MAC History 2002

Club finances were £658 down, largely due to the low WPM entries which had not yet recovered

after foot and mouth and so subs were increased (£8, £14 and £25). We had been having to dip into

our reserves. The race need more national publicity and a makeover if it were to recover.

New member Dave Newton promised to look into the possibility of a more interesting welcome at

the end of the race which currently was an anti-climax. This year’s race had nevertheless

produced a Second win for James Arnoldd in 2.48.42.

Originator of the race, Dave Mitchell, presented the prizes.

Ricky’s Race was in trouble (in the disappearance of Ricky) and the club did a last minute rescue,

only succeeding in finding 12 runners (nearly one prize each). Randell Tassell proposed a complete

takeover by the club, with a new tougher course to attract entrants via the FR Calendar.

We finished 2nd team again in the High Peak Relay and 1st team in the Downfall with Karl Webster 2nd and

Chris Howard 1st F.

In the County Cross Country at a snowbound Markeaton Park, vests went to Andrew Lloyd, John Selby-Sly,

Karl Webster, Chris Howard and Polly Veazey-French (silver).

Tracey Erskine took Vet F silver, Andy Whittaker Vet 40 gold and John Hurley bronze,

and Brian Howitt Vet 60 gold, with the vets winning the team.

At this point I will get a personal note out of the way :this was effectively the end of my serious

vet 60 career, since after a spectacular fall at Grindleford which temporarily turned the Derwent red.

I handed over the torch to Clive Russell, a founder member who rejoined us on reaching 60.

Having written my name rather too often in the first club history booklet, it may still seem immodest,

if I simply record that, up to this point, in all my vet 60 races I was only beaten at Eyam and Worksop .

Too many individuals turned out in races this year for me to mention them all.

New member Ray Foley had some high positions when he was able to turn out.

Josh Teece beat all the seniors when he won the Chevin fell race with with Nathalie Thorneycroft the real junior winner.

Mick Moorhouse made a brilliant come back after illness as a vet 50,winning the Tigers series, the Calver Peak

Great Longstone, and Grindleford. Dave Newton proved to be a keen racer.

Eight runners completed the Karrimor.

Bill Willis fulfilled an ambition, completing his 50th Half Marathon at Clowne with a good 1.37

followed by Steve Holt in 1.37. John Hurley was now winning vet 45 prizes (Parwich and Buxton 5)

Taking a break from the mountains, Sian Mead was 1st VF at Black Rocks with Clive Russell 1st V60.


It would probably be easier to list what Karl Webster and Chris Howard did not win, but outstanding runs were

Karl Webster’s 10th place (1st Police) in the Belfast Marathon in 2.37, and the course record by Chris in

the Edale Skyline.

A small field in the club cross country : Karl Webster/Chris Rowe/Josh Teece /

Chris Howard (F) and Adam Gilbert (J).