September 24, 2023

Kinder Barrel Race Champions

Report from Karl Webster

Whilst some of the lightweight MACs were racing at Shelf Moor today, those of a more robust constitution were in action at the newly fangled Kinder Barrel Race.

Under the team name Gladioli, half a dozen MACs and a couple of friends formed a 4+4 mixed team of Emma Turner, Bella Johnson, Lizzie Webster, Aoife Thompson, Luke Beresford, Chris Hallas, Mark Pollak and Karl Webster.

The winners’ trophy had languished for the last four years in Gladioli hands since before covid was invented, so it was time for it to be put up for grabs again.

With the demise of the old Snake Inn starting point, a new route starting and finishing in Edale had been devised which more than matched the challenge of the old course.

Of the thirteen teams, the Gladdies were set off 11th and were soon overhauling earlier starters. Hard work, careful preparation, silky tactics and daring descending had us crossing the line in 1 hour 12 minutes. A tense announcement of the times at the presentation revealed our time was good enough for the overall win and, inevitably, the new course record. The second team was only 47 seconds slower so it had been a genuine battle.

Next came the arduous task of dealing with the 72 pints of beer we won. Despite some heroic efforts by the ladies, we ended up sharing our winnings with thirsty fellow competitors.

Not bad for a team with an age range of 42 years. Hallas is more than old enough to be the grandfather of our two 20-year olds!
As a side show there was a fell race using the same course. We need some supporters next year to at least help with the consumption of the beer, if nothing else.