March 29, 2024

Petite Raid 23rd March 2024

Tim Clayton Reports:

On the 23rd March I ran the Petite Raid, a 20 mile of the northern route of the Amberaid ultra.

The morning of the race it was pouring down on top of all the rain we have had so ground conditions not good. Race started 9am and headed over the fields making it to Ashover rock then came down from the rock into Ashover were I lost a few places. Then we climbed up and up were a made ground up then a nasty downhill section boggy and overgrown so lost a few places.

Then it was mixed terrain onto the checkpoint at 10m at Wessington were ultra runners went of to do extra loop. As the ground suited me I found myself in front across the fields up to Higham. Then from Higham towards Homegate to the second checkpoint where a lovely bull was stood near the gate.

Then it was heading towards Bolehill then over the dam at Wingerworth, at this point only a few miles to go and the last self clip of 4. With a few hills and a ankle breaker of a field done it was downhill to the finish where I held on to come 1st with just under 3,000 feet climb in a time 3h 18m. 2nd runner came in 12 mins behind. First Lady was Rachel Miller