December 12, 2023

Stockport 10 mile

Stockport 10 Mile – A Soggy Sunday in Stockport

Whilst most MACs made the short drive to Bolsover 10K last Sunday, I decided to treat Mrs Hopkinson to a trip to the UK’s number 1 romantic getaway of 2023 – Stockport.

After a rainy drive over the Peak District the wet weather finally relented as we set off from the Stockport Harriers Track for 10 miles (the Goldilocks of races, not too far but not too short) around the suburbs of Manchester. We were treated to some beautiful sights as we looped around multiple housing estates, stretched our legs down a couple of A-roads and passed several world-renowned chippies and kebab shops.

Despite the lack of scenery it was a really well run event and friendly atmosphere, highly recommended.

Photo evidence below showing how happy Megan was to be there.