MAC History 2006

The Club champs were back to normal at Brickyard Farm with Karl Webster, Andy Whittaker

and Rob Atkin 1, 2, and 3 plus Howard 1st female.

The course was made more interesting with the top field having been turned into a quarry

and the discovery of two dead cows on the course. Clive pleaded not guilty. A small number later

celebrated with an Indian meal at the annual dinner.

While out training on his own on a Lake District mountain in March Dave Furness fell and partially

severed a knee ligament. He managed to crawl to his car to get to a hospital. After an operation he

is still fighting his way back to running fitness at the time of writing.

A record number, some 500, entered the WPM races, with 201 finishers in the Full (Rob Atkin 3rd in 2.51) and 222 in the Swift Half

(Gerry White celebrating his OAP year in 145th with 1.57 with Brian Howitt in 155th with 1.58.)

Lee Jones won the English Junior FR champs at High Rigg, with a rapidly improving

Flinn Watson 9th and still only aged 12.

Lee Jones will join Josh Moody. after their one/two at Winter Hill when they represent England near

Turin in June. Josh Moody took 4 seconds off the Derbys Schools u-15 800m record in June

with a fantastic 2.03.36, and also the Northern title.

The Cameron sister sisters’continued theirsuccess with Fiona exxpecting County selection

despite being controversially disqualified in the Schools 800m on a technicality,

and Hayley winning the short race at the Tansley Carnival where Simon Brister and

Steve Holt took the vet honours in the Hill Race on the hottest day of the year.

Christine won the Stratford Marathon in a brilliant 2.51.29, beating all but three of the men in the

field, and qualifies for the European Police Marathon in Istanbul in November.

In the Tour of the Derwent Valley Tony Marchant won the vet 50 overall category.


Conclusions as we come up to 30 years


We have benefited from a very stable committee over the last 10 years. Karl has filled the

onerous job of Secretary whilst still managing to be a top distance runner. We have promoted

races which have achieved national standing and helped to consolidate our financial position with

the guidance of lan’s Milne’s condiderable financial and administrative skills. A major innovation has been

the Swift Half. We have an excellent website which has put the club on the map, although it may

have contributed to the demise of the printed newsletter, a source which has been invaluable in the

compilation of this record and would ideally be needed for future records.

We have consistently won county medals in all age groups and secured representation at county and

England level, particularly by our brilliant juniors. This is due to the fantastic job done by our

coach Randell Tassell who has probably given more back to the sport than all the other members put

together. He is now assisted by a team of coaches who have given up their time and energy to gain

qualifications. When members have all managed to be available at the same time we have won some

good team events.

It is perhaps invidious to pick out one person but the runner of the decade must surely be

Christine Howard whose dedication has bordered on the insane as she has kept on racing

(not just training) through two pregnancies, and winning as well. With the added input to the club

from her colleagues, Karl Webster,


A surprising number of members have had to fight their way back to fitness after serious injuries

and illnesses and have been an example of determination to all of us. We have developed a very

good social dimension and must surely be one of the most friendly clubs around.


So, in the distant hope that I may still be around to write up the fourth decade, may I urge you all in

the meantime to KEEP ON RUNNING!