November 20, 2022

Derby 10 mile – 20 November 2022

Club chairman, Mike Blair reports:

They say that the highlights of the Derby 10 Mile race are etched on the back of the medal….I’ve checked and the memorable bits are all there.
A run down the side of a dual carriageway, a section of gravel with puddles, a touch of XC and some bollards are some of the highlights on offer on this less regularly seen race distance.
Nevertheless, six fearless MAC’s set out on the tour of the suburbs of Derby to take on 10 miles of joy.
One isn’t on the MAC team list and the the other has gone MIA and can’t be found in the results at all, so could well still be running relentlessly down the dual carriageway. I’d say if Mark is, he should be well into Northampton by now.
For the five we can account for, the results were pleasing.
Dan Haworth, fresh from his GB vested beasting in Thailand, ran a hot pace, reporting that he had no self control, which had him leading out the field. His early endeavours only saw 8 people sneak through to see him finish in 9th in what was a list of who’s who in the local running scene.
Next back for MAC, was newly appointed chairman, Mike Blair. Coming home a minute slower than last year, but faster than anticipated to finish 35th OA and 7th in the old boys category.
Next back was the only man in shades in the whole race, Jose Rivas Gutierrez, the 3rd MAC to break the magic sub 60 and finishing 48th OA.
Lottie Riddle was the first MAC lady to contest the race today, reporting positive vibes to come home in 28th OA in the female race.
Second MAC lady back, Caroline Robertson ran a 10 mile PB of 1.26:48 finishing inside the top half of the overall field!
Fab running everyone. Let’s hope the course designers that worked on the route this year to get rid of the grass and cobble sections, can come up with a plan to get rid of the muddy bit by the river for next year.

Full results online: