MAC History 2004

For some time now the AGMs had conveniently been held at the Fire Station through the good

offices of our former chairman Andy Whittaker. They were memorable for the cheap drinks and

the chilli con carne of our cordon bleu secretary Karl Webster. Is there no end to his talents?

This year Dave Hill reported the success of the inaugural White Peak Half Marathon run from

Friden to Cromford Meadows with the same 11.00 start time as the 26-miler from Thorpe.

Randell Tassell was to be thanked as

organiser and Ian Milne for entries, as well as for the advertising slogan:

“Fancy a Swift Half?”

The power of the internet was illustrated when Ian posted a deliberate? mistake on the Runners

World site saying that anyone failing to reach 13 miles in 2 hours would be pulled out.

This created a sorm of accusations of elitism, a change to 10 miles and an avalanche of entries

from the ensuing publicity, (400 as opposed to last year’s 100), resulting in a large boost to our

income though paid-up membership was still not high and recruitment was still needed.

With most members officiating, the club’s only WPM success was a splendid PB from

Sara Butcher of 3.47.22.

The winner of the first race in 1977, Chris Bent, came out of retirement to finish 115th. Ex MAC founder member Malcolm Taylor travelled up from Wales to take the vet 60 prize

with 1.36.55 in the Half.

County vests were awarded to Hayley Cameron, Fiona Gilbert, Martin Clarke, Tom Grant and a new

Josh : (Moody). Josh Teece ran for England on the fells. Lee Jones and Tom Barker were running

promisingly in the NM League. Karl Webster was the Derbyshire Half Marathon Champion.

Coaching qualifications were now held by Josh Teece., Polly Veazey-French,

John Selby -Sly(now working for the AAA), Dan Yates and Randell Tassell(for some years now).

Rob was doing a good job with the website.

After an argument with a tractor whilst on his bike, Bill Willis sustained serious injuries

which would have spelled retirement for a lesser man, but one season later he would be

back in action.

Rob Abrehart ran with us for a season or so, showing promise over 10k, but tended to rely more on

geostationary orbit than his own good running ability.

We were pleased to welcome Dennis Holmes from Ripley RR to run with us second claim on

Thursdays, as well as Diane Ward while she was waiting for her post-grad year at Lancaster to

start in Autumn 05.