June 22, 2024


Parkrun Saturday 22 July 2024

Ok Folks quite a lot to take in and I’m in a hurry to get to the bar. 22 Runners and Volunteers today with 13 at Monsal Trail parkrun where we are in week 4 of 4P’s MAC monthly challenge. Run any parkrun in the month of June with age grading to score.
We had a new entrant who has entered the charts at number 2, that old rocker Tony Barrable. Tony’s appearance obviously put the frighteners on Simon Brister who improved his age grading to a whopping 86.46%. Plenty of other good runs and we have 7 new MACS to add to the league which now has 40 members who have participated so far. Remember that next Saturday is still in June so you have one more chance to take part. There are prizes to be had as well as club honours at stake. Special thanks to Jack Cummins from Lisa Walton today for lifting her off the bottom of the table!
Also, special shout out for Sally Owen entering the charts today with a cracking 68.67%!!