Me!Me!Me! Footprint of a Runner

Tanya Holmes

Joined MAC in 2021. Aged 48. Daughter, Mollymay age 17. Works as Forest school teacher.
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You are quite new to the MAC family, what was the motivation to join MAC?
My cousin David Clough runs with the club and I have run with him for many years and he encouraged me to join.

What are the benefits of being part of our club? Friendly, motivated people to regularly run with.

Tell us a bit about your family background I live in Alfreton. I have a 17 year old daughter called Mollymay and recently purchased a puppy Arwen Winnie. She’s a nine week old liver and tan cocker spaniel who comes to school with me as a Forest school Therapy dog.

Has your career worked out as planned?
I have done many jobs throughout my 48 years from hairdressing and beauty, retail of clothes and cars and finally found what I can only think of as a dream job by recently taking on a new role at my school by being a Forest school teacher at the special needs school which I have worked at for the past 8 years.

How did you become interested in sports? I have always ran as a child but that is the only sport I do

What is your favourite meal? My favourite meal is a Sunday Dinner followed by a pudding with custard.

Stiff drink or herbal tea? My favourite drink is English breakfast tea.

Any goals you have set yourself this year? I would like to get more involved with the club events and I would like to do a Marathon.

Other interests? I love being in the outdoors so walking or running in the countryside.

What is your go to dinner party favourite recipe? I would maybe cook a roast dinner.

What was the happiest day of your life? The day my daughter was born, but picking up my puppy was a very happy day too.

Where in the world would you love to live? I would love a cottage in the countryside where I could just open my door and go straight on a country walk or run instead of having to drive there first.

What is one piece of advice you would give your younger self? You are good enough, stop doubting yourself and just go for it.

What is on your bucket list? To run the Lochness Marathon. Also to finish writing my fantasy book.

What was the first job you ever had? My first job was as a waitress at the Swan and Salmon at Alfreton.

Who/what has been your biggest influence/inspiration? Dr Wayne Dyer, An American self-help and spiritual author.

Latest music download? I like most kinds of music.

Favourite film? TV? Book? - I am a big fantasy fan so Lord of the rings and Sword of Shannara for books. TV- I never get tired of ‘Only Fools and Horses.’

What is your worst habit? Saying yes to others when I have other things I should be doing.

Do you have any ideas which Matlock AC could incorporate to improve the club? After buying my puppy I’d say a day for getting together with others for a social dog walking/running.