September 3, 2023

MACs at parkrun 2 September 2023

Dennis Holmes reports

With several regular MAC parkrunners off racing Welsh mountains or Not Walking around Chesterfield Parks, numbers were well down on previous weeks.

The notable performances included Lisa Walton finding the way to Beeston parkrun and Simon Fisher completing his 50th parkrun event at Clumber park today.

Birtie West made a rare appearance at Brierley Forest and Gav Elliott caused little surprise in running another event in the vicinity of Glasgow.

I have added an extra column for those athletes amongst us (there are a couple) who achieve greater than 70% on the age grading scoring.  This is very good running!

I have picked up that we had at least 2 MAC volunteers today at Monsal Trail and we all know that it’s only due to these kind people that we get to run.


Apologies that this is short and sweet but I have a hot date and a cold beer waiting for me having spent far too many hours in a car driving back from London with JB for company.