Summer and winter series

Derby Runner League

The Derby Runner league is a competition between 12 clubs – all members of Matlock Athletic Club are eligible (and encouraged) to take part. There is no cost to run, and a great atmosphere with hundreds of club runners of all abilities taking part.

You will need to wear club kit

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No need to register


The league comprises a summer and winter series

The summer league races take place on a Tuesday evening. The events are hosted by different clubs within the league, so runners have the opportunity to race around different locations, but none are too far away.

Dates for your diary! Summer 2024 season

  • 16th April - Teversal Info  Results (ladies) (mens)
  • 7th May - Cromford (MAC race)
  • 4th June - Denby
  • 9th July - Carsington
  • 6th August - Shipley Park1 October 23 - Shipley Park

Team Standings after race 1

Winter races take place on a Sunday morning each month starting at 11:00 on a cross country course. Depending on the weather, these can often be wet and muddy, which all adds to the fun. 

Dates for your diary! Winter 24/25 season:


Results from the 23/24 season

Season Standings after race 5

How does it work?

There is no need to register or wear a race number – you do need to wear your club kit (that’s the only thing you need to remember). 

All races feature a mass start and when you finish you are handed a disc with your finish position. You simply hand the token back to your club coordinator (that’s the one with a clipboard at each event) and they’ll make a note of your name and finish position. Each club submits their results and they are consolidated into a set of complete race results.

Points are then awarded based on the finish positions for the first seven men and first three ladies from each club. So if our ladies finished in 5th, 35th and 58th place, we would score 98 points for that event. Each club is then ranked based on their points (the lower the points, the higher your ranking).

So I might not count – why turn up?

You might think that if you’re not going to count it isn’t worth turning up. Don’t think that! 

Apart from the fact it’s great fun and lovely to see so many clubmates out running, you are still helping the club. If you are a male runner and you are the eighth MAC back, your position might not count towards the MAC score, but other clubs will probably have runners behind you that are counting towards their score, and you have just made them count an additional point.