We will try and split into groups with runners of the same ability / speed

Thursday Evening Training

These are our longer runs for Seniors only. We usually meet at the Arc Leisure Centre in Matlock at 6:30pm unless otherwise stated

These are our longer runs. During winter, they tend to be along roads with headtorches – during summer we make the most of the beautiful scenery around us, with off-road runs around the local moors and villages, off-road wherever possible. These runs are typically 7-9 miles long and a schedule is listed on our website.

We split into four groups; three run the same route but at different paces so you’re not pressured to keep up with our faster runners. The fourth group tends to do a shorter route – usually 5-6 miles, so no one is left out if 7-9 miles seems a bit too long.

On Thursday nights we occasionally mix it up – during summer we have an away run (sometimes in conjunction with another local club) approx. once a month, with a social drink, sandwiches and chips in a pub afterwards.

During winter, we have a 10k timed run to Matlock Bath, so you can race against others and yourself, to see if you can improve during the winter months.

Thursday Training (Seniors)

16 June 20223 Routes to choose from the Arc also Grindleford Fell Race (NOT IN GP)
Longer = 16 milesView on Mapometer
Main – 8.52 milesView on Mapometer
Short - 6.37 milesView on Mapometer
23rd June 2022Stanton Moor for Long
Clough Wood for Short
Long – 8.86 milesView on Mapometer
Short – 6.38 milesView on Mapometer
30th June 2022Winster Hill Race (NOT IN GP)
7 August 2023View on Mapometer