June 18, 2023

The Rainbow Run 18 June 2023

Andy Mellor reports on the Rasselbock Rainbow Run.

This was my first attempt at an ultra, albeit a baby one. Well, may that isn’t quite true – I had attempted this at a similar event last month (the Pierrepont Plod) but following a fierce argument between my brain and my feet on lap 8, I shamelessly gave up after the marathon distance. This was clearly part of a self-loathing strategy that wanted to ensure that any physical pain from the event was accompanied by a sense of self-loathing for the next few days for giving up so easily.

Having decided that I’d learned some lessons from Pierrepont I hunted out another event determined to give it another go and smash through the 42.2 barrier. The Rainbow Run is a lapped course excellently organised by Rasselbock Running – you have a six hour window to run as far as you like. I had aimed on 9 laps, which would get me to 50k.

The weather was perfect for running – much cooler than recent days, and a good storm overnight had cleared the atmosphere. The route weaved through Sherwood Pines – quite rutted and bumpy under foot. Very pretty if you like trees – I think I saw about a million of them. I quite like the multi-lap events, in that its easy to mentally break everything down into manageable chunks (just 8 more parkruns to go)! There were a number of enthusiastic marshals around the course, and plenty of friendly runners who were all encouraging to each other. I managed to keep myself entertained by thinking about new imaginative ways that I would be able to drop into conversation that I’d ran an Ultra.

The race results are not out yet, but I am fairly confident I achieved the coveted first MAC back (but sadly also the last). 50.9k according to Strava in 4:45:51.

** Update – race results now in and I was placed first. Well, that’s a Brucie Bonus 🙂 **

Happy to have broken through 42.2 (I don’t feel I exactly smashed it) – and a huge respect for those that run seriously long distances – I really don’t know how they keep going.

And because every day’s a school day, today’s lesson is that nipple plasters are brilliant, but undoubtedly more effective when affixed to said nipples, and not in the side of my bag. On the plus side, runners were encouraged to dress in bright (preferably rainbow) colours – most had made a real effort and I had felt a little tame on the start line, but with an injection of various shades of red spreading across my vest, I felt like I’d made more of an effort by the finish line.