, Treasurer both stood down.  They were thanked for their contribution to the Club.  Andy Mellor was voted Chairman and Becky Owen Treasurer.  Jim Thorneycroft stayed on as Vice Chairman.  Other members – Colin Davenport Men’s Captain, Alison Pye Ladies’ Captain, Jan Forrester, Publicity, Karl Webster – Junior Co-ordinator, John Brennan Webmaster.  Michelle Lester and Jacki Simmons Junior Welfare officers.

Senior GP race at Worksop Halloween Half Marathon encouraged 28  MACS with Ian Phillips coming home 2nd overall in 1.14.21.  Mike Blair was 14th overall in 1.19.20 taking the 20 GP points and Hayley Gill 1st lady taking the 20 points in the Ladies’ GP.  Several members took on Clowne Half which is also part of the Derbyshire County Champs.  Emma Turner secured gold in LV45 category, Alaina Bond 2nd in SL and Jim Thorneycroft 1st in MV60.

The Dovedale Dash saw Elsbeth Grant take first lady place in 32.13 whilst Alex Currie took the U10s Junior race by storm and Dan Haworth came close to winning just being pipped by Alastair Campbell of Buxton AC.  Clive Russell (MV75) competed in 51st dash.

MAC had two teams in the English XC Relay Champs at Berry Pk, Mansfield.   U13s girls Lizzie Webster, Michaela Dick and Charlotte Bradshaw came 36th from 101 teams.  The Senior Men – Matt Haywood, Carl Dyke, Geoff Cooper and Mike Blair finished in 119th from 130 teams.

Junior MACs continue to shine in the triathlons and it was Burntwood Aquathon which tempted them.  Caitlin McCloy finished 1st MAC girl in her first aquathon with Freya Lester 2nd.  Isabelle Lester, Jess and Lauren Lindridge and Matthew Foreman all had good races.

28 MACs took on the 2nd BDL race XC race at Chaddesden and the ladies dominated with Elsbeth Grant 1st lady and Lizzie Webster and Michaela Dick helping the ladies’ team to take 1st place in their first BDL race.  The men did well too with Colin Davenport being 1st MAC home.  After the race there was a presentation of the trophies for the winners in the Summer League.  MAC ladies were 1st and there were also age category silverware for Bradley Stone, Jim Thorneycroft, Hayley Gill and Bob Foreman.

The 2nd MAC 10k Handicap race took place from the Arc to the Pav in Matlock Bath and back taking in Hall Leys Park.  Mike Blair was 1st and Kathryn Berrisford broke her ladies’ course record.


Snow stopped play for the weekend of 9th/10th December when Bolsover 10k (also in the senior GP) was postponed til 14th January.

The juniors continue to thrive in the XC season and many took part in the Derbyshire Athletics XC mini league at Moorways Stadium, Derby with Freya Lester, Caitlin McCloy and Millie Davenport performing well in the U11s.  For the boys, Alex Currie, Matthew Foreman and Arthur Limb did well.

In the U13 girls, Olivia Allen put in a sprint finish and Jessica Lindridge and Isabelle Lester had good runs.  In the U13 boys Sam Sargeant ran.  Freya, Millie, Alex and Matthew were congratulated on completing the whole series.  Freya won a silver medal for finishing 2nd in the league for the U11 girls.

Simon Brister was 1st in the MV65 category in the Christmas Cracker Race at Meerbrook.  The course was scaled down because of the adverse weather conditions but was still very slippery.  Jim Thorneycroft, Nicky Dick and Mark Jackson also took part.

Following on from the AGM, it had been agreed to set up a new beginners’ running group as some people are put off with the idea of a ‘running club’.  It was discovered that two members, Rachel West and Naomi Barraclough already had a similar group, Sole Mates, in place.  So it was decided to support them with some finance and training so that they could offer this facility for free under the umbrella of MAC.  This is part of the idea to raise MACs profile in the community.

The annual Fancy Dress Run took place as usual with 40 members enjoying the run starting from the Arc and finishing up at the Red Lion at Matlock Green for food and more drink.  The annual Christmas Eve run also took place as usual at 12 noon at Carsington water with 20 runners and cyclists taking part.  The Beetroot run was also well attended on Boxing Day and it was also the last race in the MAC Junior GP.  The winner of the Boys U16 competition was Bertie West with 79 points, 2nd Joe Currie 59 and 3rd Charlie Unsworth 56.  In the Girls U16 Lizzie Webster was 1st on 71. 2nd Michaela Dick 66 and 3rd Matilda Maciejewski-Spencer on 53.

In the MAC Junior U12 competition the winner for the Boys was Alex Currie on 132 points, 2nd Will Croft on 124 and 3rd Sam Sargeant on 114.  In the Girls U12 Freya Lester was 1st on 129 points, 2nd Olivia Allen on 102 and 3rd Sophie Hopkinson on 90.

The presentation will take place at the party following the MAC XC at Darley Bridge in March (venue and date tbc).

January 2018

On New Year’s Day 84 turned out in the annual Hangover 5 mile road race starting from the Malt Shovel Inn at Wash Green organised by David Denton.  Hayley Gill continues to shine as 1st lady with the ever-improving Lizzie Webster 2nd lady.  John Thorpe was 9th with Karl Webster, Jim Thorneycroft, Jack Cummins, Martin Lea and Les Thurston in the mix.

The Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire XC Champs took place at Shipley Pk, Heanor and it really was a mud bath.  MAC amassed 7 individual medals and 5 team medals. The U11 girls’ won Gold, U11 boys’ Silver, U13 boys’ Silver, U13 girls’ Silver and SM Gold.  Individual medals – Freya Lester U11 Bronze, Nicky Dick LV55 Gold, Jan Forrester LV65 Gold, Jim Thorneycroft MV60 Silver, Mick Moorhouse MV60 Bronze, Elsbeth Grant LU17 Gold and Lizzie Webster LU15 Gold.

It was the inaugural weekly Bakewell 5k Parkrun – straight out and back on the Monsal Trail starting at Hassop Station.  Simon Brister MV65 was 1st MAC home.   Weekly Saturday parkruns are proving popular with MACs and the Bakewell run has seen many MACs taking part in a parkrun for the first time.  Other popular ones are Poolsbrook Country Park, the site of the former Ireland Colliery which has been transformed into a popular park with lake.  Gerry White MV75 regularly runs the Markeaton Parkrun and has completed over 165.  Monthly parkruns include No Walk in the Park 5k Queens Pk, Chestefield and our own Whitworth Thread which regularly attracts over 100 runners each month.

Bolsover 10k took place in January postponed from December 2017 because of icy conditions.  Mike Blair took 9th place from 671 runners.  New member Paddy Wright was 13th, John Thorpe (PB) 38.44.  Hayley Gill was 4th lady overall and 1st LV40.  Les Thurston was 2nd MV65 and Jan Forrester 1st LV65.  It was good to see Ann Armistead LV65 taking part too.

Geoff Cooper enjoys the long races and took on Trigger Fell Race and Christine Howard still competes in the tough long races tackling Cannock Chase Trig Points race coming home 3rd lady.  Billy and Ben Cartwright are proving to be real kings of the hills.  With Billy taking 2nd and Ben 4th place at Lamb’s Longer Leg, Tigger Tor and 2nd and 5th respectively at the Mickleden Straddle FR.    Richard Bradbury still does well on the hills too and at Tigger Tor the trio took the Team prize too.

In Race 4 of the series of 5 BDLs XC, 27 MACs took part with the ladies extending their lead to, hopefully, take the crown again following the last race at Holmesbrook Valley Park, Chesterfield in February.  So MAC are hoping for a bumper turnout of members to gain as many individual prizes as well as making a good showing in the  table of 12 local teams. It was a welcome return to the series for Ava Holden and Ricky Wood.

Even thought here is still one race to go in the Senior GP, Mike Blair and Kathryn Berrisford have done enough to take the crowns and the Senior Presentation will take place in March.

Simon Brister (MV65) was the lone MAC in  the Midlands Masters XC Champs at Wolverhampton.  He won a silver medal in the 6k race.

For the first time in many years MAC had representatives at the Northern Area Association XC Champs at Harewood House, Leeds.  Competition was hot with MACs evenly spread through the field.  Those taking part – Lucy Kuszinski U13s, Lizzie Webster and Michaela Dick U15s, Nicky Dick SL, Colin Davenport, Carl Dyke, Paddy Wright and John Thorpe SM.

In the Club 10k age graded handicap, Jan Forrester is in the lead from 4 of the 6 races, with 5 to count.  Hayley Gill now holds the Ladies' Course Record.  February and March to go.

MAC extended their pledge to do more community work by having a collection for the local Foodbank Jigsaw.  Loads of foodstuffs and other goodies were collected which the juniors sorted and this was gratefully received by Dave, Jigsaw’s representative.

Jim Thorneycroft completed his 60 races in his 60th year this month.  He competed in the Marrakech Half Marathon for his last race of the 60.

February 2018

The last Senior GP of the year was the NWIP 5k at Queens Park, Chesterfield and just a few MACs turned out (probably because the standings are already decided with Mike Blair and Kathryn Berrisford taking the crowns).  Simon Croft was 6th and Dan Ashcroft 18th.  For the ladies Lisa Jones took the 20 GP points.  In the 1,500m race William Croft and Jacob Jones were given the same time of 5.44 minutes and Logan Fairey 6.12.  Lots of parkrun activity as usual with the Bakewell park run attracting 7 senior and junior MACs.

The Dark and White Spring Trail Series started with the first event from the Whitworth Centre. John Thorpe, Hayley Gill, Shelley Fairey, Helen Emmerson, Laurie Croft, Emma Phillips, Joanne Nuttall, Michelle Lester all took part.

MAC ladies were triumphant once again in the Winter XC BDL League Series of 5 races, this race being at the notoriously muddy venue of Holmebrook Valley Park, Chesterfield.   The men’s team finished 3rd in the series and the combined team were 2nd.   Lots of individual medals too Jan Forrester 1st LV65, Nicky Dick 1st LV55, Elsbeth Grant 1st JL, Jim Thorneycroft 1st MV60, Bob Foreman 1st MV55.  Lizzie Webster 3rd JL, Mick Moorhouse 3rd MV65 and Mike Blair and Alison Pye 4th in the SM and SL respectively.

Jan Forrester started the duathlon season well finishing 1st LV65 at the Anglian Water Duathlon at Grafham Water, Cambs on a cold day.  She was 5 minutes quicker than last year’s time and has pre-qualified for the World Champs in Denmark in July 2018.

The MAC age graded 10k handicap race 5 took place and Jan Forrester took the 30 points putting her in an unassailable position winning the competition.   The last race in March will deterimine the 2nd and 3rd places with Kathryn Berrisford, John Thorpe and Simon Flitter all in contention.

Carsington Water Half Marathon and 10k took place on 2 occasions at the weekend of 24/25th February.  Several MACs took part with Carly Spear completing the 10k on Saturday and Jim Thorneycroft (1st MV60) and Rachel West the half marathon.  Several Sole Mates took part in the 10k and half.  On Sunday Alison Pye (4th lady) and Tessa Jackson, back from injury, 1st LV65 and James Fox, John Thorpe, Andy Mellor and Alaina Bond took part in the half.

Youngster Sam Thompson completed his first marathon distance race at the Belvoir off road Challenge.  Dad, Scott, John Thorpe, Simon Croft, Peter Wilmot and Christine Howard took part too.  Mark Jackson completed the 15 mile challenge.

A few MACs made the journey to London for the English National XC Champs at Parliament Hill, Hampstead Heath.  Elsbeth Grant 37th in the UI17 Women’s was the best result but all had good runs – Lizzie Webster, Lucy Kuszinski, Michaela and Nicky Dick, Paddy Wright and Carl Dyke.


Early March was blighted with snow and loads of events were cancelled or postponed including MACs annual XC at Darley Bridge, NWIP 5k Chesterfiled, High Peak Marathon, Ashbourne 10.

The annual Senior Presentation Party took place on 11th March and was attended by over 40 at the Red Lion, Matlock Green. Prizes were awarded for the Senior GP winners Mike Blair and Kathryn Berrisford, 2nd John Thorpe and Hayley Gill and 3rd Bob Foreman and Katie Haywood.

Edale Skyline 34k fell race saw Billy Cartwright have an amazing run to finish in 9th place overall ahead of some internationally renowned fell runners. Bob Foreman and Mark Jackson travelled to the Wrekin for a 5.5 mile, 1,700ft ascent fell race which was very hilly. Bob was 32nd on 51.22 and Mark 87th on 1.08.22.

