November 26, 2023


Ok, starting this report now but not all results are in or I have not found them yet and I’m off to a bar which due to mountains might not have a signal. I also have not brought my laptop with me so it’s one finger phone typing and no excel sheet. Starting with performances of the day at Long Eaton, Luke Beresford ran 16.20 on the super fast course finishing 3rd but with a great 83.57% age grading. Simon Fisher also ran well with 17.14 for 16th place and a 76.5% age grading. Making up the trio of speedsters Louise Rowley ran 22.16 for 87th place.
Also with 3 MAC runners in attendance, Sence valley country park looked a bit chilly where Roy Austin led them in finishing in 14th and 24.29, followed by Jay Bird in 24th, 26.51 and Chris Rouse 27th, 27.15.
Moving to the serious non athletes, securing the tourist award and increasing their carbon footprints Dennis Holmes and Lisa Walton ran Hellbrunn parkrun, near Salzburg both recording their lowest ever finish positions of 5th and 13th positions. We won’t mention how few ran this week or times but it was quite chilly although compensated for fully by the Sound of Music Pavilion and beautiful surroundings.
The 3 not tourists of Matlock at Monsal today were Ben Meakin who ran a cracking 20.47 for 17th. Alice Cundy in 24.51 for 68th position and David Davidson in 25.58 for 88th place. On the volunteer roster again were Andy Mellor volunteer coordinating and Atessa Kolanowska, Barcode scanning. Thanks as always to all of the volunteers.
A short distance away over at Poolsbrook Sarah Walton also quite sensibly kept close to home and hopefully enjoyed a nice run around the pond in 31.04 for 137th place.
As I say, in the pub so other results not in yet will be added later. Well run everyone!