June 12, 2023

Wincle Trout Run

Bob Foreman reports:

On arrival at Mellor Knowle Farm, the venue for this years Wincle Trout Run of 6.5 miles and 1’200 feet, finding shade under the trees was the order of the day until the 2.45pm start. It was roasting!

Messer’s Moorhouse and Foreman were MAC’s only representatives at this lovely race which is part of the Village Fete and rotates around three local venues, this one being the longest route of the three but the 5 miles bulk of the race is always the same.

Around 300 runners set off out of the field and then  down the road before a  loop of the Fishponds and Brewery brought us on to the course proper. Steeply uphill and then down into the woods to some welcome shade. Down to the first crossing of the River Dane and up the other side into the sun and across a few fields before back into woods  and following the Dane upstream. A sharp switchback and gradually uphill to Ludd’s Church and down into this natural rock formation. It was lovely and cool in there and even muddy in the bottom.

A steep climb out and back into the blazing sun and the climbing continued up to the ridge. Now a fantastic ridge run of almost a mile, with a slight breeze, to Hanging Stone. Steeply down, across a field, then steeply through woods to the second crossing of the Dane. Up the other side to the sting in the tail, which was a climb of halfway up the first hill before a left turn and  the run in to the finish in the Fete field.

The full results are not in yet but the important ones are;

Bob Foreman 33rd o/a  1st M60   1:04:50

Mick Moorhouse   59th o/a  1st M70  1:07:39

A great race and and all round Fete although by the time I got to the beer tent all the light ales had been quaffed but I had a decent pint of  Sir Phillip 4.2% from Wincle Brewery. Next year the venue is Tolls Farm which is right opposite the brewery and the  shorter course of 5 miles. Entries open Feb/Mar time and sell out quickly so keep your eyes peeled.

All runners get a trout although this year I gave mine to Mick as he has a fridge in his van!