Snow came again bringing cancellation, however Grindleford Gallop 21 miler, 3,000 ft of ascent still went ahead and Rupert Holden, Simon Croft, Scott Thompson, Kelly Lynn, John Thorpe, Christine Howard, Martin Lea, David Clough and Mark Pollak all had good runs. Dan Haworth MAC 2nd claim was 1st in 2.31.53.

Les Thurston went to Devon for the Grizzly a notoriously tough fell race but because of conditions it was cut from 20 miles to 9. Les was 428th from 1,266 finishers.

Monsal Trail Half Marathon took place over Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th March with some great MAC results. Mike Blair (1.15.20) broke the course record on Sunday and 2nd claim Kelly Thorneycroft (1.21.30) won the ladies’ race. Dan Ashcroft was 1st MV40 on Saturday 1.32.41. MACs results from Sunday – Geoff Cooper 1.32.35, Andy Mellor 1.33.01 also winning the Men’s Team prize. Alaina Bond 1.37.16 and Alison Pye 1.43.30 winning the Ladies’ prize. Dennis Belbin 1.35.17, Rachel West 1.50.21.

The annual Coniston 14 always attracts a lot of MACs, Steve Holt going yet again. Andy Sheldon was 1st MAC home in 1.28.36, John Thorpe 1.28.58 PB, Simon Croft 1.31.38, Ian Watson 1.39.29, Jack Cummins 1.49.55, Mark Jackson 2.05.57m, Helen Emmerson 2.14.25, Antony Lester 2.14.56, Laurie Croft 2.15.19, Emma Phillips 1.15.19, Steve Holt 2. 16.20, Tessa Jackson 2.30.11, Michelle Lester 2.47.51. The Men’s team of Sheldon, Thorpe, Croft and Watson were 2nd in team standings.

In the Club 10k handicap age graded series of 6 races. It was the final race on a Thursday evening. Jan Forrester won the series with an age graded performance of 82.66% in 51.00. Zak Hodgkinson had the fastest time of the evening 36.15. John Thorpe was 2nd and Kathryn Berrisford 3rd in the series.

Elsbeth Grant was 1st in the Female Elite Youth category at the British Duathlon Champs at Bedford Autodrome.

Karl Webster’s Peaklife Sport’s Derwent Duathlon had 76 finishers with Christine Howard taking 4th lady overall and 1st LV40.

17 junior MACs travelled to Loughborough for the National XC Champs. All had good runs – Jasmine Blunt, Alex Currie, Arthur Limb, Fergus Turner, Sam Green, Thomas Walton, Caitlin McCloy, Charlie Ross, Matthew Foreman, Sophie Hopkinson, Olivia Allen, Lucy Newbury, Poppy Lynn, Amelia Gerrelli. Eva Currie, Oliver Blunt and Sam Sargeant.

The annual first away run of the Spring was at Chatsworth as usual. The weather was very wet and cold but 25 runners braved the evening with 4 groups taking part. It was then back to the Grouse at Darley Dale for food and the presentation of the prizes for the 10k handicap.

April 2018

The highlight of this month must be MACs first running of Peak Rail 7 miles Runner-v-Steam event on Easter Monday 2nd April. However, due to overnight snow, the event was very nearly called off. Many competitors struggled to arrive but it went ahead in challenging conditions with slush, floods, snow and extreme cold. It was a resounding success with £250 going to Sole Mates, Greenaway Workshop, Derbyshire Federation for Mental Health and the Air Ambulance.

Les Thurston took on the White Horse Half Marathon in Oxfordshire in preparation for London Marathon on 22nd April. However, he picked up a knee injury which meant he had to defer his London place until next year. However, Dennis Belbin, took up the Club place and finished in a creditable 4 hours 5 mins, given the extremely hot weather.

Andy Hall took on the Kielder Forest 50k Ultramarathon in Northumberland and Richard Bradbury and Geoff Cooper undertook the Kinder Downfall 15.4k in good weather conditions.

The MAC Senior and Junior XC took place as usual from the Three Stags Head at Darley Bridge on Monday evening 9th after being postponed because of snow in March. There was a good turnout despite the very wet conditions and the Junior Prize presentation took place before training at Arc the following Monday. 1st U12 Oliver Blunt and Caitlin McCloy. 1st U16 Bertie Elphick and Lizzie Webster. 1st Seniors Mike Blair and Helen Emmerson. The GP winners were also awarded prizes -1st U12 Alex Currie and Freya Lester. 1st U16 Birtie West and Lizzie Webster.

It was the first BDL Summer League event at Teversal in April with a good MAC turnout. Dan Haworth secured the first ever MAC male win and the Men claimed 2nd place in the competition. The ladies finished in 4th place.

The new Bakewell Parkrun goes from strength to strength with Zak Hodgkinson taking 1st place on 21st in a time of 16.53.

Wirksworth Incline FR (6.4k/208m) was in the Senior and Junior GP and there were nearly 40 MAC runners taking part.

May 2018

On 4th May Ian Milne died due to a stroke. He had been out running the day before it happened. Ian was a much respected member of the Club for many years and was Club Treasurer for many years as well as the organiser of the White Peak Marathon and Swift Half. His funeral was well attended by Club members. £100 was donated from the Club to the Stroke Association as per Lyn’s wishes.

The White Peak Marathon took place on 19th May and the it was re-named The Ian Milne White Peak Marathon in Ian’s honour with a commemorative shield presented to the winner Ty Farrer of Huntingdon AC in 2.42.27. MACs Zak Hodgkinson was 2nd in 2.58.37.  1st lady was Juliette Howard in 3.22.11.   There were 145 runners. The winner of the Half was Greg Hopkinson of Beeston AC in 1.16.25. 1st lady MACs Hayley Gill in 1.33.35. There were 292 runners. Fine weather greeted the runners and there were 6 MAC runners in the half and 6 MAC runners in the full marathon. The Club also held a commemorative Thursday evening away run taking in High Tor which 30 members attended.

Race 2 of 5 of the BDL took place at Ilkeston the men stand in 8th place from 12 after the 2 races and the ladies, not doing as well as last year so far, 6th.   Combined MAC stand in 7th place.

Peter Wilmot and Craig Allen continued to take on Ultras and took part in the Transvulcania on the island of La Palma, considered to be the hardest mountain marathon in the Canary Islands. Tess and Mark Jackson took on the half distance.

Alan Pickering made a welcome return to racing after many months injured and took on the Hathersage Hurtle a 20 mile off road run. He finished in 2.53.53 and 2nd MV50. Andy Hall also took part in 3.46.37.

Tansley Hill Race was a great success with good weather a races for juniors too. The race was also in the Senior GP.

The monthly Buxton Pavilion Gardens 5k organised by Buxton AC was in the Junior GP and attracted lots of MAC juniors.

Donations were made from the Race the Train to local charities which were decided by the members. £250 to Sole Mates, £250 to Derbyshire For Mental Health, £250 for Greenaway Workshop and £250 Air Ambulance.

The Alan Kirk Lad’s Leap FR (9.5k/528m) from Crowden Campsite incorporated the UK Senior Inter-Counties FR Champs and the Derbyshire team of Harry Holmes, Dan Haworth (2nd Claim MAC) and our own Billy Cartwright were 3rd. 1st place Yorkshire and 2nd place Cumbria.

The Tour of Derwent Valley 4 race series over the Bank Holiday weekend, organised by David Denton attracted a lot of MAC interest with John Thorpe 8th, Scott Thompson 10th, Jack Cummins 16th, John Hurley 20th, Andy Hodkin 26th and Kathryn Berrisford 36th after completing all 4 races.

Christine Howard tackled the Exeter Marathon this month and Rosie Croft Edinburgh Marathon.

June 2018

Derby Half Marathon saw Colin Davenport finish 9th in 1.18.22, Paddy Wright 1.23.50, John Thorpe 1.28.29, Simon Flitter 1.31.38, James Fox 1.31.50, Ian Watson 1.32.52. Hayley Gill 2nd LV35 and 6th overall, Alaina Bond 1.41.56 and Carly Spear 1.53.35. Dan Ashcroft 1.35.08, Jason Turner 1.37.02, Jack Cummins 1.39.45, Andy Hodkin with son Jake 1.43.51 and John Brennan, back from injury, 1.49.11.

Karl Webster, Christine Howard, Chris Hallas and Charlie Whittaker took on the toughest Triathlon X Ironman in Ambleside. In torrential rain for the whole event, Karl finished in 15 hours 21 minutes, Chris Hallas 15 hours 48 minutes, Charlie 15 hours 50 minutes and Christine Howard 16 hours 16 minutes and 1st LV40.

The juniors continue to excel at all types of races with Aquathlons, Triathlons, Duathlons, as well as fell and road races.

Matt Haywood continues with his ultra distances and took part in the Chester Deva Triathlon Middle Distance finishing 36th in 4.42.45. Keswick Mountain Festival Weekend he undertook the 50k Ultra.

The Whitworth Thread continues to attract good numbers each month and the June monthly Thread raised £111 for the Stroke Association in memory of Ian Milne.

The popular Edale Country Fair Fell Race attracted lots of senior and junior MACs with Ian Phillips 2nd place, Andy Shelton, Craig Allen, Peter Wilmot, Simon Croft. Ian Phillips was also 2nd at the Calver Peak Fell race with Ben Cartwright, Richard Bradbury, Scott Thompson and Oliver Brocklehurst all putting in good performances. It was also Boar’s Head, Castleton Fell Race, Bosley Fete Fell Race, Blackamoor. 26 MACs took on the Tunnels and Trails Race starting at Middleton Top.

New member Matt Nichols loves the fells and took on the notoriously difficult Duddon Valley Short fell race finishing in 4th place overall. Whilst Zak Hodgkinson took 2nd place at the Passing Clouds Fell race at Tittesworth Reservoir. John Thorpe, Ricky Wood, Bob Foreman, Paddy Wright, Jason Turner, Dan Ashcroft, Jack Cummins, Shelley Fairey, Gavin Simmons, Alaina Bond, Mark and Tessa Jackson too.

In the 3rd race in the BDL Summer series at Denby MAC had over 30 taking part with Zak Hodgkinson 9th overall and Colin Davenport 10th. Oliver Lloyd was 1st MAC junior, Jim Thorneycroft 2nd MV60, Jo Grant was 2nd LV45, Jan Forrester 1st LV65 and Tessa Jackson 3rd LV65.

At the annual Hairy Helmet relays MAC finished 1st Male Open team (Mike Blair, Zak Hodgkinson, Colin Davenport and Dan Haworth) with Dan also winning the Gladiator helmet for the fastest individual time. MAC had 14 teams of 4 and also won the Men 200 category, Mixed 200 and Men 160.

Winster Hill Race was well supported with 24 MACs taking part. This was a Senior GP race. Mike Blair was 3rd overall and Elsbeth Grant was 1st lady and Shelley Fairey was 3rd lady

Billy and Ben Cartwright continue racing in the fells and with Geoff Cooper and Matt Nichols took on the Snowdon Twilight race in preparation for the Snowdon Mountain race in July. This involves running to the summit of Snowdon. Billy was 9th, Ben 15th, Matt 30th and Geoff 78th.

July 2018

The hot Summer just went on and on and the juniors enjoyed some great races at Great Bakwell Pudding Race, Great Hucklow Fell Race, Whitworth Thread which was in the junior GP and it was the last running of the Alfreton Community Park 5k organised by Ripley RC. Logan Fairey had attended almost every race and was rewarded with a special medal. Bonsall Run also attracted lots of juniors for the 1 lap (U12s) and 2 laps (U16), also in the junior GP.

The 4th BDL race had a good turnoutof 241 at Carsington Water for the 5.3 mile course, despite the World Cup being on the TV, with Colin Davenport 2nd. Jo Grant has already claimed 1st place in the series in the LV45 category.

Jan Forrester represented GBR in the World Multisport Champs in Odense Denmark in the LV65-69 category. Jan was 4th, 2.5 minutes behind the current world champ in 3rd and 2 new Brits to the category took 1 and 2. So Brits were 1,2,3,4 out of 12.

Derwent River Relays in Belper were well supported with several teams and MAC had 24 runners taking part with Dopeys Delights taking the win – Mike Blair, Hayley Gill, Shelley Fairey and Matt Haywood in the mixed team.

Dan Ashcroft continues his marathon training taking on the Dambuster 10 miler on a Saturday and the Spire 10 miler on Sunday.

A bus load of MACs travelled to Wales for the Snowdonia Trail Half Marathon. Zak Hodgkinson was 2nd overall in just under 2 hours. All MACs performed well and have vowed to take on the challenge again next year. Christine Howard was the only MAC to tackle the marathon and was 3rd in the LV45 category.

MACs own Black Rocks Fell Race was held on the day England were playing in the World Cup so numbers were significantly down on last year – 205 to 72 – but the race went well with Ben Cartwright 2nd.

