July 4, 2023

MAC parkrun summary 1 July 2023

Dennis Holmes reports on the moving feast that was MACs at parkrun this weekend – come on Dennis, keep up 🙂

Now on its 5th Edit! A lot more than 14 MACS graced 8 or 9 or even 10 venues this week and in alphabetical order we start with Ashbourne where Andrew Watson ran 23.51 for 26th place.

At the much hillier, Beacon Hill parkrun, Kate Ruffell ran 24.07 for 27th and 5th lady. Alphabet hunting saw Sarah Walton make the trip to Isobel parkrun where she continued her road to recovery with a 36.06 and 184th place. Late news has trickled through the internet that Toby Gill was taking it “steady” at Long Eaton parkrun on Saturday and mum Hayley describes his 17.38 as “respectable! A bit harsh I think (Hayley – Bit of a taskmaster?). Hayley set herself a new PB of 18.11 !!! which has an age grading of 89.09% which is almost unheard of!! for 7th place overall and 1st lady of course. 

At the local Monsal Trail event only 6 places and 44 seconds separated the MAC quartet led in by Rob Scriven 22.19 (30), Sarah Witham 22.55 (34/2nd lady), Ayako Y-N, 22.57 (35/3rd lady and Paul Clark 23.03 (36th). Our tourist award this week does not go any longer to Beccy and Rob Curtis where a trip back down south to Osterley parkrun did not earn them the honours, Beccy running a speedy 23.17 for 39th place and 5th lady to Robs 24.20 and 54th position (See Whitstable parkrun below).

Closer to home at Pavilion gardens and initially unknown to me, the MAC juniors were racing as part of their club Championship. Will Croft ran 17.57 for second place!, Ronnie Wood ran 21.53 for 31st, Jacob Jones 23.33 (53rd), Oliver Jones, 24.25, (64th), Emily Jones 28.47 (120). Mixed in amongst these juniors Karl Webster 21.24 (24th), Simon Croft 21.39 (28th), Ricky Wood 21.53 (32nd) Gary Jones 22.07 (34th) and Lisa Jones 28.48 (121st) Megan Elliott ran a pretty swift 2.32 for 40th and 5th lady whilst Captain Greg cruised around in 23.28 for 52nd place. At the pre penultimate venue Jay Bird ran the hilly Wakefield Thornes course in 25.18 for 85th place whilst Dennis Holmes wobbled around in 32.10.

Almost but not quite finally, the geographically challenged Lisa Walton set off for Beeston parkrun but ended up at Wollaton where she completed the hilly course in 34.45 for 271st place. Finally Chris Gillott “snook off” to Kent at the weekend and ran Whitstable parkrun in 22.01 finishing 27th out of 401 which is a pretty decent effort, but more importantly I think that Whitstable is further than Osterley from Matlock so he takes this weeks tourist award from Beccy and Rob. This article is not subject to BBC fact check so I apologise as ever if still inaccurate after 5 edits or I have still missed you.