Monday 29th August 2022
Arc Leisure Centre, Matlock

It’s back, at last, following the covid enforced hiatus!

We’d like to welcome triathletes old and new to join us for this great event put on by the swimming, cycling and athletic clubs of Matlock.

The tried and tested format of minimal fuss and maximum friendliness remains, and we’ll be splitting the proceeds between charities chosen by the winners and the clubs.

A pool swim of 400m followed by an undulating 16.5k cycle and a 5k run completes the event with start times from 7am.

Entries are via Fabian 4 here -

There is a lower age limit of 10 years and anyone under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult on the cycle route. There is no upper age limit!

The closing date is 24 August.

Karl Webster.


Event Overview

The Matlock Triathlon is not a BTF affiliated event and is organised by Matlock AC with help from Matlock and District Swimming Club and Matlock Cycling Club. As such, costs are kept low and we aim to make the event as simple and enjoyable as possible.

Entries are online via Fabian 4, although please contact us directly if this is a problem and you wish to use some other method.

Full and final instructions will be sent out about a week before the race.

The race is at the Arc Leisure Centre in Matlock and you will be required to present yourself at least 20 minutes before your start time at race registration where you will simply have your lower leg marked with your race number. The does away with the need for anything more elaborate.

Start times will have been published in your final instructions and they will start at 7.00am.

The swim is 400m (16 lengths). 8 people (1 per lane) will start every five minutes and the lane marshals will instruct you which way to swim and count your lengths.

The cycle is 16km and is undulating but not brutal. No drafting is allowed and helmets must be worn. Any competitor under the age of 12 must be accompanied on the ride by an adult. (Route map below.)

The run is a two lapper and also undulates around various roads and paths near the leisure centre. (Route map below.)

A presentation will take place after the last finisher arrives back and the winning man and winning woman will be asked to choose a charity to benefit from some of the event’s proceeds.

There will be a special prize category for novices who have never done a triathlon before.

It has always been a great event and we look forward to seeing you.


Cycle Route

Download GPX file
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Run Route

Run route is 2 laps (but the link between the 1st and 2nd is not shown on this map!)



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