History was made on 8 July when the long-standing Bob Graham Round record, set by Billy Bland and held since 1982 was broken by Kilian Jornet, the world trail running champion from Catalonia by just over 1 hour in a time of 12 hours 52 minutes. The race sees 42 peaks, 66 miles and 27,000’ of climb starting in Keswick and MACs Richard Bradbury, Billy Cartwright and 2nd claim member Dan Haworth assist with navigation and support.

It was the International Snowdon Mountain Race and Ben Cartwright was in fine form again coming home in 38th from a field of 600. Bradley Stone and Geoff Cooper also took on the challenge.

Captain, Colin Davenport took on Italy’s Gran Trail Orobie (44 miles, 14,000’) mountain running through the Alps within a time limit of 24 hours. He took on the challenge to raise funds for Meadow View Community Care Centre in Darley Dale specialising in care for dementia patients. Anthony Marchington, a MAC member, is there as he developed early onset dementia. The money raised will go towards trainers and exercise equipment for patients.  Colin had also taken on the Welsh Marathon in Tenby taking 2nd place.

The senior GP races have been well supported with this month seeing Warslow Beer Festival FR and Brassington Fell Race take place.

August 2018

The final BDL race in the series of 5 took place at Shipley Pk, Heanor which was also a Senior GP race. Not such good results for the Ladies’ team as last year (1st), they finished 5th and the Men’s Team finished 3rd.  In the Combined MAC were 5th of the 12.  Jo Grant 1st LV45, Jim Thorneycroft 2nd MV60 and Oliver Lloyd 3rd JM.

John Thorpe continues to impress with a 4th place and PB time of 17.33 in Bakewell Parkrun.

Ricky’s Race went off without a hitch this year, from the new Headquarters at the Square and Compass, Darley Bridge.  Parking was much easier and having the Registration just across the road at the pub proved a good move.

Nicky Dick continues to take on the Euro and World triathlons at Sprint distance and finished 26th in LV55 age group at the Euro Champs in Glasgow.

Mike Blair wins triple crown; the challenge comprises Hardwick Hall 10k, Holymoorside 10k and Spire 10 miles.  Ricky Wood was 4th, Dennis Belbin 9th, Jason Turner 10th, Dan Maskrey 14th, David Greatorex 18th, Shelley Fairey 1st MAC lady and 3rd lady overall, Andy Hodkin 22nd, Emma Turner 7th lady, Craig Cantrill 37th.  109 runners completed all 3 races.

Ben and Billy Cartwright and Ian Phillips continue to conquer the fells and Ian had a great race at Borrowdale (27k/2,000m) 22nd.  Billy is on target to get a top 5 finish in the English Fell Running Champs.  Billy Cartwright and Geoff Cooper took on the Ben Nevis Hill Race, part of the British Fell Running Champs with Billy 21st and Geoff smashed his PB time for the race by 25 minutes.

17 MACs ran the Limestone Way from Castleton to Matlock in hot conditions to raise funds for dementia patients living at Meadow View, Matlock to buy exercise equipment.  Fellow MAC Anthony Marchington lives at Meadow View.  £1,250 was raised.

David Denton staged a new relay at Alport Heights to replace the Malt Shovel Relays.  It was the same format of 3 runners per team each running 2 miles.  MAC fielded 12 teams and the team of Simon Flitter, John Thorpe and Colin Davenport finished 2nd behind the Ripley Rams.

Wilne 10k doubled as Derbyshire 10k Championships and was also in the MAC senior GP.  Mike Blair took bronze in MV40 and Pete Wilmot Silver in the MV50 category.

Matlock Triathlon took place as normal on Bank Holiday Monday with 150 entrants.  It was double victory for the Grants – Eugene 1st home and daughter Elsbeth 1st lady.  Mum Jo also took part.

September 2018

The warm weather continued into September and the Longnor Races doubled as the Junior GP and 16 set off on the dirt track before a steep ascent to the hillside and the steep descent through the brook back to the start.

The Great Longstone Chase, the last of the local evening fell races attracted a record number of 205 runners and 3 MACs took it on – Billy Cartwright 2nd, Paddy Wright and Carly Spear with MACs 2nd claim Dan Haworth in his 1st claim Keswick strip took trhe win in a record time of 27.01.

Stanage Struggle FR (9.9k/355m) saw Bob Foreman have a great run, now in the MV60 category after a recent birthday and Jan Forrester took the 1st LV60 prize.  Ben Cartwright 4th, Matt Nichols 6th, Les Thurston also ran.

2 MACs, Matt Nichols and Geoff Cooper, took on the Salomon Skyline VK (Vertical Kilometre) following a marked course gaining 1,000m of height in less than 5k.

The inaugural Hindersitch Up Trial Hill Climb Race took place at Whatstandwell finishing in Crich with MACs Hayley Gill taking 1st lady and 1st junior male was James Briggs with Olivia Allen 1st junior girl.

Mansfield 10k saw 5 MACs line up at the start, Geoff Cooper missed out due to car breaking down. Mike Blair 4th, Paddy Wright 20th, Jim Thorneycroft 59th and 1st MV60, Andy Hodkin and Craig Cantrill.

There was success for MAC in the National fell running champs, Billy finishing 7th overall in the English Champs and 12th in the British.  In the English Dan Haworth finished 5th and newly joined as 2nd claim member, Harry Holmes, Pudsey and Bramley 1st claim, finished joint 8th.  In the British Dan 8th and Harry 10th.

Alaina Bond continues to up the distances and claimed her first ever trophy in the Ladybower Ultra 35 mile race at Fairholmes, finishing in 4th place.

Andy Hall also enjoys the longer distances and was 1st in the 100k Peak District Challenge race running through the night.

Zak Hodgkinson was 21st in the Nottingham Half, Jack Cummins smashed his PB to 1.34.49, Dan Ashcroft, Jim Thorneycroft, Kate O’Connor-Parker, Molly Gorman.

Junior MACs did well the Accelerate Gritty Series of fell races with Joe Currie winning the U16 Boys, Sophie Hopkinson U14 girls, Will Croft U10 boys and Caitlin McCloy U12 girls.

Nicky Dick continued an impressive round of triathlons this year and was 5th Brit in AG 55-59 from 66 competitors in the ITU World Triathlon Grand Final Sprint Duathlon on Australia’s Gold Coast.

October 2018

Mike Blair (43k/2,000m) there were only 200 finishers from 500 and he came 49th.  Paddy Wright and Carly Spear (16k/520m) took on the Bassano del Grappa Mountain race in Northern Italy.

Another contingent of 16 MACs set off for Palma for the Marathon and Half with great success and this seems to be an annual outing.  Meanwhile back home, it was hoped that there would be good turnout for Race 1 in the BDL XC Series which was also in the Senior GP.  Not to have worried as 24 MACs took part and the ladies won the team event.  Looking good for the next race at Chaddesden in November.

The juniors took on the first in the Derbyshire Mini League XC Series at Buxton in snow!  The Seniors travelled to Long Eaton for the British Masters XC Relay Champs.  There was a LV35 team of Carly Spear, Alison Pye and Chris Howard, LV45 – Penny McCloy, Andrea Joy Priestley and Kathryn Berrisford.  MV35 team Dennis Belbin, John Thorpe, Ian Phillips, Colin Davenport and Ricky Wood.  MV45 Andy Mellor, Greg Woodward, Geoff Cooper, Peter Wilmot and Karl Webster.  MV55 Andy Hodkin, John Hurley, Chris Hallas, John Birch.  Unfortunately the MV65+ and LV65+ teams both had to pull out through injuries, so the ladies were unable to defend their title from last year.

The 1st race in the N. Mids XC League took place at Markeaton Pk, Derby and attracted several juniors and a few seniors.

2 teams took on the British Fell Running Champs in Grasmere on a very misty, murky day.  The A team of Zak Hodgkinson, Billy and Ben Cartwright, Richard Bradbury, Matt Nichols and Ian Phillips finished in 12th place and the B team of Les Thurston, John Thorpe, Geoff Cooper, Christine Howard, Jon Curtis and Jan Forrester finished 238th.

It was the start of the Winter age graded 10k handicap and Clive Russell took the lead.

 November 2018

The 62nd Dovedale Dash saw MAC Dan Haworth 1st in a new course record of 25.41 and Elsbeth Grant 1st lady in 31.42.  There were 1, 363 runners with many MACs taking part.

MACs enjoyed some good running at the English XC Relays at Berry Hill, Mansfield.  U13 Boys, U13 Girls and Senior races for Men and Ladies.

Race 2 at Chaddesden in the BDL Series with the ladies triumphing again.  Harry Holmes was 1st overall and Elsbeth Grant 1st lady, 2nd Jade Stone.  29 MACs took part.

Alex Currie  was 1st in the Derbyshire Dales Schools XC with Jacob Jones 3rd with Arthur Limb putting in a great run to nearly catch Alex.

Lots of fell running successes in The Roaches (24.1k/1,128m) with Billy Cartwright 2nd and Zak Hodgkinson 6th, Bradley Stone, Matt Nichols, Rupert Holden, Mark Pollak, Scott Thompson and Mark Chimley also took part.  MAC finished 4th in the team category.  In Grin and Bear It (25.5k/758m) at Langsett Matt Nichols was 2nd.  Rupert Holden, Christine Howard and Jan Forrester also had good runs.

Clown Half was in the Senior and GP and Derbyshire County Championships.  15 MACs took part.  Nick Holland was 3rd overall claiming a Silver medal in the champs.  John Thorpe, Ricky Wood, James Fox, Shelley Fairey (Silver) Hayley Gill (Gold in LV40), Jack Cummins, Peter Wilmot (Silver MV50), Jason Turner, Dan Maskrey, David Greatorex, Andy Hodkin, Andy Mellor, Emma Turner (Bronze LV35), Craig Cantrill.

The Derbyshire Mini League Race 2 was a disappointing turnout of MAC juniors so are hoping for a good turnout on 15th December at final race at Moorways, Derby.

It was the AGM in November with 30 MACs attending.  It had been a good year with some great results and the first outing of Race the Train in April, despite the snowy weather raised £1,000 for local charities.  Dan Ashcroft was awarded the Chairman’s trophy for outstanding contribution to the Club when he went to the aid of a fellow runner in distress in a race on Mt Snowdon.  Mick Moorhouse and Steve Holt were awarded life time membership of the Club.  The committee were voted en masse apart from Men’s Captain, Colin Davenport, who stood down and John Thorpe was voted on.  Andy Hodkin was awarded the London Marathon place by ballot.

December 2018

The MAC organised race of BDL Bakewell Showground went ahead without a hitch and for  the first time MAC lead the Men’s, Ladies’ and Combined in the standings.  All to play for in the next race which will be at Bramcote Hills, Ilkeston instead of the usual Trent Meadows, Long Eaton, as part of the land has been sold.

The popular Bolsover 10k was also in the Senior Gp with Ricky Wood pulling further away from the Men and in the Ladies Emma Turner is in the lead with just one race to go.  Mike Blair was 1st MAC home in a PB of 35.09 and 9th overall, John Thorpe also got a PB in 36.32 in 17th.  Shelley Fairey was first MAC lady home in a new PB of 41.50 and 3rd senior lady.  22 MACs took part in the race with 832 runners.

In the 3rd race of the Winter evening 10k handicap, it was Mick Moorhouse who took first place with John Thorpe recording the fastest time of the evening.  The overall series is lead by Clive Russell with Emma Turner first lady.

Oliver Brocklehurst continues his fine form to finish 2nd with a PB of 18.16 at Bakewell 5k parkrun and it is welcome return from injury for the ever-improving David Davidson in the MV70-74 category.

It was the last race of 3 in the Derbyshire XC Mini League for juniors at Moorways, Derby.  With only Ellen Corke, Georgia Belbin, Alex Currie, Jacob Jones, Olivia Allen, Caitlin McCloy, Sam Sargeant, Matthew Foreman and Amelia Corke taking part, it was difficult to make inroads into the Derby AC attach who won all team competitions overall, although all MACs won well.  If MAC can field a larger team next year, it is hoped for better results.

The annual Christmas Fancy Dress Run had about 35 MACs enjoying the run from Arc Leisure, Matlock to visit several pubs before finishing up at the Red Lion, Matlock Green for drinks and refreshments.  15 MACs met at Carsington Water Sheepwash Carpark for the annual walk, cycle and run round the reservoir.

Whilst the Beetroot Race was well attended as it was in the Junior GP too.  Jim Titterton took the beetroot for the last runner in the race.

This race concluded the Junior GP and the winners are – U16 Girls – Amelia Corke, U16 Boys – Oliver Lloyd, U12 Girls – Sophie Hopkinson and U12 Boys – Jacob Jones.  The awards will be presented at the Junior Presentation Party in March – date tbc.

