Flash 7 Road Challenge

1 month 2 weeks ago - 1 month 2 weeks ago #4282 by Jan Forrester
Organiser Dan Haworth reports on MAC Members’ Flash 7 road race. Runners could choose when to run within a 7 day window -Many moons ago runners completed the Flash 7 road race along Matlock’s finest and most altitudinal strips of tarmacadam. It is rightly so then, that the results of said virtual race take almost as long to be processed. Thank you for your patience.A cosmic 19 runners completed the 2021 Virtual Flash 7 road race, chasing the intergalactic ghosts of our 1976 forerunners, and the lightspeed times of a younger but just as handsome Tony Barrable, who completed the race in 1987 and 1988 in the quite outrageous times of 36 minutes 43 seconds and 37 minutes and 1 second, respectively. Those of you with big brains, or more plausibly a calculator, will know that Tony would have been averaging around 5.15 minutes/mile on the not not-undulating course. Impressive.And so, could the galant troops of Matlock AC 2021 trouble the times of the past? In short no, they couldn’t. Despite our compression socks, carbon-plates, vibrating foam-rollers, ketogenic diets, and colour television, the times achieved by the masters of the original race proved their quality and stood the test of time.However, what we did see was a feat of feet careering down memory lane with the invigorating huff and puff of nostalgia interlaced into the blurring vision of athletic achievement, woven and weaving into the history and the future of Matlock Athletic Club. Thank you for boarding the time and space machine with such enthusiasm. Well done to all those who conquered Farley Hill, who braved the gauntlet of Wirestone Lane, and who flew down the barely identifiable path past the golf club. Bravo to all those who can proudly say, ‘Yes ma’am, I have completed the Flash 7.’Special adulations must go to Daniel Fletcher, Colin Davenport, and Hayley Gill, who all dipped beneath the chocolate flavoured bar of 42 minutes (male) and 51 minutes (female), and who will receive a chocolate bar of the organisers choice at some point of time, somewhere in the future  .Thank you again
Results -  www.webscorer.com/race?raceid=239325

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