August 27, 2023

MACs at parkrun 26 August 2023

Dennis Holmes reports

Ok, trialling something different this week as we have 21 MAC parkrunists at 9 venues and I’m trying to save myself time in typing out everyone’s names each week when using a spreadsheet can save me a lot of effort.

I will try and mention a few of the highs and lows in performances, the touring and the damage to the environment it causes and anything else that I find amusing.

Starting with the highs, Luke Beresford continues to improve with age with another first place finish at Delamere parkrun under his belt whilst both Louise Rowley at Ashbourne and Kate Ruffell at Pavilion Gardens were also showing the youngsters how to run both finishing as First Ladies.

Over at Poolsbrook our first family of MAC runners were the Jones’s where both Jacob and Lisa set new personal bests.
At Monsal Trail where our largest contingent gathered, Captain Greg finished 5th then took on the bar code scanning duties to earn a volunteer credit, with Ian Watson in 7th also doubling up. Atessa Kolanowska who is rapidly returning to fitness I’m sure stuck to volunteering on this occasion.

Moving on to the lows. Last week Sarah Walton shocked us all when visiting PENIStone parkrun and it seems to have been contagious amongst the Sarah’s as our second SW succumbed to toilet humour at the same venue this week. Thankfully no one has yet done Scunthorpe parkrun.

I’m sorry that I have not mentioned all of you and your great performances. I was very happy with my 152nd place today at Roberts Park.

Remember on Saturday 16th September we are planning a MAC parkrun meet at Epworth Equestrian parkrun where there will be cake and sweeties to celebrate Lisa’s WI number 8!
Happy parkrunning!