Due to another new race in the Race Calendar – The Tissington Marathon taking place in April 2019 3 weeks before the Ian Milne White Peak Marathon, it was decided to open entries early and to date this is filling up well.  It was decided to push again on 1st February when entries are usually open.

The Peak Rail Runner – v -Steam 7 mile run was full within hours when entries opened in December.



The New Year’s Day Hangover Race organised by David Denton took place from the new venue – The Bull’s Head, Belper.  80 runners took part with Ricky Wood taking 3rd place.

The parkruns are popular with MAC especially Bakewell, Poolsbrook and No Walk in the Park, Chesterfield.  At Bakewell Oliver Brocklehurst in the MU20 category is improving weekly with a win in February and it is good to see David Davidson, Martin Lea and Ann Armistead back from injury and trying to get back to fitness.

The Derbyshire XC Champs took place at a very dry Wollaton Pk, Nottingham in January.  In the U11 Boys Arthur Limb took gold and Jacob Jones silver and the team secured gold.  Hayley Gill VW35 gold and Jan Forrester VW65 gold.  The Ladies’ Master’s Team of Hayley, Christine Howard, Alison Pye and Jan took team silver.  U13 Boys’ claimed team bronze.  Karl Webster MV45 bronze and Mick Moorhouse MV65 bronze.  The Men’s Master’s Team of Colin Davenport, John Thorpe, Karl and Simon Croft took silver.  U13 girls Team bronze.  U17/UI20 combined 5,000m race saw Elsbeth Grant take gold, Lizzie Webster bronze.  The MAC team including Michaela Dick took gold in the U17 and silver in the combined U17/20.

In January, it was the 4th race of 5 in the BDL, now sponsored by Derby Runner, this was at a new venue at Bramcote Hills, Broxtowe as Trent Meadows, Long Eaton has been sold. 27 MACs took it on and with appearances from Dan Haworth, Harry Holmes and Billy Cartwright, catapulted MAC into 1st position in the Men’s, Ladies’ and Combined for the first time ever.  In the final race 5 at Holmesbrook Valley Country Pk, Chesterfield in February MAC fielded 29 and won the Triple.  There were also many individual awards too.  An amazing achievement.

MAC had a few runners at the Northern Athletics XC Champs at Pontefract Racecourse and all put in good performances, including the juniors, for which it was a great experience.  MAC were also represented at the English National XC Champs at Harewood House, Leeds.  Always a good leveller and great experience for the youngsters.

MAC are hoping to make inroads with some great team results and hopefully individual results too on the fells this year, as Stuart Bond, formerly Dark Peak FR and Kieran Allanson, Achille Ratti, Alasdair Campbell, Buxton plus others joined MAC.  Already MAC are winning team prizes as well as some regular appearances in the Top 10, including securing a 1,2,3 at Hope Winter FR – Harry Holmes, Dan Haworth and Billy Cartwright.   In the first race in the English FR Champs at Church Stretton MAC were 4th team with a 7th Dan Haworth, Harry Holmes 10th, Alasdair Campbell 22nd, Joe Oldfield 47th, Keiran Allanson 53rd, Billy Cartwright 58th.

The Peak Trail Running Series is popular especially with the MAC ladies and the first one at Bakewell, Hayley Gill was 1st lady with Helen Emmerson, Molly Gorman, Abi Waterfall, Karen Morley, Laurie Croft, Michelle Lester and Emma Phillips also in the race.

Many MACs are taking on long distance stuff this year with a good turnout in Grindleford Gallop (33k) and Edale Skyline (34k).

The last race of 6 in the MAC 10k age graded handicap saw 76year old Clive Russell win the MAC cap.  Fastest time on the night was Zak Hodgkinson  34.48 and 1st lady Emma Turner.

The Annual MAC XC was held as usual at Darley Bridge.  The winner of the Boys’ U12 – Alex Currie, 2nd Arthur Limb, 3rd Jacob Jones.  U16 – 1st Bertie Elphick, 2nd Oliver Lloyd, 3rd Charlie Ross.  Girls – U12 – Caitlin McCloy, Ellen Corke, Marlene Mettam.  Seniors – 1st Birtie West, 2nd John Thorpe, 3rd Ian Watson.  Ladies – 1st Shelley Fairey, 2nd Emma Turner, 3rd Alaina Bond.

44 members turned out for the annual MAC Senior Presentation at the Gate Tansley for buffet and awards.  Ricky Wood won the Senior GP and Emma Turner won the ladies’.

At the Junior Award Presentation at the Arc, the winners of the Junior GP were – U10G Georgia Belbin.  U10B Jacob Jones.  U12G Sophie Hopkinson.  U12B Alex Currie.  U14G Amelia Corke. U14B Bertie Elphick.  U16G Lizzie Webster.  U16B Oliver Lloyd.


Coniston 14 always popular with MAC saw 6 MACs make the trip but unfortunately Steve Holt who has done race over 20 times was unable to go due to health problems.

Meanwhile the new Bakewell Parkrun 5k on the Monsal Trail continues to gain popularity with many MACs taking part weekly.

Membership is thriving still with many new members signing up and continued success on the fells.

Carly Spear and Paddy Wright took on Paris Marathon with style - 3 hrs 35 mins and 3 hrs 1 min. respectively.  Ricky Wood did Boston Lincs Marathon in 2 hrs 56 mins.  London Marathon saw 8 MACs take place with Nick Holland top placed MAC in 338th 2 hrs 38 mins 38 secs and Colin Davenport 862nd in 2.47.29. Edinburgh - John Thorpe 2.56.02 and Alaina Bond 3.22.21.   Whereas many MACs favour the half marathon distance - Sheffield; Longhorn; Granada, Spain; North Lincs.

Nicky Dick took part in the 2019 Pontevedra ITU Multisport World Champs taking on the tough Standard X Triathlon.

The juniors continue to thrive with a waiting list as there are so many want to join.  They are all doing well in their own Junior GP with races at Whitworth Thread, Trust 10k & 5k Longshaw and Buxton Pavilion 5k.   1st so far in U16 boys Charlie Ross, Girls - Sophie Hopkinson.  U12 boys Jacob Jones, girls - Marlene Mettam.

In the 2nd Senior GP race at Higham Hill Dan Haworth and Harry Holmes 1st and 2nd, a repeat of last year's result whereas many MACs made their debut races.  Billy Cartwright, Dan and Harry also took on the Howgills FR (23k/2,070m) along with Zak Hodgkinson, Joe Oldfield, who used to be a MAC member in his youth, Kieran Allanson (rejoined from Achille Ratti), Matt Nichols, Jack Cummins, Geoff Cooper and Bradley Stone.  Several MACs represented Derbyshire in the British Inter Counties Hill and Fell Running Champs, Todmorden, Lances.  Taking Gold from 20 team.

MAC fell runners continue to shine in some of the toughest races in the country and at the end of June were 2nd place in the British Fell and Hill Running Champs 2019 and equal 3rd with Helm Hill in the English.  An amazing achievement.  They also took the team prize in the Yorkshire 3 Peaks Race (37.4k/1,608m).

Peak Rail 7 Runner-v-Steam was a great success (the brain-child of Jim Thorneycroft) with good weather afrer the snow and cold of the previous year.  215 runners took part with 129 entrants beating the train. £1,200 was raised for local charitites.

In the BDL Series of Trail Races MAC have put in some fine performances even though the best male runners have not yet taken part this series so far.  The Men are standing 6th and Ladies' 1st with combined team placing of 4th. Also been some good individual category wins and top 3 placings. 2 races to go.

Special menton to Hayley Gill who continues to improve with a 3rd lady in Derby Half Marathon 1.27.20 (PB).

Christine Howard, new member Nick Gant, Peter Wilmot continue to take on Ultra stuff with great success.

MAC have even had success in track with Juniors Caitlin McCloy, Freya Lester, Bertie Elphick, Christian Keeping, Oliver Brocklehurst taking part at theDerbyshire Athletics Track and Field Champs, Moorways, Derby.

The Ian Milne White Peak Marathon nearly did not go ahead as early on in the season a new marathon starting at Ashbourne on the Tissington Trail took place 3 weeks before.  MAC pulled out all the stops and brought the entry date forward.  Numbers were down but the half was full as usual.  Then a couple of weeks before a lorry demolished a bridge at Longcliffe and the tunnel at Hopton was closed for repairs.  With a diversion through farmer's fields all went ahead with great success.  The winner was as last year Ty Farrer Hungtingdon AC in 2.43.29 and lady winner Leah Williams Loughborough Uni Orienteering Club 3.01.57.  Several MACs took part in the marathn and half with Nick Hollan winning in 1.13.39.  Leonie Shipley, Chesapeake RR was 1st lady in 1.25.04.

15 teams of 4 took part in the 4 x 2 mile relay at the Hairy Helmet Relays at Darley Park, Derby. The Men's team of Dan Fletcher, Zak Hodgkinson, John Thorpe and Nick Holland retained the Hairy Helmet for another year.  There were wins in FV160, Mixed Open, Ultra Vets 240, Mixed Team 64.

The new Tour of Bradwell Relay covering 57k with 6 to a team was won by MAC - Dan Haworth, Billy Cartwright, Harry Holmes, Ricky Wood and Alasdair Campbell.

JULY, AUGUST, SEPTEMBER 2019  MACs took on the Endure 24 race in Leeds – a round the clock event comprising of 5 mile loops in the grounds of Bramham Park.  There were 2 teams – Jack Cummins, John Thorpe, Simon Flitter and Zak Hodgkinson finished in 4th in category and 9th overall.  The 2nd team completed 39 laps and finished 9th from 100 teams in category.

Derwent River Relays in Belper took place early July and  7 teams took part including juniors.  Each team of 4 run a 2.9 mile loop.  The men’s team were 2nd, senior women 1st, mixed junior team 1st. In the Mixed veteran team, one team was 2nd and one team was 4th.

The popular Winster Hill Race was well represented by 30 ACs.  Elsbeth Grant was 1st lady, Ian Watson 1st MAC home, Sophie Hopkinson 1st Junior lady and Jan Forrester 1st LV60.

In Crich Monument Race Dan Haworth was 1st and Hayley Gill 1st vet lady and 2nd lady overall.

MACs own race – Black Rocks Fell Race – was much better attended than last year – 209 runners to 84 last year, which was because it was the same night as one of the England Football Team matches in the World Cup.

The Snowdonia Trail Half saw John Thorpe finish 9th overall and Paddy Wright 12th.  Carly Spear and Martin Lea also took part.  Unfortunately, Matt Nichols had to retire from the Trail Marathon due to injury.

MACs conquered Snowdon in the International Snowdon Race also in July.  Billy Cartwright and Dan Haworth represented England as part of a 4 man team.  England were 2nd to Scotland with teams from as far away as Japan taking part.   Billy was 9th, Dan was 123th, Harry Holmes 20th, Stuart Bond 26th, Geoff Cooper and Les Thurston also took part.

At Hardwick 10k Laura Bassett, Alaina Bond and Emma Turner were 1st ladies’ team.

John Thorpe was 32nd in the Lakeland 100 50 miler (3,069m) in 9 hours 39 minutes, Alaina finished in the top 30 ladies in 12 hours 27 minutes, Derek Chetwin 12 hours 9 minutes.

AUGUST  It was the last race of 5 in the BDL Summer Trail Series at Shipley Park Heanor.   The Men finished 6th, Ladies’ 2nd and in the Combined 6th.  Also the presentation for the Winter Cross Country League. MAC finished 1st in the Men’s, 1st in the Ladies’ and 1st in the Combined.  With several individual age category wins and places too.

Ricky’s Race had over 200 runners with Clive Russell 77 taking part.  Ben Cartwright was 2nd this year after a win last year.

Stuart Bond returning to fitness and in the sky blue after joining MAC from Dark Peak earlier in the year took the win at Pilsley FR.

At Wilne 10k (incorporating the Derbyshire Athletics 10k Champs and the Midland Masters Champs).  In the Derbyshire Champs Mike Blair, 2nd in MV35, Jim Thorneycroft 1st in MV55, Hayley Gill 3rd lady and 1st in LV35 category.

SEPTEMBER  David Denton’s 3 x 1.8 mile relay at Alport Heights proved popular with MAC with 1st and 2nd place and the junior team of Jacob Jones, Logan Fairey and Will Croft 1st place in the U17 category.

Nicky Dick continues to take on International and National triathlons in Lusanne, Switzerland, Brighton to name a couple.  Alasdair Campbell finished 9th from 35 in the British FR Champs.

