What got you interested in running in the first place?  Come from a very sporting family and Granddad was a top one mile runner in the 1890s!  I enjoyed Cross Country at school and at Manchester and Nottingham Universities.

Who inspired/motivated you? My Granddad, who would have been delighted if he had lived to see me win the one mile race one day and the 3 mile race the next day in 1958 whilst at Nottingham Uni!  Also inspired by Emil Zatopek, the Czech runner who won the 5,000m, 10,000m and Marathon Golds at the Helsinki Olympics in 1952.  Another inspiration was Gordon Pirie of South London Harriers.

Some Stats: PBs: 1 mile track -   4.40 mins, 3 miles track     -   15.25  mins, 10 miles- 56      mins, 15 miles - 1 hr. 25 mins, 20 miles  -  1 hr. 57 mins, Half Marathon -  1 hr. 11 mins. Marathon -  2 hrs. 44 mins Doncaster and Sheffield 1961

Started training more seriously again when in Vet 40 category and came 49th in National X Country on 40th birthday.  Won many Vet 45 X country races and chose the Edale Skyline as  first fell race!  Derbyshire County X country Gold and Silver in Vet 40s.  S Yorks League Vet 40s champ, Vet 60 County X Country champ 4 times.  Also Vet 70 champ  in County X Country, County 10 mile and County half marathon.

How long have you been running/in the running club?

Originally ran for Derby and County but was a founder member of Matlock AC in 1976 when the oil crisis made it difficult to travel easily. Other founding existing members are Clive Russell and Steve Pearson. NOTE:  Brian has catalogued Matlock AC’s history which is on the website and is definitely worth a read.

Tell us about your training regime?

Track interval training when 22 yrs old would entail 12 x 440 yds with 1 lap jog between one day and 24 x 220 yds with 1 lap job between the next day.

When training for half marathons would run 50 miles per week and for marathons 60 miles per week.

Now still runs 20 miles per week off road (3 runs).

Other interests

Enjoy watching cricket, gardening and growing own veg, classical music,  jazz, French literature

Pre-race tips?

3 days rest before a marathon.  For short fast races would eat 3-4 hours beforehand but for marathons eat loads!

Advice for youngsters would be not to run when you feel ill – it just makes things worse! Steer clear of drugs and cigarettes and adopt a sensible attitude to alcohol. 

What has been your most rewarding running challenge?

Winning the 1 mile and 3 mile races at Nottingham Uni.

Funniest running experience?

Many, but last Saturday 25th January was out running when thunder and lightning started and I hate running in the rain nowadays, so I laid down beside a dry stone wall until it had stopped!

Favourite local race?

White Peak Marathon which I have done 11 times and the White Peak Half x 2 as Vet 70.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Sweet foods, particularly sugar and have golden syrup on my porridge for breakfast

What are the main changes you have seen in the sport over the years?

When I started there was only the Derby and County Club in Derbyshire and now there is mass participation and  a proliferation of clubs and a wealth of races.  Also the technological developments in shoes and sports drinks in particular.  When I ran my fastest 15 mile race I was wearing Army Surplus plimsolls.

Do you have any ideas which Matlock AC could incorporate to improve the club?

More team participation and encouraging the smooth transition from junior to senior level.

One particularly important aspect of being in Matlock AC is the friends you make along the way who become lifelong friends, even after the running stops.

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