November 13, 2022

Remembrance Run

Dan Ashcroft reports:

Boring, tedious, mind blowing, soul destroying, arduous, onerous, gruelling and laborious. Words often used to describe an Ashcroft race report, but today, in part, they reflect the race being reported on.
Dennis Belbin and Dan Ashcroft departed from Matlock at 6am to make the journey to Durham (somewhere way up north) to take part in the Remembrance Run on Sunday 13 November in their love of marathons.
The race was a six and a half hour timed event which allowed runners to complete their preferred distance from a 5k to a marathon or beyond. The course consisted of a 1 mile section out from the start, followed by a loop which incorporated a very small out and back section, before returning back to the start / finish area; 4.37 miles in total. The surface consisted of paving, tarmac and trails with not too much elevation (31m each lap).
Whilst this sounds ok in theory, the mental battle meant that both runners called it a day at the marathon distance. By the second lap it was clear that this was a different kind of race, one of mental attrition.
Times are unimportant because at 11am a wave of air horns sounded and all runners stopped and respected an emotional 2 minutes silence in honour of our heroes.
Dennis was well impressed with his spinning Queen medal which has enamel images of all four members of the legendary British rock band (Bohemian Rhapsody style). Just like the Premier League trophy, this will be on display in the Arc at Monday’s training session for all to behold!
The things two Matlock runners will do for a Wetherspoons tea!