In the Great Kinder Beer Barrel Challenge at Edale Team Gladioli made up of mostly MACs – Chris Perry, Paddy Wright, Karl Webster, Zak Hodgkinson, Ben Cartwright, Richard Bradbury and Joe Oldfield retained the trophy from last year and Team Gladi-Old-Guys – also mainly MACs – Chris Hallas, Mark Pollak, Antony Lester, John Thorpe, Jason Turner, Jack Cummins and 17 year old Birtie West the youngest participant and for the first time a Ladies’ team of 6 MACs – Shelley Fairey, Lottie Riddle, Emma Turner, Carly Spear, Kelly Lyn and Chris Howard were 1st.

In the English FR Champs Dan Haworth finished 4th, Billy Cartwright 7th and Harry Holmes 9th.  IN the Team standings MAC were 6th which is an amazing achievement given the competition – Keswick, Dark Peak, Helm Hill, Ambleside and Calder Valley.



It was the first race of 5 in the Winter League Derby Runner BDL at Shipley Park, Heanor.  Very wet conditions with 19 MACs, despite a group of 12 MACs travelling to Palma for the annual trip for the Half Marathon and Marathon.   The BDL race was also in the Senior GP.  In Palma in 30 degree heat Colin Davenport was 5th in 2 hours 49.14.

It was also the first round of the N. Mids XC League at Markeaton Park, Derby with 8 juniors taking part.  Dan Haworth, Harry Holmes and Geoff Cooper also had their debut on the course.

It was the first race in the series of 8 Age Graded 10k Handicap runs too.  Route goes from the Arc Matlock through Hall Leys Park to the Pav, Matlock Bath and back.

Chester Marathon saw some great results with 8 MACs taking part – Hayley Gill running her first marathon, Ian Watson, Chris Hallas, Christine Howard, Dave Armshaw, Nick Harrison, Dan Ashcroft and Jack Cummins.  This was enough to win the title of England Athletics Marathon Team Champions of 2019.

In the British Fell Relay Champs at Ladybower MAC had 3 teams with the A team taking an amazing 7th place.  Billy Cartwright, Alasdair Campbell, Joe Oldfield, Harry Holmes, Stuart Bond and Dan Haworth.  The B team was 43rd – Pete Watson, Paddy Wright, Derek Chetwin, Rich Bradbury, Matt Nichols and John Thorpe.  The Vet 50 team were 137th of 224 teams – Simon Croft, Pete Wilmot, Mark Elwis, Andy Hall, Geoff Cooper and Bob Foreman.

October also saw the Northern Athletics XC Relay Champs at Graves Park, Sheffield, represented by Jacob Jones, Logan Fairey, Andrew Slater, Sam Sargeant, Callum Burch, Alfie Clarke, Josh Brooks, Christian Keeping and Oliver Lloyd in the boys and Lilli Gerrilli, Erin Wooliscroft and Georgia Belbin in the girls.


And the rain continued.  So much so that the Dovedale Dash was cancelled due to waterlogging of the car parking area.

MAC were also represented in the National XC Relays at Berry Hill, Mansfield with over 1,000 runners from all over the country.  4 runners per team.  Paddy Wright, Oliver Brocklehurst, Colin Davenport and John Thorpe took part after torrential rain produced a mudbath.

Jan Forrester with son, Joe took on the 100 mile stage race in India a race she had wanted to do for 20 years – 24 miles day 1, 20 day 2, full marathon – the Everest Challenge Marathon day 3, 13 miles day 4 and 17 miles day 5 and at atltitude.  Jan and Joe had an  incredible time and completed the challenge.  Jan in 33 hours 22 mins, 1st LV60 and Joe 27 hours and he was also 2nd in the Everest Challenge Marathon and 2nd on day 4.

BDL Race 2 was at Chaddesden Park, Derby.   311 runners.  After 2 races the Men’s Team is 7th and the Ladies 1st and combined 4th.

Hayley Gill used the Club’s free golden ticket to take on the Silverstone Half Marathon and came an impressive 2nd place.  Jason Turner did Clowne half and John Thorpe set a new course record in the Avenue 5k at Wingerworth in 17.53.

MAC Members age graded 10k saw new member (but he used to be in the club a few years ago) Tony Barrable take the lead.  Numbers well down due to the flooding of late.

At the AGM Beccy Owen stepped down as treasurer and Dan Ashcroft was voted to the role.  Gavin Simmonds won the Club London Marathon place after his name was pulled out of the hat of 14 runners.  Jan Forrester was voted as a Lifetime Member and Andy Lessiter won the Chairman’s trophy for his outstanding work on the White Peak Marathon and Half.  Kathryn Berrisford takes on the role as Race Director for next year when the 2 races are joined by the ‘Down in a Shot 10k’ to make a Running Festival.  Antony Lester chose the name of the race.


Race 3 in the BDL was at Pewit Golf Club, Ilkeston and 19 MACs took on the very muddy race.  Billy Cartwright was 2nd overall and Hayley Gill 4th lady.  This leaves MAC men’s team in 6th place, the ladies in 2nd and combined 4th.

Bolsover 10k was in the Senior GP and 22 MACs took part with Dan Fletcher coming 4th.  One race to go in the GP – The Derbyshire XC Champs on 4th January.

Several MACs are taking on Peak Raid navigation events with differing results.

35 MACs took part in the Annual Christmas Fancy dress run finishing at the Red Lion on Matlock Green.

The Beetroot Race had 64 runners, the most ever and was in the Junior GP which concluded for the year. U16 winner boys – Oliver Lloyd, Charlie Ross, Christian Keeping.  U16 girls – Sophie Hopkinson, Amelia Corke, Lizzie Webster.  U12 boys – Jacob Jones, Logan Fairey, Heath Fairey.  U12 girls – Georgia Belbin, Caitlin McCloy, Marlene Mettam.



Cross Country Season is well underway in January and first up of the New Year was the Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire XC Champs at Shipley Park, Heanor.  There were many medal winners with representatives in the U11 Boys through to Seniors.  U13 boys got team silver – Will Croft, Jacob Jones, Charlie Ross.  U17/20 Girls - 1st Elsbeth Grant and 6th and 3rd U17 Lizzie Webster.  Senior/Vet Women – Shelley Fairey 3rd SL, Hayley Gill Silver FV35, Jan Forrester Gold FV65.  Alison, Hayley, Jan and Carly Spear also took Team Silver.  In the Senior/Vet/20 Men Dan Haworth was 1st and Derbyshire XC Champ!  3rd Billy Cartwright.  Colin Davenport MV35 Bronze, Mick Moorhouse Gold MV65.  Vet Men Team – Colin, John Thorpe, Paddy Wright and Karl Webster took Team Gold and Bob Foreman, Mick, Simon Croft and John Hurley Vet Men Team Bronze.

7 Juniors took on the 4th and final race in the N. Mids XC League at Wollaton Park, Nottingham.  U11 Girls Georgia Belbin 27th.  U11 Boys Jacob Jones, Will Croft, Logan Fairey and Andrew Slater 1st team.   U15 Girls Amelia Corke ran to 20th.  In the Senior Men Mick Moorhouse was 1stMV65.

The MAC 10k Handicap Age Graded races of 6 in the Series continue with the last race being in March.

It was the 4th Race in the BDL Series at Bramcote Hills, Nottingham.  The MAC Ladies shone with Shelley Fairey 1st lady and the Team taking the top spot.  The men did not fare so well with John Thorpe 1st MAC back in 13th putting them in 11th from 12 teams.  With one race to go at Holmesbrook Valley Park in February.  There are lots of individual titles to go for too.

At the Northern XC Champs at Bedale, Dan Haworth was in fine form again taking 1st place in the Senior Men’s race.  7 MACs took part.   Dan was selected by the ECCA to represent the North of England in a Team of 4 at the International Belgium Cross Cup on 8th February.


If we only knew what was to come.  Races were starting to be cancelled due to the very heavy rain and damage to trees from the storms, Ciara and Dennis.  So the last race of the BDL Series of 5 at Holmebrook Valley Park, Chesterfield was postponed and then cancelled and the series will be decided on the best of the 4 races.

Dan Haworth and a contingent of 50 English Athletes made it to Belgium for the International Cross Country Cup and Dan had a great run to finish ibn 25th place representing Northern Athletics.

Tony Barrable continued to dominate in the MAC 10k age graded handicap in the 5th race with one to go in the series in March.  He also ran the fastest performance grading in the event – 83.62%.   Elle Thompson in her debut race came home first for the ladies,  32 runners took part.

The English National XC Champs, Wollaton Pk, Nottingham went ahead despite the very wet conditions, but parking was a nightmare as runners were directed to areas all over Nottingham; some runners nearly missing the race.  MAC were represented in the U13 girls – Ellen Corke, U15 girls – Amelia Corke and Poppy Lynn, U13 boys – Alex Currie , Junior Women with Elsbeth Grant taking 20th from 131 runners.  In the Senior Ladies 3 ladies took part – Lottie Riddle, Louise Rowley and Nicky Dick, Senior Men – Dan Haworth 19th, Billy Cartwright 80th, Harry Holmes 109th, Paddy Wright 534th, Colin Davenport 601st and Peter Wilmot 1,144th.


The High Peak Marathon was cancelled due to unable to obtain enough access land.

The British Athletics Cross Challenge incorporating the UK Inter-Counties Champs were held at Prestwold Hall, Loughborough and 4 MACs represented Derbyshire.  Dan Haworth came 13th, Billy Cartwright 46th and Harry Holmes 92nd.  The Derbyshire Men’s Team finished 7th overall alongside 5 other runners.  In the Senior Women – Shelley Fairey, Hayley Gill and Louise Rowley took part.  In the Junior races – Bertie Elphick, Lizzie Webster, Elsbeth Grant 8th from 136, Jacob Jones, Will Croft  and Charlie Ross.

MAC Junior and Senior XC took place at Stancliffe Hall, Darley Dale – a new venue.  The Coronavirus was just starting to take hold in Britain but as it was a MAC event not open to the public it was decided to go ahead.  Karl Webster presented the prizes for the juniors – Will Croft, Marlene Mettam, Oliver Lloyd, Poppy Lynn.  He also presented prizes for the Junior GP for the 2019 season.  In the Senior Race in the XC it was Shelley Fairey who led the ladies home and Simon Fisher the Men.

In the evening it was the Senior Presentation for 2019 at the Remarkable Hare, Matlock.  30 members attended the buffet and quiz and presentation  of the Senior GP winners for 2019 – for the Ladies overall winner was Emma Turner, Alison Pye 1st SL, Sally Owen 1st LV40 and Jan Forrester 1st LV50.  For the Men – John Thorpe overall winner, Bertie West 1st SM, Ian Watson 1st MV40 and Jim Thorneycroft 1st MV50.  Tony Barrable won the MAC age graded 10k handicap and Louise Rowley for the ladies.

Then disaster struck and the Coronavirus started to impact on races with many being postponed or cancelled.  MAC stopped all training sessions too as the Government upped restrictions on movement and social distancing.  In mid-March the UK went into Lockdown and the White Peak Festival of Running and the Peak Rail Runner-v-Steam were postponed.  Exercise outside was still allowed but limited to short distances and only from home with no inessential journeys allowed.

All we could do was sit and wait for the virus to be contained.


As the Coronovirus spread around the World MAC continued to adhere to Government guidelines and exercised alone, but once it was realised we were in for the long haul, the Committee decided it would be a good idea to help keep members motivated, fit – mentally as well as physically – and connected by organising a series of Virtual challenges.

The biggest and most successful was the Virtual 300 Relay which involved over 70 runners running for 30 or 60 minutes each, from home, with a given time slot for 36 hours over a weekend in May, including through the night.  £6,600 was raised for Ashgate Hospice.

Some members took part in a National Virtual 5ks.  Exercise sessions at home or garden in MAC vest.  Running or cycling and displaying club vest – in places such as on rocks and fences in various locations.  The Virtual fast mile.  Proudest running moment with photo were posted on social media.  To keep the spirit of Runner-v-Steam alive, Jim Thorneycroft organised the Virtual Runner-v-Steam where members replicated the distance – 7 miles- and terrain where possible, for those who were unable to travel to the actual route – Rowsley to Matlock and back on the trail.

Although Government restrictions on movement and exercise were gradually being slackened as deaths from Covid 19 drop, The Ian Milne White Peak Marathon had to be cancelled, although the other 2 races in the Running Festival – the Swift Half and the inaugural Down in a Shot 10k were postponed until November.  The thinking that November could be a bit late for a marathon, so the marathon will be part of the Running Festival for 2021.  So over 4 days members could run the full marathon or half and the juniors ran 10k or 10 miles.

There was a Virtual duathlon with the run, cycle and run on different days.  5k run, 10k bike, 3k run.

