January 22, 2023

MAC parkrun summary 21 January 2023

Thanks to Dennis Holmes for his weekly summary:

With proper winter weather causing quite a few cancellations, I am only aware of 9 hardcore MAC’s (and Greg) who decided it was sensible to brave the conditions more suitable for ice skating than running!

Luke Beresford went against all of his principles and ran a flat, tarmac, boring, out and back course at Alvaston parkrun in 17.39 to be first finisher when his usual go to courses were cancelled.

Louise Rowley stuck to her principles and completed Ashbourne in 23.11 for 26th place and 4th lady whilst Roy Austin dared to go to Concord parkrun in Sheffield to get the Quintuplet Nelson 555 and finished in 25.59 for 41st position.

The tourist award this week was initially a self-award to Dennis Holmes and Lisa Walton who having recced East Park Wolverhampton on Friday had to change plans on Saturday and go to Woodhall Valley parkrun when the former run was cancelled. Following cries of foul, and a review by VAR, this was overturned and awarded to captain Greg for his jaunt around Gunnersbury.

Finally the “local” MAC event going ahead this weekend was the ever reliable Poolsbrook where Megan Elliott led the team home in 21.28, 28th overall and 3rd lady with Robert Scriven not far behind in 33rd place and 22.24. Only 8 seconds behind in 36th position and 4th lady was Sarah Witham, whilst bring the team home was Sarah Walton in a time of 33.40 for 245th place.