March 24, 2024

Hardmoors 55

Saturday morning saw me run/walk the Hardmoors 55, 53.75 miles and 8500ft elevation running from Guisborough to Helmsley via the Cleveland Way taking in Roseberry Topping, Captain Cooks monument then onto the tough middle section of a series of 3 Hills called the 3 Sister’s before getting to Osmotherly at 32ish miles then onto the White Horse at Sutton Bank before the last 9 miles back to Helmsley passing Rievaulx Abbey.
A Bright sunny morning greeted the runners but also a very strong wind which battered the runners for over 30 miles , things were going to plan until 20 miles in when i came reacquainted with my breakfast causing me to have a little wobble but this time round I wasn’t Dnfing so I pulled up my Big Boy pants and cracked on, only to end up suffering with bad blisters to both feet making the last 25 miles very hurty .
Finally finished in 12h:27 a little bit broken but after a quick 30min Power nap I drove back home!
Winner was Steve Bateson and for the ladies Samantha Davies.