The Virtual TODV where runners ran their own routes for the famous Tour of Derwent Valley  4 races over the May Bank Holiday weekend.  Again replicating the distance and elevation where possible.  Some members managed to run at least part of the courses.  Duffield; Bulls Head Belper Lane End; Farnah Green and Rowsley.

The Virtual Fell Challenge with members replicating local routes of 8k distance for a category B fell race – 25-49m of ascent for each kilometre.  Routes chosen including variations on Ricky’s Race and the Black Rocks Fell Race.  The fell race was due to be run proper in July, but this too was cancelled as was Black Rocks Fell Race.

For June there was the British Masters Virtual 5k Relay, doubling up as a 5 challenge raising money for the Whitworth Centre, Darley Dale with members paying an entry fee for the Virtual race.   The Virtual Hairy Helmet Relay.  MAC had entries in most categories in the V35-70+ in ten year bands.  The best result was Colin Davenport in the MV35-44  category and the Ladies team of Jan Forrester, Tessa Jackson and Ann Armistead in the LV65-74 category were 4th just 10 seconds behind Totley AC.

MAC resumed Thursday evening training as Government restrictions eased at beginning of June so that a group of up to 6 were allowed to run together with a guide at 2 metre distance and adhering to guidelines about not running with symptoms, not leaving gate open for next runner, not touching stiles where possible.  This worked well and up to 6 groups of 6 were meeting up at various locations to run to train and socially.

Mark Pollak arranged a Bronco Challenge which was a series of shuttle runs covering a total distance of 1.2k held in the bottom field at the Whitworth Centre, again with funds going to their crowdfunding appeal.  John Thorpe was fasted for the men and Lisa Jones for the ladies.

July, August, September 2020

Restrictions on activities continued as the death toll reached over 40,000 in the UK.  Although gradually easing, there is still no indication when racing of any kind can resume.

So several MACs entered an event organised by Events Up North – 3 fell races.  The first a short – 4 miles, 900 ft ascent to be run between 27th June and 3rd July.  Race 2, medium, - 8 miles, 1,800 ft ascent, to be run between 11th-27th July and Race 3, long – 12 miles, 3,000ft ascent to be run between 1st-7th August.  Race 2 results were delayed due to a threat to security of Garmin which meant people were unable to record their results for several days.

As the Belper River Relays were cancelled, Jim Thorneycroft organised an inter-club event with North Derbyshire RC, Ripley RC and Canon Events for a 4 man relay.  45 teams over the 4 clubs were amassed with the 5k run being as flat as possible and taking place over the weekend of 4th-5th July.   Some local to Belper managed to replicate the actual run along the River Derwent at Belper as near as possible.

Ian Watson devised an Ascent Challenge with the most height ran in 30 or 60 minutes.  Richard Bradbury took the honours in the 60 minute event by amassing 982m on Crookstone, near Kinder scout.  In the 30 minute Alaina Bond was 1st lady with 311m of High Tor and Riber Road.  Ian Watson was 1st man with 361m on Bank Road, Matlock doing reps.

As Fell Runner magazine had no events to report, they did a retrospective for the Summer Issue mentioning many past winners.  3 MACs got a mention in the British Junior Boys’ Fell Running Champs with Josh Moody taking the title in 2005, Lee Jones 2006 and George Tighe in 2008.

Monday evening training sessions resumed in July 2ith 2 groups of 6.  Restrictions are being looked at continually by ARC and EA but by beginning of August there was some conflicting information and so it was decided for safety to stay with 6 to a group for now.

Some members had expressed a wish for a Tuesday evening session and Hayley Gill volunteered to lead this.  So a spreadsheet was set up in August for this session.  The Arc re-opened in September but it was decided to keep going with the MAC training sessions into October to see how things go.

It was decided to go ahead with the Chatsworth end of Summer run from Calton Lees.  Several groups of 6 were set up on the spreadsheet with a leader for each and starting at 10 minute intervals, different distances and some going in reverse, the Committee ensured the safety of the groups.

It had been hoped that the White Peak Swift Half and Down in a Shot 10k could have taken  place as planned in November, postponed from May and a sub-committee had been meeting regularly to try to resolve all issues.  The Ian Milne White Peak Marathon had already been postponed to next May 2021.    However, with further restrictions in place and difficulty gaining permission from Peak Park, it was regrettably decided to postpone the Running Festival to May 2021.

Some races started in August – including the Belper Rover 18 miler and David Denton’s Tanis’ 2 Person Relay at Peat Pits Woods, Alderwasley, in which MAC had 14 teams, sponsored by the Club. With the virus nowhere near under control, the restrictions in place were numerous and staggered starts were mandatory.

Christine Howard, Karl Webster and Lizzie Webster took on the Helvellyn Tri on 5th September in awful weather conditions with an outstanding GB field including 24 pros.   Triathlons had re-started in August.

The much awaited cross country season also fell victim to the virus - The National XC was cancelled, N Mids XC League, BDL Derby Runner XC Series.


It was the 40th London Marathon on Sunday 4th October, but never as we have seen it before, postponed from April because of the Coronavirus pandemic.

45,000 runners from around the World took on the Virtual London Marathon, the alternative event to the ‘real’ thing, devised by the organisers, so that those who should have been running in London could still do the run, albeit with a route of their own choice, for charity if desired, some in fancy dress costume. Others deferred their place til another year.

Several Matlock AC runners took on the challenge including Ian Watson who ran a local route taking in the trails and roads around Matlock, including Cromford Canal. Ian finished in an amazing time of 3 hours 2 mins 24 secs.

Paddy Wright and Carly Spear had a great morning! They ran from Buxton to Matlock Bath and back to The Whitworth Centre, Darley Dale in 3 hours 45 mins.

The main London Marathon was ran in closed St James’ Park for elite runners only, completing 19.8 laps of the park. The surprise winner of the elite men was Shura Kitata, Ethiopia, with favourite Kenyan Eliud Kipchoge 8th. In the Women’s elite race the winner was Brigid Kosgei, Kenya. The wheelchair race was won by Brent Lakatos, Canada and for the ladies Nikita den Boer, Holland.

It rained continually and was cold and the fastest time by Kitata was 2 hour 5 mins and 41 seconds.

Congratulations to MACs Nicky Dick on winning The East Midlands Best Virtual Activity of 2020 for her inspirational videos during Lockdown presented by East Midlands Triathlon.

Dan Haworth and Billy Cartwright managed to find a fell race which went ahead, as these have been mainly cancelled due to the landowner’s not granting permission.  The Wansfell Uphill TT in Cumbria.  Dan was 4th and Billy 5th.

The MAC Swift Half Marathon and Down in a Shot 10k, due to take place 7th November were postponed til May next year.  The Marathon had already been moved to May.

And so to the next MAC Virtual Run Challenge organised by Chris Gillott.  As races have not resumed as hoped and with the Cross Country Season in doubt, this run is a 10k with neutral elevation to be ran between Saturday 3rd and 10th October with members deciding on their own routes.  34 took part.  Greg Hopkinson 1st in 36.31 and Hayley Gill 1st lady in 39.31.

MAC are also continuing with their Monday, Tuesday and Thursday training schedules for 6 people, taking in different routes to ensure fitness and mental well being are maintained as well as being able to run socially with club mates in a socially distanced way.

John Thorpe, Pete Wilmot and Craig Allen took on the Hardmoors 55 mile trail race in the North Yorks Moors in horrendous weather conditions.  John was 11th in 10hours 04, Craig 11.43.15 and Pete 10.44.16.

The Thoresby Hall 10 races took place.  It seems that in these Covid times it is easier to organise a Covid safe race in the grounds of a country estate.  3 MACs took on various disances.

Chris Howard took on the Clumber Park Duathlon also at Thoresby Park.  The Sprint distance and finished 9th lady overall and 3rd LV50-55 in 1.21.19.

The Winter 10k Handicap Age Graded resumed in October with 6 races over 6 months, 5 to count.  The usual course from Arc Leisure to the Pav, Matlock Bath and back via Hall Leys Park.  Runners undertaking this on their own over a 5 day window.

Jacob Jones took part in the Primary Schools Cross Country at Prestwold Hall, Leices and was 10th in the Year 7 race.

November 2020

Billy Cartwright took on the Golden Trail Champs in the Azores, Portugal after winning a Golden strava segment ticket for a run in the Lakes of 26k.  A 4 day trail event with strict Covid 19 guidelines.  Runners from 20 countries.  Billy was 29th overall from 114 finishers.

From 5th November England went into Lockdown again and all training sessions and any races planned for November were cancelled.  The Lockdown was due to last one month til 2nd December.

The Virtual challenges kept on coming -  Les Thurston’s ‘Which Way’ Navigation Challenges with 11 checkpoints with Colin Davenport winning for the Men and Alaina Bond the ladies;  David Greatorex organised the Post Box Challenge, bagging as many post boxes as you could in a 1 hour run.  Colin bagged 25 and for the ladies Alison Pye 24 boxes.  18 members took part.

Alaina Bond set up a Mini Gp series to run over 4 months starting with the High Tor Race 4.1 miles.  Toby Gill 1st Man in 31.42 and Mum, Hayley 1st L and 1st VL40 in 37.07.  Leading the VM was John Thorpe VM40 32.56 and Chris Gillott VM50 37.25.  Jan Forrester 1st VL50 in 46.11.  The 2nd race in the series will be in January 2021.

The AGM took place with 27 members taking part on Zoom.  Subs did not change and the committee was voted on again and praised for the work done throughout the pandemic keeping members motivated with the virtual challenges.

The November Winter Age Graded 10k took place over a week, Arc to Pav and back.  Dan Haw smashing the record with a course time of 31.17 and age grading of 85.44%.  Jan Forrester also broke the age graded women’s record and recorded 51.48 and age graded 84.14%.  Alaina Bond was fastest lady in 44.54.

MAC made a £250 contribution towards Matlock Christmas lights following a plea from the Town council.

December 2020

We came out of Lockdown on 2nd December but Derbyshire were put into Tier 3 which meant that we could at least resume Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evening training with 6 including a leader.

On 13th December there was a Stars of Tomorrow XC in Huncote, Leics. Which brothers Logan and Heath Fairey took on with Heath finishing 5th in the 1 lap, 1.3km race and Logan 3rd in the 2 lap race.

Dan Haworth took on the Podium XC Elite 8k Race nr Clitheroe, Lancs and finished in 5th place in some very revered company.

The December Winter Age Graded 10k Race 3 of 6 took place over a week and this month showed – Jan Forrester 1st overall in the age graded race.  Greg Hopkinson was 1st male.   Greg Hopkinson was fastest overall in 34.45 and 1t lady Elle Thompson 43.39.

Other members undertook the Grindleford Gallop course and Eyam Half Marathon in small groups.  There were still virtual races to be had including the British Masters AF 10k taking place for a week in December for 35+.

The Christmas Pub run was cancelled.  But the Carsington run around the reservoir was on with a spreadsheet schedule of 6 runners in timed slots, clockwise and anti-clockwise.  With 5 groups enjoying the run.

The Beetroot run also went ahead on Boxing Day as a self-timed event which members could run any time on Boxing Day.  Starting at the swing bridge at the High Peak Junction using any route they wished up to Black Rocks trig and back down.  18 members took part with Luke Beresford (2nd claim) taking 21.43 and Lizzie Webster 1st lady in 28.51.

Then on 31st December 2020 Derbyshire and most of the UK were plunged into Tier 4.  So it was goodbye to Training Sessions of 6 but Committee set up a spreadsheet on MAC members page for members to buddy up with one other for a run, as in the Tier 4 rules.

What a year!  Let us all pray for hope and peace for 2021 and a return to racing!

January.February.March 2021


The whole country started the year in Lockdown again from 5th January so all training runs were suspended.

Shelley Fairey organised a mini Junior GP.  Race 1 being Bakewell Parkrun course to take place over a week.  Sophie Carrington leads the girls’ in 27.07 and Oliver Lloyd leads the boys in a new PB pf 18.47.

The MAC Winter Series Race 2 organised by Alaina Bond started on 4-10th January.  The route was Matlock-Lumsdale-Tansley-Matlock approx. 6 miles and 800 ft ascent.  However, due to Lockdown this limited travel to essential.  So it was agreed that a similar route in length and elevation of the members’ choice from home could be used instead if people did not want to travel.  27 members took part.  Quickest was Toby Gill in 38.40 and Hayley  Gill for the ladies in 45.44.  Jan Forrester 58.22 and Peter Wilmot 46.32 1st in the V50 and John Thorpe 1st in V40 in 41.59.

Greg Hopkinson expressed his challenge for 2021 – The Bob Graham Round and asked for help with a few members up for this probably taking place in May.

