MAC History 1999

The club was in a healthy position financially. Membership stood at 55 with 6 family memberships.

The adequacy of our insurance had been confirmed and safety factors for Monday nights tightened

up. After a much valued stint in office Andy resigned as Chairman and was replaced by one of our

recent additions, Eddie Bland. We were now registered in the North of England AA scheme.

Another of our new members, Steve Holt, survived his opening run, the fearsome Wakebridge

circuit in deep mud, and stayed with us. Mick Kuszynski finally gave in to pressure to join us from

his wife Stormin’ Norma and clocked a debut 3.10.34 in the White Peak. We had our first home

victory in this race with James Arnold crossing the line in 2.37.05.

Tracey Erskine broke the existing women’s

record with 3.06.34 but still finished only second.

Club Cross country Champs : a good mixed turnout. Section winners : Karl Webster, Polly Veazey-French,

John Sely-Sly,Robert Ingham,George Whittaker.

County Cross Country; Andy Whittaker 2nd vet 40 and with John Hurley and Reg Amor took 2nd vets team

medals. Tracey Erskine 2nd Vet F. Dan Yates 2nd U-20 and with John Sely-Sly and Alex Metexas selected for Derbyshire.

County Track winners: Dan Yates 1500m, 3000m, 2000m ‘chase. Simon Flitter. 800m and 1500m.

Rob Ingham Long jump. Emma Amor youngest MAC runner to get county vest. Tracey Erskine 3000m.

John Selby-Sly was 3rd in the English FR Champs in his category.

Saunders Mountain Marathon was completed by John Heald, Ann Armistead, Viv Macdonald, Eddie

Bland and Linda and Paul Keetley. Paul subsequently underwent a hip replacement, made a rapid

recovery, and, undeterred, has managed a mountain marathon every year since.

Tough Guy: Karl Webster 2nd.

Belfast Marathon : Karl Webster 6th overall and National Police Champion(2.44)

Once again Karl Webster won the Totley Series.

James Arnold: 2nd in Wirksworth Incline and Spire 10 (54.36)


In the Beetroot Race we were gatecrashed by Steve Penney who won from Esmond Tressider, but outside the

latter’s record. A promising return as a vet put Dave Erskine in 3rd place.

The 180 dub was founded : the 3 members whose combined ages totalled at least 180 years. This enabled

Ian Mlne, Gerry White and Brian Howitt to opt out of the Thursday schedules and train together


By the end of the year we were relieved to see Mick Moorhouse making a good recovery from a serious illness.