We welcome new members of all abilities

Join our club as a Senior Member

We have runners of varying speeds and abilities and we mix things up so there are plenty of different groups who will run different speeds and distances.

Please note that this page contains information for joining as a senior member. If you would like to register your child as a junior member, click the button below

Join as a Junior Member

UKA/EA (England Athletics) Affiliation

Please note the following for UKA/EA affiliation: Participants in races held under UKA rules who do not hold EA affiliation will be subject to a £2 surcharge in addition to the standard entry fee and will appear in the results as an unattached runner. It is a mandatory race entry requirement that entrants into UKA/EA champtionship races, e.g. County, Regional and National championships must hold a current EA affiliation in addition to their club subscription and must be registered and have paid their annual registration fee in advance of entering events. These include championship races and other races such as road events organised under UKA rules. Please ensure that you pay your subs promptly before entering any races as a UKA affiliated member.

If any juniors (under 18) require UKA/EA membership for entry into Championship races, this may be covered by the club subject to committee approval. Please speak to the junior coaches if you need clarification on this.

Events under ARC registration do not require UKA/EA affiliation, and each member is automatically covered by the standard subs fee displayed below.

How to pay

You should pay your annual subs to Matlock AC on-line.

For on-line payments, enter Matlock Athletic Club in the payee details, and in the reference panel enter details of what the payment is for, using the codes given below. Please note that the reference panel can only accept 18 characters, so you can only use it for one single membership at a time. If you wish to pay for additional family members, you will need to set up a payment for each one.

All members (including existing members) must complete the application form which should only take a few minutes to complete. Please note that renewals are due by 01/04/2023. As stated in the club constitution you will cease to be a Matlock AC member if you have not completed your renewal by 30/04/2023, and will lose membership benefits including access to member only social media sites and groups.

BACS details for online payments

To pay online, please complete the membership form and then make payment. For security, the sort code and account number will be displayed when you submit the form. 

On the payment reference panel input your first name followed by your surname and code.

Bank reference examples:

  • JohnSmith-s    -  Means John Smith, a single senior member’s payment, plus ARC registration
  • JohnSmith-su   -    Means John Smith, a single senior payment plus UKA affilation
  • CameronMackintosh-su    -  This exceeds the 18 character limit -  Reduce toCamMackintosh-su

If in doubt, send an email message to the secretary via our contact form

This form can be used for both new members and existing members renewing their membership 
descriptioncostonline reference code
Junior membership£10on-line reference Code j
Senior membership£14on-line reference Code s
Senior membership plus UKA affiliation£33on-line reference Code su

Your next steps to joining ...

If you would like to try us out then either just turn up to one of our scheduled Monday training sessions or get in touch through our contact form and we'll get back to you. Your first few sessions are free and there is no obligation to join. 

Let’s dispel a few myths...

If you're interested in joining, then  turn up to one of our Monday training sessions to try us out for free. There is  no obligation to join. 

If you have any questions, get in touch through our contact page and one of our members will give you a call back.

I’m not fast enough to run with a club:

Many of our club members tell us that they were reluctant to join because they thought they might not be quick enough. Don’t let that put you off! We have runners of varying speeds and abilities, and we mix things up so there are plenty of different groups who will run different speeds and distances.

It’s too expensive:

It’s just  £14 to join Matlock Athletic Club. If you want to be a registered athlete and pay your UK Athletics affiliation, that’s extra (currently £19) – but if you take part in races, you usually get a discount so it often pays for itself anyway.

I don’t really want to race:

Then don’t. Many people join because they like the camaraderie, support and motivation. We have a number of runners that rarely (if ever) race. 

Of course, if you want to race, we love that too – and there are some great relays and inter-club competitions which are free to take part in as part of the club. It doesn’t matter if you’re leading the way at the front, or bringing up the rear – the atmosphere is great.

I won’t be able to make it to training all the time:

Again, many members don’t. We have over 200 members – some like the training sessions, some like to race for the club, some just like to have a network of runners that they run with informally. 

Most training nights will only have 10-20% of members present. There’s no pressure to attend.

The MAC Committee