Dennis Holmes managed to produce his annual MAC calendar with proceeds going to Meningitis charity.

The Winter Age Graded 10k Handicap Race 4 of 6 with 4 to count took place between 18th-24th January.  The route from the Arc through Hall Leys Park to the Pav, Matlock Bath and back.  With the option to take on your own similar route if required. 23 members took part.  Quickest for the ladies in 44.42 was Alaina Bond and for the men Greg Hopkinson 37.01.  In the age grading Jan Forrester was 1st overall and Mick Moorhouse 1st for the men.

The Dovedale Dash has been moved to 3rd October 2021.  The Grindleford Gallop has been cancelled and MAC’s Peak Rail Runner-v-Steam in April and the Ian Milne White Peak Running Festival is in doubt for mid May 2021.


The MAC Winter Series Race 3 started on 7-14th February.  Starting in Matlock taking in Bonsall and the Limestone Way over 5.3 miles/1,270ft.  7 Ladies and 18 men took part with Hayley Gill winning and son Toby first man.

Paired buddy runs were set up on a training schedule for those wanting to run with a friend, all within Gov guidelines.

The Valentines Day 10k challenge took place on 14th with couples and pairs running the distance any which way – one could run 5k and the other walk 5k – a great challenge to involve members’ partners and non-runners.   Lots of interesting routes, combinations and attire.  The winners were Jade and Kevin Stone (Romancing the Stone Team) and a total of 25 teams completed the challenge in cold conditions.

Junior Milly Green completed a 100 mile running challenge in 28 days and raised over  £1,500 for Ashgate Hospice.  What an achievement for an 11 year old.

The February Winter age graded 10k handicap took place with 28 runners in all.  Jan Forrester was 1st once age grading was calculated and the fastest time for the ladies was Lottie Riddle in 43.51 and the men Greg Hopkinson in 36.20.  Andy Hodkin was 1st in the men’s age grading.

The Gov set out of road map of releasing Lockdown restrictions and 29th March was the first possible date when the rule of 6 could come into play again or 2 families meeting in a garden or park.  In the light of this Jim Thorneycroft announced the postponement of the Runner-v-Steam Race which was to take place at Easter and this was rescheduled for September 2021.


Alaina Bond announced the route for the final race 4 in the Winter Series.  Running from 7-14 March with the route taking in Bow Wood and Holloway 6 miles/1140ft.  Dan Haworth was overall winner in 39.41 and Hayley Gill 1st lady in 50.13, also taking LV40.  Jan Forrester 1st LV50 and John Thorpe 1st MV40 and Chris Gillot 1st MV50.

Fell Runner Association announced the possible return of some races from 29th March in a Covid-safe environment.  Also the English FR Champs events were announced.

The Committee had a Zoom meeting to discuss amongst other things subs and whether the Ian Milne White Peak Marathon and Running Festival should take place in May and it was decided to postpone to 26th June.   The Committee also decided to post a sheet for volunteers to come forward as the race calendar was so disrupted due to Covid, this means that help was needed for the Festival of Running in June,  Black Rocks FR 14th July, Ricky’s Race 12 August, Matlock Triathlon 30 August and Runner-v-Steam 4th September 2021.  If not enough volunteers come forward we may be forced to cancel totally some of the races.

Subs were set at the same costs as last year with any members struggling to pay due to Covid to consult a committee member, but all members were encouraged to complete the membership form so the committee had an idea of up to date membership,

It was decided to restart the rule of 6 training running schedule from Monday 29th March.

Shelley Fairey published the Junior GP table so far after Race 3 in Whitworth Park with for the girls Sophie Carrington leading and the boys Logan Fairey

The final MAC Winter age graded 10k took place from 15-21 March.  25 MACs took part.  Elle Thompson was 1st lady in 42.53 and Colin Davenport 1st Male in 36.21.  Jan Forrester was 1st in the age graded event for the ladies 84.46% a new ladies age graded course record and Mick Moorhouse 1st for the men 76.55%.  Dan Haworth won overall in the age grading for the men in 85.44% a new record which he set in the November 2020 race.

Les Thurston announced another WhichWay Navigation Challenge to run from 24-30th with choices of where to start with 10 points on the map which must be visited.  The route took in Snitteron Road, Riber Road, Highfields School.


Thursday 1st April was the first away day run of the year – the annual Chatsworth run with training schedules set up for groups of 6 including leader, some going clockwise, some anticlockwise at 10 minute interval to comply with Covid rulings.  6 groups completed and enjoyed the run.

Richard Bradbury won Les Thurston’s Which Way Again Challenge and Alaina Bond was 1st lady.  16 runners had a go at the Navigation Challenge.

Races slowly begin to take place and Geoff Cooper took on Hoppits Hill FR (3 miles) and enjoyed the experience of the first race for months.

Dan Haworth organised the virtual Flash 7 road race originally ran in 1977 starting in Cavendish Fields.  19 MACs took it on and it was Hayley Gill and Dan Fletcher who took the honours.

On 20th April 3 MACs – Carly Spear, Paddy Wright and Darren Sibley took on events at Thoresby Hall Estate.  There was a 60K Longhorn Ultra for Carly and Darren and Paddy did 10k.

On 25th Andrew Neil Haynes did the Caythorpe Dash Half Marathon in 1 hour 38 mins.

Tiger’s Trail FR organised by Totley AC took place on Weds evening 28th April.  Dan Haworth took the win in a new course record in 29.21.  10 MACs took part with Sophie Harrison making her race debut for MAC.

A thank you note arrived for MAC from Ashgate Hospice thanking us for the donations – a reminder that we put our running to use during the pandemic to put on the relay over a weekend raising over £6,000.

Craig Allen and Peter Wilmot did the Hardmoor 30 (33 miles) in North Yorks in 8 hours 14 and 8 hours 16 respectively.


Several MACs took on the Leicestershire Chase The Sun 5, 10k and 10 miler on Thursday 20th May when the rule of 6 training runs came to end with the further easing of Lockdown on Monday 17th May.  The Club are taking a hybrid approach to training from then on with some runs from the Arc as before and some smaller group runs as these have been popular through Covid with many members.

Jan Forrester, Publicity Officer, resumed the Events sheet for April/May as more and more races are taking place and started sending reports to the Matlock Mercury again.   Andy Mellor did an interview with Sports Editor, Mark Duffy, about MAC starting to race again and the hope that our  races including Ian Milne White Peak Marathon and Running Festival, Race the Train, Black Rocks and Rickys Race were going ahead after Covid postponements.

John Thorpe announced the return of the Senior GP with 12 races to count of 18, starting with a virtual race Riverside Meadows XC 4 miler.  Dan Haworth’s resurrection of the Flash 7 road race will be race no. 2.

Colin Davenport did the Tatton 10, coming 8th.  Les Thurston did the Kong MM Marathon a 2 hour score orienteering event around Dovedale. Chris Howard, Andy and Jake Hodkin and Dan Maskery did the Spire Ultra 34 mile.  Chris managed a ladies course record in 5 hours 48 mins and she then took on the Ely Duathlon the following day and came 4th lady.  Max Wainwright did the Loughrigg FR (6.4k/330m) at Rothay Park, Ambleside and came 4th.  Dan Haworth broke the course record at the Totley Moor FR with Joe Oldfield 2nd.  4 ladies took part – Megan Elliot, Lottie Riddle, Emma Fitzgerald and Ellie Salomoni.  Colin Davenport was 12th in the Peterborough Marathon.   Jan Forrester took on Darley Moor Sprint Duathlon coming 1st LV65.  The Tour of Derwent Valley – 4 road races over the May Bank Holiday organised by David Denton went ahead with several MACs doing all 4 races.  The Half Tour of Bradwell in reverse went ahead too.

Greg Hopkinson did the Bob Graham Round with help from 7 macs and completed in 20 hours 19 minutes 44 seconds.

The Volunteer spreadsheet was filling up well as with so many races this year all close together it was important to get a good pool of people for marshalling, setting out, registration etc.  Still in the balance at end of May if Ian Milne White Peak Marathon races would go ahead.


Finally the fate was sealed – no Festival of Running this year! Postponed yet again to May 2022.  A bitter blow after all the hard work by the committee to make it work.  However, good news in that Black Rocks in July Ricky’s in August and Race the Train in September are all on.  Hairy Helmet Relays were also postponed to next year.

The Tour of Derwent Valley went ahead over the 4 days of the Bank Holiday with Ian Watson, Andy Mellor, Chris Gillot, Jon Tyson, Dennis Holmes, Kathryn Berrisford, Sally Owen and Les Thurston completing all races.

Billy Cartwright and Dan Haworth had incredible success at Ennerdale Horseshoe 1st and 2nd in 3.32.16 and 3.34.10 respectively.  1st race in the English FR Champs.  On the back of this Jan Forrester was asked to write an article by the editor, Dave Littler, of Fell Running Magazine about MAC to appear in the Autumn issue.

It was great that the MAC Members’ XC went ahead again at Stancliffe Hall, Darley Dale – the last race before Lockdown in March 2020.  With 47 members enjoying the evening.

A new fell race – Shrigley Stag at Pot Shrigley with Sophie Harrison and Tom Woodhouse.   Tideswell FR had Kieran Allanson 4th, Greg Hopkinson, Paddy Wright, Derek Chetwin, Jon Tyson, Megan Elliot, Les Thurston and Ellie Salomoni.   The National Schools XC took place at Market Harborough with Logan Fairey and Jacob Jones.  Round Sheffield Run attracted 9 MACs.

Carly Spear and Darren Spibey took on the Race to the King trail race 53.50 miles along the South Downs Way. The Halo 4 mile lapped route at High Ashes, Ashover where you could run as many laps as you could in 6 hours saw Shelley Fairey in action coming home 1st lady.

July 2021

The inaugural Weaver Hills FR nr Ashbourne was supported by MAC.  Blackamoor Chase FR at Totley also went ahead with Megan Elliot first MAC back.  Holme Moss FR also took place and Hob Hurst’s, Beeley.  Rugby Rover 30k trail race, Bluebell FR, Farnah Green, Crowden Horseshoe, but races are still being cancelled due to Covid.

The Derwent River Relays, Belper was popular again with MAC, 30 runners and 8 teams.  Highest placing was 3rd place overall.  It was great to have an event take place and there were refreshments afterwards making for a very enjoyable afternoon.

The English FR Champs are on this year and in the Blencathra race 2  Billy Cartwright and Dan Haworth 3rd and 5th.  New member Max Wainwright, Joe Oldfield, Harry Holmes, Bob Foreman, Geoff Cooper and Les Thurston also took part.  It was Alderman’s Ascent for race 3 with Billy and Dan, Max, Harry, Joe, Greg Hopkinson, John Thorpe, Bob, Geoff and Les.  Next up Kentmere Horseshoe  Billy 3rd, Dan 4th, Joe and Harry too.  Black Combe FR was next and Billy and Dan are in a good position as they are 1st and 2nd the English FR Champs at present.

No Walk in the Park 5k and 1,500m resumed at Queens Pk Chesterfield and Dave Archer on in 15.46.  In the junior  race Oliver and Emily Jones were 3rd and 5th.

Lottie Riddle took on Ironman Bolton finishing in an impressive 12 hours 45 minutes.

Alaina Bond continues to take on the ultras and took on the Dukeries 40 mile trail run at Sherwood Forest.  She also took on the Hardmoors Farndale Marathon in Yorks.    Andy Hall it was 3rd time lucky as he completed the Lakeland 100 with Martin Zaleski, John Thorpe and Andrew Watson taking on the 50 miler. Shelley Fairey and Kelly Lyn paired for the Endure 24 in Leeds doing as many 5 mile laps as possible in 24 hours. They managed 25 laps and won the ladies pairs.

MACs first race of the year was on – Black Rocks FR with 156 runners and a great event.  Unfortunately, The Festival of Running incorporating Ian Milne WPM, Swift Half and Down in a Shot 10k was postponed to next year.  The Matlock Tri also falling foul of Covid.

Parkruns returned and MACs continued to support these – Shipley Country Park, Markeaton, Birtie West was 1st at Brierley Forest and new member Jose Rivas Gutierrez 2nd at Poolsbrook. John Birch had a go at the Sheringham Parkrun in his new home county of Norfolk, Les Thurston taking on Penrose Parkrun, in Cornwall on visits to family.

Brassington Hill Race went ahead with 30 MACs and this was a GP race too.


It was a welcome return for the BDL.  Only one race this season but great to be back with MAC men 3rd and MAC ladies 6th.  Great to see several new members there too -Phil Leake, Katie Brownbill, Atessa Kolanowska and Amy Leake.

