Me!Me!Me! Footprint of a Runner

Jose Rivas Gutierrez

Age 38. Partner, Lottie Riddle, (MAC Lady Captain). Works as a lot of things at the Arc Leisure Centre (but mainly as a lifeguard)
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Ey Up!, Jose! It doesn’t sound as if you are from around here! Tell us a bit about where you are from

Hi There! No I’m not even close from around, well I’m from Guatemala, a country from Central America (south of Mexico)

Who/what was the most important influence from your childhood

I think it has always been my older brother; we grew up doing everything together, practising or trying sports always supported by my mom.

What brought you to Matlock?

Lottie (jejeje) we been together for a long time. She was going there (Guatemala) and me coming here so we decided to start a life together; so far I love the change (even with the weather jajaj)

What is the biggest difference about living in England?

The weather is one, but I always preferred cold weather over warm; the other (that I haven’t got use to) is the short days of winter

During Lockdown, which was the thing you missed most?

Going to the cinema

What was your worst job ever?

Probably my first graphic design job, I almost live in the office; Monday to Sunday more then 12 hours, workload was too much so I only stayed for 3 months like that (it was supposed to be a 8 hours daily five days a week, but that never happened)

How did you get into running?

My brother convinced me, I always drove him to races and then we started doing triathlon as a new year resolution I think (don’t remember) and then I saw that running was the “easiest” for me

Other interests?

Triathlon. I like music (to listen to music, I am very bad playing any instrument) I really enjoy listening to music. I like horror movies. Learning new things, better if its hand made (crafts). Teach

You are having guests for dinner, what would you cook to impress them?

Maybe a Stew, with rice and avocado

What makes you happy?

Music, Pb’s (jajaja), Be helpful and making people smile

What makes you sad?

That the people around me have a bad time and not being helpful

Who/what would you consider to be the biggest inspiration in your life?

My mom and my auntie (my mum’s sister)

Which talent do you wish you had?

Any art maybe, realism painter or playing bass or guitar top level

What is your favourite place in the World?

So far I think New York, visually gives you a lot

Favourite film?

Snatch (directed by Guy Richie)

What music do you like?

Depends on the mood… if I want to be happy I play Latin Ska, if I want to be calm I play soft rock; my favourite old band is the Doors and my favourite new band is Interpol

Favourite food? Drink?

Always pizza and my favourite drink has to be fresh lemonade

If you could spend a day in the life of someone else, who would it be?

Andy Warhol maybe

Best advice you have ever been given?

You learn more when you fail than when you win, so at the end you always win

What is top of your bucket list?

Short term: communicate better in English jajaj

Long term: travel to Japan and race there (run or triathlon) and study psychology (that idea keeps going around in my mind)