April 1, 2024

Parkrun Review

Parkrun news 31 March 2024
Saturday 31st March 2024 saw 24 MAC’s participate in the Blue Riband event of running that is at least for now known as parkrun. Remember that this is a run and not a race and we value everyone equally from the first finisher to the person just in front of the tailwalker and from the Run Director to the token sorter. Between us we covered 11 different venues between North Yorkshire and South London.
Performance of the day was young Will Croft who was first finisher at Poolsbrook parkrun in a super fast 17.38!!! We will not mention his dad’s time.
5 MAC members recorded age graded scores of above 70% this week thereby putting themselves amongst the almost elite of UK athletics. They were Mark Moriarty at Crystal Place parkrun in 22.02 for 40th place, Ian Watson taking 9th in 18.49, Karl Webster in 44th in 21.42 and David Davidson in 144th in 25.54 all at Monsal Trail parkrun and finally Jacob Jones having a super run at Pavilion gardens to take 6th place in 19.31.
Well done to all of you no matter how slowly you ran. It is as they say all about the taking part.