Ricky’s Race was a roaring success with Caroline Brock, Steel City Striders beating the ladies’ course record of 10 years by 7 seconds.   MACs Greg Hopkinson won the  race. 162 runners.


Toby Gill was 1st at Markeaton Parkrun in 17.05.

At Tanis’ Relay MAC had 16 teams with juniors Fergus Turner and Logan Fairey 1st home overall.

Race The Train went ahead after 2 postponements. 145 runners with 72 beating the train which finished in 56.07.  Caroline Brock, Steel City Striders and Shaun Bott, Belper Harriers running the whole race together and crossing the finish line together too.  The event is really popular and even had a photographer from the Daily Telegraph and Radio Derby did an interview with Jim Thorneycroft.  £1,575 was raised for local charities and hopefully it will be back to its normal slot next year on Easter Monday.

Alaina continues with the ultras this time the 50 miler mainly on the Limestone Way.   Whilst Mark Elwis and Andy Watson took on the 33 miler.

Longshaw Sheepdog Trials FR, Eyam FR Bleaklow Blitz FR all went ahead.

Hayley Gill had a fantastic race at Wilne 10k in the Derbyshire County Champs and Midland Champs.  She was 1st MAC home in a PB of 38.33 finishing 6th OA and claiming County Gold and was 1st LV45 too.  Ian Watson PB 38.44, Denney Lau, Neil Corker and Matt Govan.

The South Mynd Tour FR is the last race in the English FR Champs 2021 and will be the decider to see if Billy Cartwright and Dan Haworth can hang on to 1st and 2nd place.  MAC have never had a Senior English FR Champ.  On the strength of their outstanding performances, Jan Forrester, Publicity was asked by Dave Littler, Editor, Fell Runner Magazine to do an article all about MAC.

Well THEY DID IT!  Billy Cartwright 1st overall and Dan Haworth 2nd in the English Fell Running Champs 2021.  Amazing contribution to the club and an inspiration to all!

October 2021

MAC’s famous win and 2nd place by Billy Cartwright and Dan Haworth continued to gain kudos with coverage in the Matlock Mercury and Derbyshire Times, who also did a telephone interview with Billy.  Jan Forrester had been asked by Dave Littler, Editor of Fell Runner Magazine to write an article about MAC – history, characters, MAC races, champions etc.  This was completed and sent in to them in mid-September for publication in the Autumn edition of the magazine due for circulation at end of November/beginning of December 2021.    Also the magazine are going to publish an article all about Billy Cartwright.  Should be interesting reading.

The first of the Winter XC Derby Runner BDLs took place at Shipley Park Heanor and MACs turnout of 21 members meant that MAC took 1st place in the Ladies’, Men’s and Combined competitions.  So a great start to the XC season.

Andrew Haynes and Mark Elwis continue to take on the ultra off road runs and took on the Limestone Way Ultra 18 mile route.  The Grindleford Gallop 21 miler also went ahead with a new Autumn date – John Thorpe, Mark Elwis, Robert Scriven took part for MAC.  The 66th Yorkshire 3 Peaks saw 3 MACs take part – Bob Foreman, Tim Perry and Geoff Cooper had a muddy but enjoyable run.

The London Marathon went ahead with a new Autumn date due to Covid of 4th October.  The sun shone and Dave Archer was first MAC back in 2.25.04, Greg Hopkinson 2.40.26, Ian Watson 3.05.40, Carly Spear 4.11.15 and Kelly Lyn 4.24.14.

More and more races are going ahead with Covid restrictions and the Short Tour of Bradwell (7.8k/390m) had all the race numbers pinned to a fence for runners to collect.  Toby Gill was 3rd, Sam Thompson 9th, Dad Scott 31st, Tom Withers 51st and Jan Forrester 82nd and 1st LV65.

Parkruns were all underway too and it was great to see the first monthly Whitworth Thread take place on 9th October.

The British Fell Relays Championships took place in Tebay, Cumbria and it was hoped MAC could do well on the back of the English Fell Champs.  MAC had an amazing 4 teams with the elite men – Alastair Campbell, Joe Oldfield, Max Wainwright, Harry Holmes, Billy Cartwright and Dan Haworth taking 3rd place with Billy and Dan recording the fastest leg of the day.  MAC B team were 45th in the Open Men Category, MV50 Team were 9th in the MV50 Category, and in the Mixed Team Category the team were 25th.

The 1st race in the N. Mids XC League went ahead in Markeaton Park, Derby with 8 juniors taking part.

Hayley Gill took on the Yorkshire Marathon representing GB and finished in 3.14.32 and Colin Davenport 2.44.44.

The 1st race in the Winter Handicap 10k from Arc Leisure to Matlock Bath and back took place. 6 races each month with 5 to count.


The AGM took place on 4th November with lots of changes on the committee.  Andy Mellor remained as Chairman, Shelley Fairey took over from Jim Thorneycroft as Vice Chairman.  Louise Rowley was voted as Publicity Officer replacing Jan Forrester who moved over to the role of Junior Co-Ordinator.  Jan agreed to keep on with the Me!Me!Me! Interviews and also to carry on with the History of the Club and to keep the Archive.  Lottie Riddle was voted Ladies’ Captain replacing Alison Pye.  All other members remained in place.  Andy Mellor thanked the outgoing committee members for all their hard work over the years.  Jan Forrester was presented with the Chairman’s shield for her contribution to the Club.

There was a slight change to the Wirksworth Incline FR route meaning that MACs Colin Davenport holds the new course record!

MAC once again sponsored the Matlock Christmas lights and received thanks from the Matlock Town Council.

The end of the Bakewell Parkrun on the Monsal Trail was announced, but this is to be replaced by the Monsal Trail Parkrun.

MAC had a Senior Men’s, Senior Ladies’, and some junior teams in the English XC Relays at Berry Hill, Mansfield and it was very strange not to have any mud!  On  the same weekend Billy Cartwright and Dan Haworth attended the English FR Champs presentation in Penrith to receive their awards of 1st and 2nd place.

Race 2 of the BDL XC at Chaddesden saw 17 men and 6 ladies take part with Joe Oldfield making his XC debut to come home in 5th place.  The presentation from the 2019/2020 season also took place, delayed because of Covid.

MACs Winter age graded 10k handicap saw the 2nd race in the series take place with 31 MACs taking part.

MAC had a good representation on the Meerbrook 15k road race – Lucy Taylor, Atessa Kolanawski, Hayley Gill and Jan Forrester joined Belper 10/20  Michelle Holmes and Jane Eaton to take 3rd ladies’ team place in the County race against some strong opposition.

Baslow Bolt FR and Clowne Half Marathon (Senior GP race)  took place in challenging snowy conditions.

The long awaited Autumn Fell Runner magazine arrived and had a long article by Jan Forrester about the history of the Club, fell running, our races with photos etc and also a lengthy interview with English Fell Running Champ, Billy Cartwright.

December 2021

The 3rd BDL took place in very muddy conditions at Ilkeston with both Ladies’ and Men’s teams claiming 2nd place and some good individual results too with Greg Hopkinson 6th overall, Toby Gill 7th and Jose Rivas Gutierrez 8th.   For the ladies Hayley Gill was 2nd and Lottie Riddle 7th.

It was also round 3 of the N. Mids XC at Shipley Park with Dan Haworth storming home in 1st place and the juniors doing well too.

There was some MAC interest in taking part in the National XC champs at Parliament Hill in February.

The 3rd MAC Winter age graded 10k race took place with 23 MACs braving the weather.

Bolsover 10k was another Senior GP race this month and Greg Hopkinson was 4th overall and Hayley Gill 3rd Lady overall with a new PB of 38.17.  There were 18 runners.

The annual MAC fancy dress Christmas run took place but another Covid variant, Omicron, had emerged and this was reaking havoc through the population.

The Junior Christmas party went ahead with Dan Haworth undertaking a talk on fell running to entertain along with pizza and drinks.

The annual Christmas Eve run round Carsington Water saw 20 members take part with 79 year old Clive Russell taking it on.  The  Beetroot Race went ahead on Boxing Day with 36 runners.

3 runners took on the Wormstones FR at Glossop on New Year’s Eve.  Joe Oldfield 3rd, John Thorpe 34th and Bob Foreman 46th.



Covid still rules but Dave Denton’s New Year’s Day Hangover Race from the Bull’s Head, Belper Lane End went ahead and 6 MACS took it on.

The Derbyshire XC Champs at Mansfield saw some great results. U11 Girls’ Hattie Lyn Gold, U17 Girls’ Amelia Corke Silver. Senior Women Hayley Gill 5th overall and 1st LV45, Lottie Riddle 3rd W35, Kate Ruffell 2nd LV55 and Nicky Dick 3rd LV55, Jan Forrester 1st LV65, MAC Lady Team Gold. Boys U13 team gold and 2nd, 3rd and 4th for Logan Fairey, Jacob Jones and William Croft.  Senior Men Dan Haworth Gold, Billy Cartwright Silver and MAC Team Gold in Senior Men and Silver in Vet Men.  Many runners received invitations to represent Derbyshire in the Inter-Counties Champs in Loughborough in March.

Trigger FR (9.6 miles/1,800ft) Toby Gill 9th, Kieran Allanson 10th.  18 MACs took part.

There were 2 BDLs in January and with one to go in February the standings so far are – MAC Men 2nd, MAC Ladies’ 1st and Combined MAC 1st with several individual placings including wins.

The monthly MAC Winter 10k Handicap took place with age grading winner Jude Goodall and Rich Bradbury.

Several took on the Northern XC Champs, Pontefract on a very breezy day in the wake of Storm Malik.  Amelia Corke in U17, Megan Elliott, Amy Jones, Sally Hale, Alaina Bond and Jan Forrester for the ladies.  In the Men’s race Dan Haworth was 3rd, Billy Cartwright 16th and Harry Holmes 19th.  Also Greg Hopkinson, Colin Davenport, Paddy Wright, Bertie West and Dennis Holmes.

The Senior GP continues with the Avenue Run 5k.


Louise Rowley, Publicity introduced a monthly newsletter which is very informative and popular with members.

Dan Haworth bagged the 2nd fastest park run in the country on 5th February in the Monsal Trail Parkrun in 14.56.

Mick Moorhouse took on the Masters Inter-Area XC Challenge at Wallsend 1st MV70. He also ran in the Mid-Lancs and NMAC xc Champs, Leigh also taking 1st in MV70 category.

It was the last BDL race in the Winter XC series at Holmebrook Valley Country Pk, Chesterfield with Greg Hopkinson winning overall.  Ladies 1st team, Men 2nd team and Combined 1st team.  Series winners M50 Richard Bradbury, FJ Amelia Corke and Jan Forrester 1st FV65.  The fixtures for the Summer League were announced with MAC taking on the Cromford race with marshals needed.

National XC Champs, Parliament Hill, London saw several members take part with Dan Haworth having a good run mixing it with the Olympians including Mohammed Mahammed eventually settling for 7th place!  MACs – Amelia Corke, Lottie Riddle, Harry Holmes, Jose Rivas Gutierrez, Max Wainwright, Paddy Wright.


Les Thurston and new 1st claim member, Luke Beresford took on his annual challenge of the Grizzly in Seaton.  20 miles with over 3,000 ft of climb.

The MAC annual XC was held again on a Thursday evening at Stancliffe Hall.  This was also the first race in the Club Senior and Junior GP series for 2022.

The MAC Annual dinner and presentation award ceremony was held at Designate, Matlock.  It was decided to introduce some extra categories – Volunteer of the Year – Andy Mellor;  Performance of the Year – Billy Cartwright and MAC person of the year who has fully embodied the club spirit – John Thorpe.

Clive Russell marked his 80th birthday with a run for MAC members starting in Hulme End.

Higham HR was popular as it was good to be able to enter a race on the night as so many are still pre-entry because of Covid.

The last monthly race in the 10k age graded handicap took place with Mick Moorhouse taking the win by 1 point from Jose Rivas Gutierrez.  Jude Goodall won for the ladies.

The UK Inter Counties XC took place with 46 counties, regions and districts of the UK.  In U13 boys Logan Fairey and Jacob Jones took part. U15 boys Charlie Ross, U17 Women Amelia Corke, Senior Women Hayley Gill and Lottie Riddle and for the Senior Men Dan Haworth was 3rd and re-joined member, Mike Blair 140th.

At Edale Skyline new member from Ambleside, George Foster, was 1st MAC, 2nd Joe Oldfield and 3rd home for MAC was Tim Perry in 8th meaning the MACs beat Dark Peak claiming 1st place.

Dan Haworth continued his amazing form to break the 13 year old course record at Ras Yr Aran in Wales – 11 miles and 3,100 ft on a hot dry day.  Time – 1 hour 23.03.  Bob Foreman came 46th in 2 hours 04.58.