March 26, 2023

Wingerworth Wobble 25 March 2023

Race report by Emma Fitzgerald:

On initial arrival to the Wingerworth wobble Saturday 25th March there wasn’t a MAC vest in sight.

Unfortunately my early hopes of taking the “first MAC and first MAC lady” titles were quickly dashed upon bumping into speedy MAC Shelley Fairey washing her hands in the loo. After a good old fashioned “3, 2, 1, go” we were off with MACs Kieran Allanson, Luke Berrisford and Shelley Fairey blazing ahead and myself in pursuit having a jolly old time in the mid pack.

The 4.6 mile largely off road course was rainy, hilly and muddy with a suprise boggy uphill dash to the finish which (at the time) felt like the worst 30 seconds of your life. It was all worth it though and runners were rewarded with a medal at the finish, with race proceeds going to Deerpark School, Ashgate Hospice & Wingerworth Scouts. Some exceptionally outstanding performances from our MACs with Kieran taking 1st male, Shelley 1st Female and Luke 3rd Male.



Not to be outdone, I clinched the highly coveted “first and only MAC to be wearing a MAC vest” award. A great local race overall, well organised and well marshalled.

Race Results here:  Race photos here: