March 12, 2024

Wolf’s Pit Fell Race

Wolf’s Pit Fell Race – 10th March

On Sunday, the MAC Fell Championships 23/24 drew to its conclusion at the final race, a very wet and wild Wolf’s Pit.

The first race in the ‘2024 Gritstone Series’, the 5.6 mile (9km) route begins with a fast, flat start before giving competitors a chance for an early bath in the stream crossing. Despite warnings about the slippery rocks underfoot, several runners performed an impromptu ‘Beresford Dash’, ensuring a cold and soggy start.

The course then takes you up through the fields from Hope Valley to Shatton Moor, where it follows an undulating loop with a short but steep descent.
Two more short climbs follow, each with the inevitable descent afterwards, the latter of which takes you back down the same fields towards the finish. A final sprint towards the line takes you back across the stream crossing, where you are faced with a decision – option 1) take the footbridge to the side and avoid a potential soaking, or option 2) make full use of the free wash cycle and get those shoes all cleaned up… high risk, medium reward.

Results yet to be released – the traditional pen & paper was hard at work, so expect the carrier pigeons to arrive with results soon.

Some photos shown here, from AccelerateRunningCo and Andy Mutley (apologies if I’ve missed anyone).

Great running all round from each and every MAC involved. Especially in weather better suited to a nice Mother’s Day lunch!