April 23, 2023

parkrun summary 22 April 2023

Our weekly summary of parkrun activities, from Dennis Holmes:

Sorry about this but the tourist award this week goes to Dennis Holmes and Lisa Walton for a non climate friendly trip to Treviso in Italy which is a truly exceptional experience with no other English people, 1 Pole and the remaining 31(!) all natives!

It’s more about the after party than the run so forget the times and enjoy the coffee, lemon tea and cake.

Back in the UK in no particular order, Roy Austin must have been recovering from BDL with 25.51 at Beacon Hill whilst Rob and Sarah Witham had no such excuses for 21.42 and 22.53 at Sheffield Millhouses.

Christine Howard continues to introduce us to new venues with Milton country parkrun being a nice if muddy trail run finishing in 22.45 for 35th and 3rd lady. The second half of team “Gregan” ran Rother Valley in a pretty nifty 20.52 for 25th & 3rd lady whilst the first half put up his feet no doubt for London.

At Shipley Country parkrun Luke Beresford sauntered around in 18.56 for first finisher whilst Jay Bird dragged his sorry bottom around in 26.18 but somehow 23rd place! Down in the big smoke ready to cheer Louise on tomorrow, Simon Fisher put in a shift at Victoria Dock parkrun finishing 6th in 16.53!! Closer to home Dale Peakall claiming injury (fake) ran 22.30 for 27th place at Poolsbrook whilst John Thorpe was sole MAC at Monsal with a nice 19.46 for 6th place.

Atessa Kolanowska was yet again MAC volunteer of the week at this parkrun!

Finally, at the 10th parkrun where I have located MAC participation, Brierley Forest parkrun, Sam Davis finished 2nd in 20.16 whilst new MAC members Rebecca Becky Curtis-Hall and Rob Curtis finished in 24.10, 23rd / 1st lady and 25.06, 36th respectively, both seriously veterans of the parkrun cult with over 600 runs between them. Welcome to the dark side.

(Author’s note – if I have missed you or dissed you please correct me – I have had a beer today so apologies for mistakes. Good luck to all at London)